Wowmeh Log 7/15/2014 0838-1157

[08:38] Baby (baby.ghosn): is almost almost ready….
[08:39] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): woot
[08:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): but probably i gonna postpone it to tomorrow….
[08:39] Isolde Spitteler: yay! 😀
[08:39] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): 😦
[08:39] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( WOOOT!!!
[08:39] Willow (willowrussel): Awes ….
[08:39] Willow (willowrussel) wants it today~!
[08:39] Willow (willowrussel) pouts
[08:39] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): Baby!!!!! kissies
[08:39] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): noo no postpones cries..
[08:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m doing my best but my attorey is a bit slow 😛 i’m not him only customer 😛
[08:40] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): show a little leg baby that will motivate him
[08:40] Ellen Writer: kicks babys attorey in the butt to speed him up
[08:40] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol
[08:40] Cordelia ( GAH i have the money for it now. dang
[08:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): he already seen all the boobs in the site XD
[08:41] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): bri i think she show him lil boobs might make him go faster
[08:41] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lol
[08:41] Demeter Lane: Attorneys are notorious for being slow, how do you think they make so much money?
[08:41] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): lol
[08:41] Isolde Spitteler: hope he doesn’t charge by the hour!
[08:41] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): right
[08:41] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): does your attorney have a tip jar? :p
[08:41] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( lol
[08:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): geheh
[08:41] Isolde Spitteler: lol Bri
[08:42] Komari (komarimono): Yay, fate eyes properly supports animated textures nw.
[08:42] Cordelia ( give me his number ill call him and talk to him, tell him there are hundreds waiting right this minute and we need it now. Lets all go picket outside his office….
[08:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): he also got an assistant for my case O.O Second Life is a bit away by common cases -.-
[08:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): they seen the site and they get hurry for it XD
[08:42] Komari (komarimono): Spank ya attorney
[08:42] Komari (komarimono): I got a crop if ya need it.
[08:43] Twistia Twine: to be fair  this is probably one of his  stranger cases
[08:43] Ellen Writer start with picketing signs
[08:43] Cordelia ( im the worse shopping addict ever. i know tomorrow i will have spent all this money …grrr
[08:43] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): well we been holding the fort down for ya baby trying our best to keep people in check and help with as much shit as possible i think you should make me a moderator :p
[08:43] Demeter Lane: Put a fire under his butt.  “WORK FASTER!!”
[08:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): just be patinet a little bit more… is alll almost ready.
[08:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m awaiting as you
[08:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): except i have my body on 8P
[08:43] Jacki Kingsley: lol
[08:43] Cordelia ( oooh that was cold
[08:43] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): meanie stops teasing cries
[08:43] Willow (willowrussel): omg .. can we come see?
[08:43] Twistia Twine: hahaha
[08:44] Ellen Writer: ouch
[08:44] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): Cordelia send it to me, I’ll keep it safe for you
[08:44] Cordelia ( Lexi nice try
[08:44] Ellen Writer: i know right
[08:44] CherryCheekz: Hello all, how much will the they be?
[08:44] Cordelia ( itll be gone tomorrow. im not even stressing ill just have to wait even longer
[08:44] Demeter Lane: Is it possible to allow us to see images of the new insize/outsize?
[08:44] CherryCheekz: I want to have my money in hand hehe
[08:45] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): right  atlease a teaser LOL
[08:45] ო ɦɛǟȶɦɛʀ  βяσdeяïe™ ო  (heatherr.macmoragh): I should go to law school,  take the bar, then clear you baby.  seems faster
[08:45] Cordelia ( ill just have to keep wearing this sad sad mesh project body
[08:45] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): by time u finish law school her attorney be done
[08:45] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): Cordelia lol it was worth a shot 🙂
[08:45] CherryCheekz: So no one knows the price?
[08:45] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): mesh projet make me mad i applied for  appliers ova a month ago
[08:46] Baby (baby.ghosn): this is the preview i have
[08:46] Baby (baby.ghosn):
[08:46] Baby (baby.ghosn): but silhouette probably is not the new name
[08:46] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): Poison the still don’t have a clothing layer, so how can they approve you to make clothes?
