Wowmeh Log 7/24/2014 1059-1143

[10:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): who want to ear my grave voice? XD
[10:59] Willow (willowrussel): or I choose to forget it
[10:59] Willow (willowrussel): OMG
[11:00] Willow (willowrussel): YAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:00] Willow (willowrussel): BABY~! ..
[11:00] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): Baby!!!!!!
[11:00] BaeBae (shara.wardark): Oh shit its Baby
[11:00] Komari (komarimono): I see an account active, hehe
[11:00] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): WB Baby
[11:00] ℜαyɴє Śtorm  (raynea.andel): wb baby!
[11:00] TwoSpirit breaks out my old crown royal bag full o’ dice, “we rp’in?”
[11:00] Sjue Swansen: wb baby
[11:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): eyh goonsm i’m still waiting for a why.
[11:00] BaeBae (shara.wardark): Komari…how are you talking? Arent you buried in coffee
[11:00] Kat (kat.feden): WB Baby hugs 🙂
[11:00] Komari (komarimono): I drank it that fast, Bae
[11:00] TwoSpirit: baby baby baby oh……..*shoots myself for the Bieber reference*
[11:00] BaeBae (shara.wardark): Damn gurl
[11:00] Komari (komarimono): Caffeine runs through my veins
[11:00] Yukino Desoto: woah, Baby is back, has there been a release date for wowmeh?
[11:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): group call is possible?
[11:01] BaeBae (shara.wardark): BAD TWOSPIRIT
[11:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): no release date
[11:01] Willow (willowrussel): I want my baby back, baby back, baby back
[11:01] Komari (komarimono): SL voice sucks for group, sadly
[11:01] Yukino Desoto: awwww
[11:01] Komari (komarimono): back back ribs
[11:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’d never tried
[11:01] Komari (komarimono): Sorry, hungry too
[11:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i wanted to have you heard my grave male voice XD
[11:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): ahhahahahhahahha
[11:01] Willow (willowrussel):
[11:01] Candy Tryce: lmfao
[11:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): goons, i think you think i’m not who you think i am
[11:02] Komari (komarimono): Meh, doesn’t matter to me
[11:02] TwoSpirit: We’re having to listen to people whine about us more masculine types (through no fault of our own) wearing female shapes……
[11:02] BaeBae (shara.wardark): ^
[11:02] Komari (komarimono): I like men, and women.  So… lol  bring it!
[11:02] Willow (willowrussel): baby back ribs~!
[11:02] Candy Tryce: eh who cares…you can be whoever you want…we are just all curious, will you file to get your body back?
[11:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): someone told me someone told (ahahhahahah) i am a male -.-
[11:02] Kat (kat.feden): doesnt matter to me either Baby if your male female alien we love you as you are
[11:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m not who you think i am goons!
[11:02] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): don’t even worry about it Baby, we’ll always love you
[11:02] Willow (willowrussel): omg .. komari you need to buy baby a magnus~!
[11:02] Komari (komarimono): No one said you were male, silly.
[11:02] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): lol
[11:03] Baby (baby.ghosn): i care! because they hate me for no reason!
[11:03] Willow (willowrussel): Thats ok.. we love you~!
[11:03] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): welcome back, Baby!  glad you got your account back.
[11:03] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): i always thought you was a girl like me
[11:03] Komari (komarimono): I said, that your privacy is yours, be it age, gender, location.  Which led to another tangent.
[11:03] Candy Tryce: welcome to SL…where people will despise you and not know you
[11:03] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i gonna leave again untill LL sort this out…..
[11:03] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): BABY….how are you????
[11:03] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): the person who said it get back in here liar!
[11:03] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): lol
[11:03] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): sorrry
[11:03] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): what needs to be sorted out?
[11:03] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): wb Baby
[11:03] Willow (willowrussel): I imagine baby is getting bombed with IM’s already lol
[11:03] TwoSpirit is a fella, and admits to being a fella, because why lie?
[11:04] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): wb babycakes 🙂
[11:04] BaeBae (shara.wardark) sits on Twospirits head
[11:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): of course
[11:04] BaeBae (shara.wardark): I want baby to make a femboi body cause yes!
[11:04] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): baby when will we get the body ?
[11:04] TwoSpirit: oh, that’d effin’ rock
[11:04] Asha Ersetu: Does the Wowmeh body have cankles? I just tried the Mesh project body and the ankles look like the lower legs of an adult elephant
[11:04] BaeBae (shara.wardark): lolwut
[11:04] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): Baby what will happen to wowmeh?
[11:04] TwoSpirit: patience grasshopper, you are not ready.
[11:05] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): what is cankles?
