Dea by Banned

dea 1_005      dea 1_004

Creator – Leanii



Price:  1195L$

Lea and Fie have certainly outdone themselves with this one.  I was a fan of the booty but this just really takes the cake.

I love the shape and sizing of the boobs.  The hips are fantastic (but what do you expect with a booty like they already have).  The entire shape is fantastic.  Slider adjustment is great.  The hips don’t go angular when you resize them which is a real plus.  The fit with the hands and feet are perfect with Slink with little to no adjustment necessary.

The hud is wonderful!  It’s large, but easy to navigate and plenty of alpha sections to work with just about any mesh clothing.  


There are a couple areas they are working on for the first update.  There is a bit of a neck seam that will have to be worked on.  There is a bit of a shoulder rigging issue that will be fixed.  And they are working on the fitting with the regular SL hands and feet for those who do not use Slink.  There is also an issue on the back, right above the butt they are working on.

Overall, this is a fantastic product.  We all expect a few glitches in the beginning.  Nothing is perfect on the first run.  I believe this is one to watch.

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