[08:46] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): OMG
[08:46] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): yeah she sent that out eariler
[08:46] Demeter Lane: Oh wow
[08:46] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): I love oversize
[08:46] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): OMG
[08:46] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): WINNER
[08:46] ო ɦɛǟȶɦɛʀ  βяσdeяïe™ ო  (heatherr.macmoragh): LOVE it
[08:46] Isolde Spitteler: lovely ❤
[08:47] Damned Highwater: I can’t wait!
[08:47] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): ah I liked silhouette
[08:47] ო ɦɛǟȶɦɛʀ  βяσdeяïe™ ო  (heatherr.macmoragh): You should call it Heather by Baby
[08:47] Demeter Lane: Hm, not sure about the insize..
[08:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): yeps, i love the new oversize too!
[08:47] ო ɦɛǟȶɦɛʀ  βяσdeяïe™ ო  (heatherr.macmoragh): lol
[08:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): the insize is almost the same
[08:47] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): is that the name you are going with?
[08:47] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Yes baby IM  ready to give up my ghetto booty and lolas fo that
[08:47] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): wow that is a big over sized
[08:47] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): the same you made the insize bigger?
[08:47] Isolde Spitteler: what changed in the insize?
[08:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): uhm, the fit with slink hands,
[08:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): the nipples are slightly bigger
[08:48] Damned Highwater: NICE!
[08:48]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): you do know you can use sliders to edit the shape
[08:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): and nothing more if i remeber good
[08:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m working in since more then a month >.<
[08:48] Isolde Spitteler: ah.. oh well I prefer your hands lol
[08:48] Damned Highwater: We are excited, Baby.  Thank you.
[08:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): hands and feet are better too
[08:49] Demeter Lane: I agree there I liked the built in hands with that body myself
[08:49] Lux Willow (purrty): so what is it your waiting for, them to call you?
[08:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): in my opinion… but i didn’t do the hand poses yet…
[08:49]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I love the hands but I have a tiptoe fetish so I stick to slink for that
[08:49] Celine ツ (scarlett.wilder): Elloo ^^
[08:49] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): what are you talking about??
[08:49] Isolde Spitteler: just wish there were longer nails option and applier for them
[08:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, the nails are longer
[08:50] Demeter Lane: Claw nails *giggle*
[08:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): but only one shape for now
[08:50] ℓυℓυ (clairemarie32): looks beautiful, thank you for the preview Baby
[08:50] Demeter Lane: I’d love claw nails
[08:50] Willow (willowrussel): BAby.. what timish tomarrow .. I may just stay up all night =p
[08:50] Willow (willowrussel): ?
[08:50] Isolde Spitteler: ohh great! 🙂
[08:50] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): baby what is your favorite food? 🙂
[08:50] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): new wow update??
[08:50] Sᴀʜᴀʟʟᴇ Isʜᴍᴇɴᴇ Dʀʏᴋᴇ (sahalle): oooo Baby, your back cool
[08:51] Lux Willow (purrty): so wait where is Baby from? her tomorrow might still be my today *big evil grin*
[08:51] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): ciao baby welcome back!!i can´t wait…!! 😉
[08:51]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I don’t technically need it on this one since I have it so, mostly waiting until I can buy it for alts ❤
[08:51] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): wow good i had just about given up hope
[08:51] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): i can wait on hand poses and  nails  I just cant wait for the body lol
[08:51] Baby (baby.ghosn):
[08:51]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): oh nice
[08:51] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): they look skinny?
[08:52] Baby (baby.ghosn):
[08:52] Isolde Spitteler: adorable!
[08:52] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): or is it because you havent posed them yet
[08:52]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): yeah the body is the main thing and yet again…you can mod your shape lmao
[08:52] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): I got the purrfect name
[08:52] Sᴀʜᴀʟʟᴇ Isʜᴍᴇɴᴇ Dʀʏᴋᴇ (sahalle): any news on when we can purchase the body again please
[08:52] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): lol are you talkng about the wowmeh update??