[11:05] Willow (willowrussel): Asha, .. no wowmeh doesn’t .. but Mesh project doesn’t either
[11:05] Komari (komarimono): Free beta body, complains…
[11:05] Willow (willowrussel): their feet or fitmesh
[11:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): will see what will happens 🙂
[11:05] Lezisha: Asha, that’s because you had your footsize too small
[11:05] Willow (willowrussel): so if your feet are size 1
[11:05] Asha Ersetu: lack of any curvature in the achillies tendon
[11:05] Willow (willowrussel): your gonna look like you have cankles
[11:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): for now i only care about why!
[11:05] Asha Ersetu: no lezisha i resized my foot
[11:05] Willow (willowrussel): turn your feet up to 20
[11:05] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): yes yes
[11:05] Asha Ersetu: the Achillies tendon bows outward slightly
[11:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): i mean, i want to know why!
[11:05] Asha Ersetu: i did
[11:05] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): no answer from the LL?
[11:05] TwoSpirit: cankles are when the calf end at your feet with no ankles
[11:05] Ţáяáïทá (tarainah): eww clown feet
[11:05] Willow (willowrussel): we do too .. lol..
[11:05] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): sounds like the harasser has to file another DMCA.
[11:06] Asha Ersetu: i changed the foot size, it helps but not much
[11:06] Baby (baby.ghosn): i bet they don’t want to show in public, but at least make an alt and tell me WHY!
[11:06] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): of course you do Baby so cruel
[11:06] Baby (baby.ghosn): no they don’t as far i know
[11:06] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): 😦
[11:06] TwoSpirit: my feet are at 50, and look pretty effin’ good
[11:06] Morgan (morgan.phelan): So happy to see you back Baby :))
[11:06] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): but for sure you cant sell wowmeh atm, right?
[11:06] Lezisha: Just put Wowmeh 3.1 up for public sale and everyone will be happy
[11:06] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): she cannot no not yet O.o
[11:06] Baby (baby.ghosn): i can’t and i don’t want!
[11:07] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): Is it possible for you to come out with another body and call it something else?
[11:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): if LL don’t want my body…….. no my body for LL.
[11:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): no
[11:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m not going to make a new alt and make the whole work again.
[11:07] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): why you say that LL dont want your body?
[11:07] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): it is not about LL wanting your body.
[11:07] Sjue Swansen: your body is the best, your are popularly..that#s they why and reason enough for many people in sl to be jealous and destructive
[11:07] Ju-Lepi (azriel.ruby): Baby, i beleieve they are referring to your updater passing out the 3.1 body along with silhouette.
[11:07] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): LL doesn’t care.  they just don’t want to be sued
[11:08] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): Baby do you know the reason they won’t let you sell the Silouette?
[11:08] Lezisha: Strange they would allow every other mesh body but no want your one (if that is what you are telling us)
[11:08] Baby (baby.ghosn): no, they was referring to silhouette
[11:08] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): what is their problem?
[11:08] Baby (baby.ghosn): they said that it was the subject of the DMCA.
[11:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): no operators i suppose.
[11:09] Neko Sorbet (nekotomoyo.television): a new one ?
[11:09] Ţáяáïทá (tarainah): <doesn’t even know what silhouette is
[11:09] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): isnt that over by now?
[11:09] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): I really hate that they jammed you up like this Baby
[11:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t bleme that for no want to play our drama games
[11:09] Willow (willowrussel): are you going to file against the DMCA through your attorney?
[11:09] Candy Tryce: will you counter the dmca?
[11:09] TwoSpirit: I think it’s the same issue they had with Emerald, “hey, someone made something awesome that actually works for people, let’s shut it down”
[11:09] Willow (willowrussel): Jinx lol.. again
[11:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m not going to tell you here what i’m doing…..
[11:10] Alanna (alannagabriella2712): maybe because the silhouette update goes thru the old hud they had problems with? :/
[11:10] Willow (willowrussel) nods.. I figured you wouldn’t be able too
[11:10] Mrs. Vixen Martian-Montana (vixen.sangria): im sorry guys, im just now loggin in to see whats going on.. what i miss?
[11:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): beacuse you know these people are here laughing till they can laugh…..
[11:10] TwoSpirit: of course not, you shouldn’t discuss legal issues in a public forum while it’s ongoing.
[11:10] Neko Sorbet (nekotomoyo.television): Well i think it normal  you dont want  to tell ,   i think this community behind  you  100% ( im not talking about the trolls)
[11:10] Candy Tryce: maybe then better to close group chat down till it comes back, if it comes back
[11:10] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): so i suppose this is the end of wowmeh?
[11:11] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): better to shut down the group and only invite people who have purchased.
[11:11] BaeBae (shara.wardark): Thats a bit harsh imo Cris.
[11:11] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): Baby….there is all kinds of hackers, abusers, trolls all over SL
[11:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think is better let them talk …… fr now.
[11:11] Willow (willowrussel): on another note then.. I think we should have a vote on if we should force trolls to oil wrestle in order to stay in group should they start acting up again~!
[11:11] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): where is Bethany?
[11:11] BaeBae (shara.wardark): I dont actually have the body. i was intending to buy it and it got pulled the day before i did lol
[11:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): i know.
[11:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i’ve nothing against them
[11:11] Rebecca (rebeccasoejat): Emerald got such down due to it having a ddos attack embbed in it not because it was any good
[11:12] Neko Sorbet (nekotomoyo.television): She shouldnt   share any of the legal  stuff happenign ,   you have to protect  yourself  from the poison .
[11:12] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): she gone why she gone Bethany
[11:12] Willow (willowrussel): oh the emerald magic hud?
[11:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): i mean, they trought my product was too good meybe and was breaking out their business…. i don’t even blame em. what makes me angry is that they didn’t gave me chance to face them!
[11:12] Lezisha: Was so weird how just after you were getting feeback about the new body last week that you got hacked. How crazy that was it should happen right then.
[11:12] ღοuيҽ (aeryn.rau): emerald viewer
[11:12] TwoSpirit: I joined to find out when it’s being released again, would be nice to have that info when it’s available, so kicking out anyone who doesn’t have it would set a bad precident, I believe.
[11:12] ღοuيҽ (aeryn.rau): precursor to Phoenix viewer
[11:12] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): Don’t give up Baby, there’s a lot of people behind you.
[11:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): i wasn’t hacked meybe, i think it was LL
[11:12] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): who is they?
[11:12]  ℬʀɑɳɖi кєssєι (udusinc): Aww man   Please don’t give up Baby you have the best  body really you do
[11:13] Yukino Desoto: I’ve been waiting for Wowmeh for ages 😦 it would suck to never get it
[11:13] Willow (willowrussel): I understand why someone wouldn’t want to say something but … yes I think they should have the decency talk to you on an alt.. but now that we said it .. I imagin some looney troll in here will make one and fake out on it lol.
[11:13] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): hear that hax03s, mafias, Baby has nothing against you…please let us have our Baby’s product.
[11:13] Ellie Siabonne (elliemae369): I also joined the group ..hoping to buy the body when it was available again …and all I can say dont give up Baby ..if you do ..they win . .
[11:13] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): Baby you have TONS of support, shit is getting rough, but  if you give up, the LL  wins.  WE all have  your Back!!!!!!!!!  \m/
[11:14] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): yes
[11:14] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): qui sono loro Baby?
[11:14] Neko Sorbet (nekotomoyo.television): Dont let them win .
[11:14] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): when you feel the pressure is to much Baby JUST RIDE A BIG CAZZO :p
[11:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): they already loose in my opinion…..
[11:14] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): I don’t think it’s even LL, it’s whoever filed the DMCA
[11:14] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): lol
[11:14] cat Boucher: the ppl here which work and or create know that LL isnt very supportive
[11:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): they could contact me and help me in the project instead to play this
[11:14] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): Perhaps writing LL in support of Baby of and WowMeh will help?
[11:15] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): don’t be naive, that will not help.
[11:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): i see there are some petitions….
[11:15] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): LL still does not have the number of employees they use to
[11:15] ღοuيҽ (aeryn.rau): personal experience.  LL is only interested in covering their own ases
[11:15] ღοuيҽ (aeryn.rau): asses
[11:15] cat Boucher: LL is all about money nothing else
[11:15] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): naive?
[11:15] Willow (willowrussel): It’s not really LL fault,  they have to behave this way to keep their “safe harbor” status.  Basically the rules they have to follow to stay with the DMCA law and not have to higher an attorney for themselves everytime something liekthis happens.
[11:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): LL do their work on management. Of course they can’t play with us.
[11:15] Asha Ersetu: it’s probably a competitor that filed against you.
[11:16] Lezisha: Hopefully someone here may know a Linden and we can ask some direct questions. Some people in SL must know Lindens personally and they can ask about Babys account directly?
[11:16] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): it’s a private issue between Baby and LL, what we say has no bearing
[11:16] ღ ֆɦǟʏ ǟʍօʀ ƈǟʀȶɛʀ ღ (shay.corpur): omg hi babyyy
[11:16] Morgan (morgan.phelan): I wonder how many premium members are in this group.  If we all write in support of Baby…..
[11:16] Asha Ersetu: to protect their investments.