[08:52] ო ɦɛǟȶɦɛʀ  βяσdeяïe™ ო  (heatherr.macmoragh): we will bw able to purchase the body tomorrow?
[08:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, they have a basic relaxed pose for now
[08:52] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): ah ok gotcha
[08:52] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): Baby’s Buxom Bewbs!
[08:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): no, tomorrow is only the update
[08:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): thewn i have to do some steps for reopen a store….
[08:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): for sure i need an estate …………..
[08:53] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): estate?
[08:53] Demeter Lane: Sim?
[08:53] Lux Willow (purrty): oh damn , serious?? well damn all excited and i dont even have the body yet
[08:53] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): how can we get it??
[08:53] Sherilys: a sim
[08:53] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): ooo updte tomorrow..\o/
[08:53] ℓυℓυ (clairemarie32): yay
[08:53] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): ok i make sure log on tomorrow if i can 😦
[08:53] Lea Decycla (embermichaels): will they be sent out or do we go to the store to get them yay!
[08:53] Sᴀʜᴀʟʟᴇ Isʜᴍᴇɴᴇ Dʀʏᴋᴇ (sahalle): not fair i neeeeeeed a body lol
[08:53] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): with the hud??
[08:54]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): guess its the shops body for my alts for a while lol
[08:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): the updater will be given to you trought the updater in your body controller HUD
[08:54] Lux Willow (purrty): oh well peace out
[08:54] Jordayne Avro: So glad to have you back, Baby!
[08:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): you will have to accept the TOS in order to get it …
[08:54] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): yay!! so easy then!!
[08:54] Lea Decycla (embermichaels): okay
[08:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): is the why i need it ready before to release the update too….
[08:54] Lea Decycla (embermichaels): great 🙂
[08:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): did you make the insize bigger baby?
[08:55] Isolde Spitteler frenetically makes outfits lol jk
[08:55] Demeter Lane: Will the personal skin appliers still work on Silhouette?
[08:55] Baby (baby.ghosn): mo, insize is the same. only the nipples are meybe slightly bigger
[08:55] Baby (baby.ghosn): lemme compare them
[08:55] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): they need to be higher
[08:55] Willow (willowrussel): Baby will you marry me ?
[08:55] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): the breastline
[08:55] Sᴀʜᴀʟʟᴇ Isʜᴍᴇɴᴇ Dʀʏᴋᴇ (sahalle): omg i have no idea what you talking about i want one lol
[08:56] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): willow you cheating ho
[08:56] Isolde Spitteler: nippies! 😀
[08:56] Demeter Lane: xD
[08:56] Velvet Gunawan (stunningly.ornamental): is wowmeh back?
[08:56]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): why is an estate needed to bring it out for those who dont yet have the body? hate asking questions to add to the rest lmao
[08:56] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): the new version will hide nipples for mesh??
[08:56]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): you can hide nipples on this version
[08:57] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): yes!!
[08:57] Baby (baby.ghosn): new nipples
[08:57] Baby (baby.ghosn): ols nipples
[08:57] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): they are so beautiful!
[08:57] ღ SunnY  Pєαяℓ ღ (marimaarja): it makes me wanna suck em
[08:57] ღ SunnY  Pєαяℓ ღ (marimaarja): pretty nipples
[08:57] Baby (baby.ghosn): because i don’t trust griefers and my landlord is not so helpful to ban them. not at all at least
[08:57] Willow (willowrussel): omg baby7 those are awesome
[08:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): and yes, hiding nipples as the previous version
[08:58] Isolde Spitteler: baby.. all my wishes are coming true with new version ❤
[08:58] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): is their still dark shading under the breastline?
[08:58] Demeter Lane: Oh I like the improvements 🙂
[08:58] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): ya that dark line is like screams.
[08:58]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): anyone have land? hell Id help but I only have a small private less than 1/4 of a parcel
[08:58] Cahtias: do we have an upgrade?
[08:58] Demeter Lane: The only problem is the cost of a full region.  >_<
[08:59]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): oh wait, a security orb isnt a bad idea, though you could just for now have it on the marketplace maybe
[08:59] Demeter Lane: 200 USD a month on a mainland sim
[08:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think an half sim is enought if i can have estate rights
[08:59] Demeter Lane: 300 for a private island
[08:59] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): a homstead should work though
[08:59] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i can get you a homestead sim for under 8k a week baby
[08:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): or an homestead: despite the number of allowed agents….
[08:59] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): estate rights and everything
[08:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes i don’t mind the estate
[08:59] Demeter Lane: Yeah a homestead would work too if you can rent one
[08:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): even if i need a 1024 land and nothing more XD
[08:59] Twistia Twine: 8k is fair deal
[09:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes not bad…
[09:00] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): hell you can find that anywhere
[09:00] Pandora Blackthorne (pandoria0): Zoha is good for giving you landrights even with the small paracels.
[09:00] Demeter Lane: If youi can get one with full estate rights you’re good to go, a homestead sim.
[09:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): i need region rights
[09:00] Six Sahara: how many   prim would you need?
[09:00] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): homesteads arnt bad for a small store 20 people is more then enough normaly to be there at one time. for the first few weeks of reopening might have to try once or twice to get it but it ill calm down
[09:00]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I know a great estate agent that will rent you as large or little land as you want, good prices, you can put an orb up and ban people, terraform and theres residentual and commercial, all sizes
[09:00] Twistia Twine: i think you usually get full region rights with a homestead rental yeah
[09:00] Demeter Lane: I’d say 2000 prims should be plenty for a store like WowMeh
[09:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): also less XD
[09:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m actually really prim saving with my buildings XD
[09:01]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I have 1600 prims, $58 a month
[09:01] Demeter Lane: Yeah but it’s nice to have breathing room
[09:01] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i’ve run stores from homestead sims you get 3750 prim and 40 people at a time and if your running class 8 servers you wont have hardly any lag
[09:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): and, and it might be also better if less people can enter to control the griefers or like that.
[09:01] Aelva: about how many u need?
[09:01] Twistia Twine: 40? i thought it was 20
[09:01] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): nope 40
[09:02] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): these are class 8 sims
[09:02] Jaded Westland: they won’t allow  40 on homesteads any more
[09:02] Isolde Spitteler: or you could buy several 1024 lands at different sims and give a tp from main store so it doesn’t get stuck
[09:02] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): you can set how many at the estate level
[09:02] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): yes they do 🙂
[09:02]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): so right now where assuming theres no set date for the body to be out, ie for sale, not the update
[09:02] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): btw if u look up on class sims LL dont do classes sims no more new server
[09:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): not yet, i’m sorry
[09:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): btw soon….
[09:02] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): I sorry i read up on it when i was in a arguement  and believe there was class sims
[09:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): it depends how much i need to set all up.
[09:02] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): soon-o-clock
[09:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): XD esactly
[09:03] orchidsandpeonies: i thought homestead only allow 20 ppl
[09:03] Twistia Twine: its 20
[09:03] Demeter Lane: Yeah 20 people max
[09:03] Willow (willowrussel): is the estate manager rights to protect from griefing?
[09:03] Twistia Twine: i just looked it up in case i remembered wrong
[09:03] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): um its 40 people
[09:04] Twistia Twine: nah
[09:04] Isolde Spitteler: I have 2 1024 lands with full rights and 1 with 16384 that I rent, not full rights
[09:04] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i own one 🙂
[09:04] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): Sep 17, 2013 – LL no longer uses server class to distinguish between sims. Here’s a forum thread dealing with the subject, I suggest you read through it. … Why is Snugs still here? … to time, so there is no such thing as a “class 5 sim” or a “class 8 sim”.
[09:04] Demeter Lane: Page not found
[09:04] Twistia Twine: Maximum number of agents
Full region: 100 (Typically set to 40 on mainland, 55 on Linden Homes regions, but this does vary. Some meeting areas have this set to 60 and higher.)
Recent server performance improvements make regions with 60 agents in them perform quite well.
Homestead: 20
Openspace: 10
[09:05] Twistia Twine: thats from
[09:05] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): my sim is a class 8 with 40 and yes its homestead
[09:05] orchidsandpeonies: again so only 20 ?