[11:16] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): LL does care about money…and they want to make money on Baby
[11:16] ღ ֆɦǟʏ ǟʍօʀ ƈǟʀȶɛʀ ღ (shay.corpur): glad to see u back
[11:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): that would be great
[11:16] ℒʋɲɑ ɗℯℓ ℛℯγ (earaluna): Sheesh
[11:16] TwoSpirit: I think it’s their kind of rude way of saying, “it’s been tried, hasn’t helped”
[11:16] Candy Tryce: regardless LL will cover their assess….have to go and fight the DCMA or LL won’t budge
[11:16] cat Boucher: LL should hire some 12 year old kids and everything would work perfect lol
[11:16] ღ ֆɦǟʏ ǟʍօʀ ƈǟʀȶɛʀ ღ (shay.corpur): so since u r back adn i just logged back in when would it be to get your body
[11:16] ℒʋɲɑ ɗℯℓ ℛℯγ (earaluna): Sorry you’re going through hell because someone got jealous of your business.
[11:16] Yukino Desoto: I’ve been premium for 8 years, I’ll definitely write in
[11:17] Morgan (morgan.phelan): I for one am writing to LL
[11:17] Bo0m (chikibo0m): please land mesh avatar complet
[11:17] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): LL know very well that ppl who play sl, they wont give it up no matter what
[11:17] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): me too
[11:17] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): not for a while yes shay baby has to start all over again
[11:17] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Baby, the people doing this are only interested in hurting you, thinking it will help them. They are malicious, underhanded, and jealous. Unfortunately, there are people out there like that, and asking ‘Why?’ will get nothing. However, just know, we all support you and will stand behind you in your effort to prove these people that whatever ridiculous, asinine tricks they think they can pull, they won’t keep you down.
[11:17] yieyie: ..thats too long
[11:17] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): when will wowmeh be back up and running?
[11:17] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): See the whole DMCA thing is confusing, and typical SL people talk alot about stuff they don’t know about so it’s a lot of misinformation out there about what happend to you Baby.
[11:18] Ju-Lepi (azriel.ruby): Baby you did get your account back, so that is a good sign I think!  🙂
[11:18] Morgan (morgan.phelan): How did you get your account back Baby? Sorry if I missed that.
[11:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): nah, nothing of good….
[11:19] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): LL must have released it
[11:19] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): The reason someone or group is doing this is because Baby’s product is competition and they don’t want her product cutting into their sales. Imagine you have a cash machine and someone builds a better product and your sales stop.
[11:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): but, since i’m alone and i can’t afford all this, why they don’t help me instead to come over me?
[11:19] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): Bardot, i agree with you, totally 100%
[11:19] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): And rather than try and build better, they attack with BS charges and ridiculous claims.
[11:20] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): Baby take care hugs kiss kiss,it will all fall into place xx
[11:20] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): Or it’s because it’s happed to someone else and they feel she is now reaping the benifts..just cuz.
[11:20] London Farr (sigourney.novaland): need me dinner
[11:20] Bobbi Bomze: people you “hire” an attorney if the attorney is “higher” then you’re in a legalized weed state and you might wish to “hire” a different one hehehe
[11:20] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Baby, like someone on your blog said, if you were to set up a donation paypal or something similar, I would be willing to help in any way I can.
[11:20] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): Yeah it’s corporate warfare 101. But the thing is what can we do about it?
[11:20] Neko Sorbet (nekotomoyo.television): Baby: They wont help because  they  want  you to vanish  so they win and   get the market.
[11:20] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): Me too!!!!
[11:20] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): me too
[11:20] ᴷᴿʸˁᵀᴬᴸ ˁᵀᴱᴬᴸ (giselehendrix): bardot, happens in rl too… its a fight every day of brands, but you have to stay with your name over it and in front of it to defense what you do…… so baby please dont let your head down, we are all standing in your back and fighting with you, side on side
[11:20] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): Pandora I would donate to that!
[11:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): don’t worry ❤
[11:21] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): Hellz yeah.
[11:21] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): I most definitely would.
[11:21] Asha Ersetu: Actually it’s technically corporate welfare. One entity gets an advantage over another from the regulatory authority.
[11:21] Neko Sorbet (nekotomoyo.television): You should set  a donations  /paypall thing  , im sure  lots  would help.
[11:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m most sorry for you all, because really i’m not the best person to handle this crap
[11:21] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Aw, no, honey. It would be hard for anyone.
[11:21] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): Dont be sorry Baby, it’s not your fault at all
[11:22] Loading…: wb Baby
[11:22] Juella Loon: u can donate at the store
[11:22] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): The fact you have stuck to it this long is a testament to your character. And we support you completely.
[11:22] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): oh Hey Baby i been rockin your mesh body all the way!
[11:22] Willow (willowrussel): Hey .. this has spawned one of the best groups I’ve ever belonged too.. – the occasional troll.
[11:22] Willow (willowrussel): Love the girls in here ❤
[11:22] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): lol
[11:22] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): Baby…everyone in SL is learning about your product….and they are waiting for it to be available for sale.