[09:05] orchidsandpeonies: who you rent with Bri?
[09:05] Cerise Television (cerise.sorbet): yes only 20, here is the official word:
[09:05] Twistia Twine: then something went wrong.  homesteads hold maximum 20 avatars
[09:05] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): my friend who own virtul world rentals
[09:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): please people don’t worry 😛 i can find a sim XD
[09:05] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): 40 0n homestead?
[09:05] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): virtual
[09:06] Baby (baby.ghosn): i just have no time right now, because i’m working on else too….
[09:06] orchidsandpeonies: I own a homestead sim
[09:06] Demeter Lane: Considering how many are for rent that won’t be a problem yeah
[09:06] orchidsandpeonies: was told only 20 ppl
[09:06] orchidsandpeonies: but if i can get 40
[09:06] orchidsandpeonies: I’m mvoing
[09:06] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lol
[09:06] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): LL said big thing few yrs ago to not be fooled  by those proclaiming they have class sim.. LL doesnt do  Class Sims no more i tring fnd actualy blog from LL
[09:06] Isolde Spitteler: go for Anshex, at least they are reliable
[09:06] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i can see if my friend has any open its 7899 a week
[09:07] orchidsandpeonies: So
[09:07]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): yeah I wouldn’t want to have to go through that hell, though maybe if it was just on the market place for now, rather than on a sim, though you may have thought of this already and have your own reasons for not wanting to do it this way.
[09:07] Demeter Lane: Yeah all sims are on the same hardware regardless of type, it’s how they’re set up that’s different, how many per CPU.
[09:07] Aelva: how many prims for 7899 Bri?
[09:07] orchidsandpeonies: is the new body out? I’m going crazy here with my demo head
[09:07] Twistia Twine: classes is sorta a myth nowdays .. power is distributed fairly
[09:07] Willow (willowrussel): 7899 and it holds 40 people?
[09:07] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): 3750
[09:07] Jaded Westland: If it was me I wouldnt want to go  on MP again  after  what they did
[09:07] Isolde Spitteler: orchid, in a day or two
[09:07] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): correct
[09:07] Jaded Westland: just saying
[09:08] Willow (willowrussel): well if you don’t get it for baby ill take one of those lol
[09:08] orchidsandpeonies: i am happy then
[09:08]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): happens if its marketplace or in world, it was removed from both remember
[09:08] Jaded Westland: I know but I sure wouldnt want to put it back on there
[09:08] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): brb the thunder here is going nuts and my doggies are freaking out
[09:08] Jaded Westland: i’m stubborn like that
[09:08]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): each to their own
[09:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t like marketplace anymore
[09:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): there was a day where i was only purchase trought it…..
[09:10]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I stopped with it because listing things was a pain
[09:10] Waif (waif1): Maybe Baby and CK Winx could get together and get a full sim
[09:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): but not anymore: the 50% of the products on there are stolen. or is what it looks on certain searchs
[09:11]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): yeah like skins, see how many 2k skins you can find for 100L on MP now
[09:11] Morrigan Bellic: I know.  THAT irritates me
[09:11] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): hair too
[09:11]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I never buy it
[09:12] Lezisha: ok, just logged on, for forgive me asking the question I need to ask………  Any Wowmeh Updates yet ?
[09:13] Jaded Westland: coming  tomorrow
[09:13]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): anyway off to bed, I just stayed around to see if the date for everyone to buy it would be announced, have it on this one but not my four other alts, is it safe to say a while, may be a few months? and I applaud you for doing this, I ran a sim once, different in a lot of ways, the stress not so much, even had another sim owner whos sim looked nothing like mine accuse me of copyright >.>
[09:13] Baby (baby.ghosn): tomorrow probably…. except my attorney turn back to me in 15 minutes….. but i doubt
[09:14] ⓣんℯ  şωєεţ σηℯ (aliyah.piers) prays for it to be today
[09:14] Morrigan Bellic: You have completely made my day
[09:14] Lezisha: Thanks for the info 🙂
[09:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): just few weeks meybe or even less
[09:14] Aradia Enoch: Good luck Baby!