[11:22] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): Baby are you going to fight it or not ? what happens from here ?
[11:22] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Baby your amazing no worried Highest respect and support we all Love you
[11:22] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): Would you be interested in someone starting a fund for you Baby?
[11:22] ℳяʂ ʀɘɖ ʂʞɨʐɱ (shovelheadred): Fight LL fo’sho’
[11:22]  ℬʀɑɳɖi кєssєι (udusinc): Baby this isn’t your fault you  just made an awesome product and people are jealous.  I will wait to get    the wowmeh for my alt until you can  bring  it back.
[11:23] Baby (baby.ghosn): no foundrising for now, i would not make those people even more angry
[11:23]  ℬʀɑɳɖi кєssєι (udusinc): I really hate the other bodies out there
[11:23] Bobbi Bomze: the judicial system in merika is make by the rich and for the rich
[11:23] Baby (baby.ghosn): once again…. i’ve nothing against them, even if they did this to me…….
[11:23] ღ ֆɦǟʏ ǟʍօʀ ƈǟʀȶɛʀ ღ (shay.corpur): well i guess i will never get to try your product im sorry for your lost
[11:23] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): Baby are you giving up ? or fighting ?
[11:23] Bobbi Bomze: *made
[11:23] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): sounds like she’s giving up
[11:24] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): Stop it
[11:24] Rebecca (rebeccasoejat): LL wont help because its your product and this is not kinder garden.  If you can not afford to defend your ownership of the body then people will get over its loss im sure.
[11:24] Angel Siabonne (angel1.wingtips): Give her some breathing room .
[11:24] ᴷᴿʸˁᵀᴬᴸ ˁᵀᴱᴬᴸ (giselehendrix): find back your way, to make us happy with your work…… and not follow the trolls…. and their ways
[11:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m not give up.
[11:24] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): BABY welcome back !!!!!!!!
[11:24] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): We need clarification of what you are doing
[11:24] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): you it is a damn shame that someone is trying to take you under after some much hard work you have put into the mesh body
[11:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): no you don’t need.
[11:24]  ℬʀɑɳɖi кєssєι (udusinc): you even copywrited it   that’s  a big thing
[11:24] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic) smiles, Thank you baby !
[11:24] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Cynn she not obligated give us that..
[11:24] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Big smile….good to hear Baby!
[11:25] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): Baby are they going to take away the existing Wowmeh bodies?
[11:25] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): no she is not poison but I needed to know if she was at her wits end or fighting
[11:25] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): I needed to know
[11:25] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): So long as you’re not giving up, neither will most of us.
[11:25] Willow (willowrussel): If I was better at rigging fitmesh id so want to colaborate .. though im getting there ..
[11:25] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): 🙂
[11:25] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’ve already being forced to do what i want not to do too many times in the last 2 months
[11:25] Angel Siabonne (angel1.wingtips): Baby you owe no one anything . Take your time . Do what is best for you .
[11:26] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): I’m just curious as to why this is in Limbo like it is.
[11:26] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): aggree with angel
[11:26] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): so you are haveing to start over now?
[11:26] ᴷᴿʸˁᵀᴬᴸ ˁᵀᴱᴬᴸ (giselehendrix): close the chat in this group, protects you from trolls baby…. and then you do what you want do…. and nothing more
[11:26] cat Boucher: ok so we all agree on that Baby needs support from us and we will give it to her …..this cahat is going on for over 10 hours now … when I come online I have already more that 100 messages and all from this group … and to folter what is rally information is time consuming … could you pls change that ?
[11:26] Asha Ersetu: I thought she already had a new design in the pipeline?
[11:26] ღ ֆɦǟʏ ǟʍօʀ ƈǟʀȶɛʀ ღ (shay.corpur): right asha
[11:26] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): right cat
[11:26] cat Boucher: *filter
[11:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): but then how do i support everyone?
[11:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): i can’t help every single person trought im >.<
[11:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): i need teh group open
[11:27] ᴷᴿʸˁᵀᴬᴸ ˁᵀᴱᴬᴸ (giselehendrix): notices baby
[11:27] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): yah tha would drive her nuttie
[11:27] Amy (auntamy): do what you do best baby
[11:27] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): well i wish you best of luck Baby i really love your product!!!!!!!
[11:27] ღ ֆɦǟʏ ǟʍօʀ ƈǟʀȶɛʀ ღ (shay.corpur): yes a notice would be nice
[11:27] ღ ֆɦǟʏ ǟʍօʀ ƈǟʀȶɛʀ ღ (shay.corpur): to update people
[11:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): please, if everyone know something…….. i would love ear something by you.
[11:28] Velvet Gunawan (stunningly.ornamental): hello baby
[11:28]  Rïkkû lä Swéétz. (rachaeldibello12): hiii baby!! waves
[11:28]  Rïkkû lä Swéétz. (rachaeldibello12): i hope u r okies
[11:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): hi
[11:28] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Right now focus on what u need focus on, not everyone needs..
[11:28] ᴷᴿʸˁᵀᴬᴸ ˁᵀᴱᴬᴸ (giselehendrix): just send group notices about news…. and dont allow trolls to read in silence what all writing with you…. they become more and more jealous, because they see that we stand more and more in your back
[11:28] cat Boucher: maybe you could make a group for ppl which are only interested in your products but maybe not as talk active like the majority ?
[11:28] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): wb baby
[11:28] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): ciao baby, finally !! welcome back! :)))))
[11:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): why gelous!
[11:28] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): i agree focus on what your needs are and wants not what everyone else wants
[11:28] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): cat you can choose not to get the im’s
[11:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): of what!
[11:29] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): about what Baby?
[11:29] ღYuni Nakamichiღ (yuni321): Welcome Back, Baby.
[11:29] Baby (baby.ghosn): i worked hard on this project, there is nothing to be jelous about!
[11:29] Amy (auntamy): aby  love  just find someone you can trust to help with group  notifications
[11:29] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): hi5’s baby!
[11:29] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): damn straight!
[11:29] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): Baby, do you not understand how good your product is?
[11:29] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): she knows!
[11:29] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): its obvious!
[11:29] Baby (baby.ghosn): jelous of i have spent months of my life on body????
[11:29] Baby (baby.ghosn): uhm… 🙂 nop
[11:29]  Rïkkû lä Swéétz. (rachaeldibello12): sisyface
[11:29] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): maybe make a small charge to keep out trolls forthe group like 5 ld? to jion group
[11:29]  Rïkkû lä Swéétz. (rachaeldibello12): pokes her
[11:29] Asha Ersetu: Save us from cankles Baby, i hate cankles
[11:29] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): baby I think they saying others being jealous of ur projec t
[11:29] Lisette qorchess (lisette.seranno): I think she does Bardot, but what she’s saying is she doesn’t want to start all over.
[11:29] Dasani Dezno: Baby you’re product is awesome!! I have checked out the others and you’re is top notch! I’m so sorry you’re going through all this it’s not right! I with the others got your back!
[11:29] Lezisha: Why don’t you ask Bit to help?  Perhaps he can sell the body?
[11:29] Jaded Westland: welcome back baby
[11:29] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): Baby we are glad to have you back in working order!
[11:30] cat Boucher: Cynn … I am in this group to get informations … when I choose not to get the messages it makes no since for me to be in a womeh group
[11:30] ℂαmrʏη ℑ. MΛЯᄃΣᄂᄂӨ-Ŧrεηtis (pr1nc3ssra1n): because they cant make a product as good as yours, so they want your porduct to be shut down, malice and jealousy are strong emotions, and misery loves company
[11:30] Baby (baby.ghosn): i know i could do it better
[11:30] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): Wowmeh is the best baby!!!!!!!!
[11:30] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): I am a designer and i have all the mesh bodies
[11:30] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): I know alot waiting for Baby put it up for sale, and I bet  if ya lost any ls in process once it released u make that money back and then some probley
[11:30] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): yours is the best!
[11:30] Ju-Lepi (azriel.ruby): Indeed, wowmeh has the sexiest legs and ass
[11:30] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): well ok who ever said they dont like getting all the messages you cant set up not to get the messages but to get notices
[11:30] Baby (baby.ghosn): i sincererly think themeshproject body is great XD
[11:30] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): *can set up
[11:30] Baby (baby.ghosn): i know i’ve already told this
[11:30] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): hell no baby nooooo
[11:30] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): lol
[11:31] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): no
[11:31] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): i have even made my whole clothing only just for wowmeh!!!!
[11:31] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): yes you did
[11:31] Amy (auntamy): you can  take your time gather   your thoughts   and relax a little  honey then go at it people can wait for it  they have this long whats a little longer
[11:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): it wasn’t out when i started wowmeh
[11:31] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): YOURS IS BETTER
[11:31] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): designers cant make clothing for it
[11:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): or i wouldn’t have spent so much time on this >.<
[11:31] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): on the alt
[11:31] cat Boucher: see Cynn I answered but in this chat its not possible to rwead lol
[11:31] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): YOURS IS EPIC
[11:31] Maureen Selene: Hee, I’ll eep me Wowmeh thanks Baby.
[11:31] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): lol
[11:31] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): i like yours better baby
[11:31] Maureen Selene: keep
[11:31] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): but wowmeh better
[11:31] ᴷᴿʸˁᵀᴬᴸ ˁᵀᴱᴬᴸ (giselehendrix): have all mesh bodies……. and 1st is wowmeh…..
[11:31] Ju-Lepi (azriel.ruby): it is good, but theres not clothing layers to it
[11:31] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): my sisters are dying to get your product when it comes out again!
[11:31] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): I so not dealing with them that why u hardly see anyone make for their stuff
[11:31] Ju-Lepi (azriel.ruby): i am more fond of wowmeh also, because i love oversize
[11:31] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): you have tons of supporters!
[11:31] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): But theMeshProject Dont like give Creator developer kit
[11:32] Baby (baby.ghosn): why everyone took interest on a mesh body >.<
[11:32] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): wowmeh rocks
[11:32] Baby (baby.ghosn): 8(
[11:32]  Rïkkû lä Swéétz. (rachaeldibello12): i have bin waitng
[11:32] Bobbi Bomze: meshproject is good but not as easy to get clothes for as wowmeh
[11:32] ᴷᴿʸˁᵀᴬᴸ ˁᵀᴱᴬᴸ (giselehendrix): i dont need a mesh body, i only can wear the “one” skirt of the body designer xDD
[11:32]  Rïkkû lä Swéétz. (rachaeldibello12): yus i have
[11:32] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): me to i like yours better Baby!
[11:32]  Rïkkû lä Swéétz. (rachaeldibello12): but baby i understood
[11:32] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): because of you baby!!!!
[11:32] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): because your body os awesome baby that why we all want one
[11:32] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): there are so many people waiting for you to release your product we get people everyday asking for it
[11:32] ℂαmrʏη ℑ. MΛЯᄃΣᄂᄂӨ-Ŧrεηtis (pr1nc3ssra1n): cause you changed the game with your mesh body, yours was the only mesh body that anyone really liked.. for women
[11:32] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Cause texture on mesh is better detail then on regualar avi and u go beyond a feg avie with fitted mesh avie
[11:32] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): we’re sick of flat butts and pointy boobs
[11:32]  Rïkkû lä Swéétz. (rachaeldibello12): u take care of what ya gatta do k
[11:32] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): is*
[11:32] Amy (auntamy): well you can have  high hips   on a  skinny body you can have   huge hips on a big butt or you can have the best   and thats what i have   thanks baby
[11:32] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): Baby you give what consumers need and want , you give the choices and you make it great ………….there are the reasons
[11:32] Yukino Desoto: wowmeh is better than themeshproject because it works with most mesh clothes, NOTHING fits meshproject because their body doesn’t use same body locations
[11:32] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): GO WOWMEH FOREVER!
[11:32] Klari55a: I just don’t know why all act like they can have just one mesh body
[11:32] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): you are the reason for this mesh madness people ask why my body looks so real!!! lol
[11:32] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Ley hi5
[11:33] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): hi5
[11:33] Klari55a: there isn’t need to
[11:33] Candy Tryce: you put all the work in product but don’t like people took interest in it =(
[11:33] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): I have the MP body, and while the design is not bad at all….I still like what I have seen from Wowmeh better.
[11:33] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh forever !!!!!!
[11:33] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): GUYS EVEN buy wowmeh!
[11:33] Klari55a: I have both wowmeh and physique
[11:33] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): lol
[11:33] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): lol
[11:33] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): i had girl aproach me today  Loved my mesh body and  my skin i created  to put on it
[11:33] Klari55a: lol seems to be into a stadium hihihihi
[11:33] cat Boucher: omg will now everyone write what body he or she has ??
[11:33] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): It is not just about the work that went into it baby its about the love of what you made that makes it come alive its not just a thing .
[11:33] Baby (baby.ghosn): btw, don’t worry 🙂
[11:33]  ℬʀɑɳɖi кєssєι (udusinc): i have wowmeh on my main and  the physique on my alt i don’t wear the  physique
[11:33] cat Boucher: that drives me crazy
[11:33] Klari55a: I hope no, cat hihihih
[11:34] Dasani Dezno LOVES HER WOWMEH! 😀 Well done baby!
[11:34] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): we do worry. i want wowmeh back
[11:34] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): i have wowmeh on all my models
[11:34] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): i have had all kinds of compliments all because of you Baby and your product wowmeh!!
[11:34] cat Boucher: lol
[11:34] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): WOWMEH newest Version HERE
[11:34] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): even fashion world talked about wowmeh sl
[11:34] Klari55a: I was just sooo happy when wowmeh got back
[11:34] Baby (baby.ghosn): where? XD
[11:34] cat Boucher: Kimmy they have to talk about it cos they have to make layers … dont be silly
[11:34] Isolde Spitteler: WB BABY!!!!
[11:34] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): that why others want bring it down
[11:34] ᴷᴿʸˁᵀᴬᴸ ˁᵀᴱᴬᴸ (giselehendrix): when you release it again inworld baby… you will need 4 Full Sims, because of the count of sims…. when they all want buy it xD
[11:34] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): i was so happy too
[11:35] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): rl fashion world silly
[11:35] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): i’m still waiting for for belleza to make a appiler for the wowmeh!
[11:35] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Oh, my god, lol….when it is released again….I am not sure four sims is going to cut it.
[11:35] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): nice
[11:35] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): or wasnt that your name
[11:35] ᶬᵒᵒᶮᶜᶤᵗᵃ (psyqueen): hi ! I hope the body back to sale soon! I am creating things for the body, but I havent it =(.. and one friend try it for me haha, but .. I would like to have it, is so beautiful Baby! u made a really great job! 😀 kisses to everyone here!
[11:35] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): ^^
[11:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): i have to go now
[11:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): i still would like to know why.
[11:36] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): byeeeeee Baby!
[11:36] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): baby for me wowmeh is the best ever! not quite perfect (I wear insize) but the other even less. please do not give up. I just want wowmeh! and not just me! 😉
[11:36] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): tc Baby
[11:36] cat Boucher: well nobody in the rl fashion world is talking in europe about a mesh body I think
[11:36] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): you have sight on when or sale baby?
[11:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): i wan’t to ear (read) how much you hate me and why
[11:37] Jaded Westland: ???
[11:37] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Wait is hater in this Group reading this?
[11:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): and check ebtter, because i think you think i am not who you think i am XD
[11:37] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): salut baby!!! ❤
[11:37] Kumi Crazy (kumi.crazyboi): I hope it comes backs soon also. Me ans a long list of friends are waiting to purchase it
[11:37] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): ciao baby a presto  😉
[11:37] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): They won’t tell you, honey. They hide behind their DMCA’s and anonymous complaints..
[11:37] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): ❤
[11:37] ღDesireeღ (ilikeass): Baby we all love you!!!!!!
[11:37] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): ☻♣☻♥
[11:37] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Pandora u forgot and their Hackers
[11:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): they aren’t hiding really well btw 😛
[11:37] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): ^
[11:38] ℜσѕα Ƭнσгɲ丂ђןρρε (r0sath0rn): 100 percent!!!! much love for baby!
[11:38] cat Boucher: yes we all love You and now pls lets get back to work or something else .-)
[11:38] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): loves baby and her baby wowmeh
[11:38] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): who are they?
[11:38] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): baby if you know who they are ask them your questions
[11:38] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Wait is that Really baby? o.O
[11:38] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Lol, well, at the risk of sounding crass…..they can shove their anonymity and hate right up their ass. I hope they get found out and the legal sense, of course.
[11:38] Pinkachu Reigns (bellus.undercroft): They prolly wouldnt give honest answers, if even answering period
[11:39] Jayla Vyper: all I know is I love my wowmeh 🙂
[11:39] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): believe in KARMA
[11:39] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): so what is your plans now baby? if you dont mind me asking?
[11:39] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): why do dishonest people do the things they do? because they can.
[11:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): the plan is dinner. and see you soon
[11:39] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): hahah
[11:39] Angel Siabonne (angel1.wingtips): Enjoy Baby
[11:39] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): hugs Baby
[11:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): byebye 😛
[11:39] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Take care, hon! Stay strong!
[11:39] Sydney (sofilola): good luck Baby
[11:39] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): yay
[11:40] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): abbraccio baby 🙂
[11:40] Maureen Selene: Ooo, Baby is European 🙂
[11:40] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): nice dinner
[11:40] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): take care baby
[11:40] Dane Night (danenight): is wowmeh never comming back?
[11:40] Ju-Lepi (azriel.ruby): bye baby ❤
[11:40]  Rïkkû lä Swéétz. (rachaeldibello12): kkk hope its tastey
[11:40] Baby (baby.ghosn): (just tell me why and peace.)
[11:40] Jaded Westland: take care  enjoy dinner
[11:40] Jaded Westland: glad to see you back
[11:40] Baby (baby.ghosn): ❤
[11:40] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): ❤
[11:40] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): ❤
[11:40] Juella Loon: ❤
[11:40] Maureen Selene purrrs 🙂
[11:40] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): ciao bella
[11:41] Jaded Westland: ❤ OXOX
[11:41] Sherilys: ♥
[11:41] Isolde Spitteler: that’s why even with wowmeh away for a while I never stopped having faith on it nor stopped making clothes for it
[11:42] Isolde Spitteler: btw making new outfit so tata from here too x
[11:43] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): okay i just got here
[11:43] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): what did baby say are we sure it was baby?





Please feel free to comment about this mesh including any in-world photographs you may have and please join our Second Life group at this link secondlife:///app/group/042daebc-b551-3784-0aff-1696a23abe56/about

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