[09:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): the update is almost incoming
[09:14] Aradia Enoch: Don’t give up!
[09:14] orchidsandpeonies: ok so new body will have apliers?
[09:14] Jaded Westland: :: sends  Baby’s mafia  to his office “::
[09:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): then i only have to fix some small things to reopena  store iwnorld. no marketplace.
[09:14] Willow (willowrussel): The old appliers will work on the new body
[09:14] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): sorr i just logged. when its the update?
[09:14] orchidsandpeonies: lot of mesh creators have stopped to putting body on mp’
[09:15] Aradia Enoch: I do report whatever I find copied in MP
[09:15] Aelva: will there be an option to set up affiliate stoers inworld?
[09:15] Aradia Enoch: but it stays there for soooo long
[09:15] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): good for you Baby, no market place!
[09:15]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): oh nice, two weeks for my alts is nothing and really looking forward to the update too, take carebaby 🙂 and take some time to relax too, SL sadly has turned into a pretty mean place sometimes, not always… xD
[09:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): i also don’t like the report kind of marketplace, and reviews: only complaints trought reviews, happy ustomers don’t leave a comment 8(
[09:15] Aradia Enoch: Would be nice if MP could be done through each designer website so we knew it was real content
[09:16] Aradia Enoch: Lol true, I only review when something did not work out
[09:16]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): their just complaining because one little thing was on it they didn’t like, SL is filled with complainers
[09:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think that’s illegal…. i trought to do my own vending system trought my site
[09:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): but if i not wrong LL don’t allow it
[09:16] Aradia Enoch: Darn LL <_<
[09:16] Jaded Westland: they can’t get their cut that way
[09:16] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): ok back i swear my dogs ar such wussies a little thunder and they freak out yet theres rabbits all out there running around my yard like its an orgy
[09:17] Aradia Enoch: The old Xstreet was much better
[09:17] Isolde Spitteler: lol Bri
[09:17]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): agreed
[09:17]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I only leave constructive critisism, not bad reviews
[09:17] Lezisha: Perhaps they have mistaken your new look Brianna as a giant sexy rabbit?
[09:18]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): though thats not needed with wowmeh 😉
[09:18] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): with a giant penis
[09:18] Isolde Spitteler: I love Rabbits, had one called Croissant, lived 11 years (RIP) 😦
[09:18] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): these are all wild rabiits on my 4 acres of land
[09:18] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): will you have a redelivery terminal baby? wouldnt that be easier than having all of us bother you ?
[09:18] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): 🙂
[09:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): you all  have it in your hud XD
[09:18] Isolde Spitteler: Oh nice 🙂
[09:19] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): aaah the update hud.. awesome
[09:19]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I have tons of rabbits, I breed them, tiny ones, like dwarfs
[09:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): you already have it
[09:19] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): thats awesome
[09:19] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): shoudl put that in a big sign for . dopeys like me
[09:19] Isolde Spitteler: cool Akasha
[09:19] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i dont breed them they just use my yard like an austin powers bedroom
[09:19] Jaguar (jaguar.constantine): just logged. any news about the body?
[09:20]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I selectively breed them because I show them too
[09:20] ƝΛƓĨ (tirada.demonge): i also just got the half of the convo
[09:20] Baby (baby.ghosn): 10 minutes or tomorrow 😛
[09:20] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): tomorrow we get the update then?
[09:20] Aradia Enoch: LOL Baby you might as well put a NC in group with the lastest info on the incoming body
[09:20] ღYuni Nakamichiღ (yuni321): eh?
[09:20] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): 10 minutes is good let it rip
[09:20] ƝΛƓĨ (tirada.demonge): hugs Baby… she rocks
[09:20] Jaded Westland: fling my self down on my knees and prays  to the  wowmeh goddess  and god’s
[09:20] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): whats the 10 minutes Baby?
[09:20] Jaded Westland: plesssssseee let that man call her back
[09:20] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’ll do a notice when it’s out the update 😛
[09:20] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): im glad baby isnt in charge of movie release dates
[09:20] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): crosses fingers and toes but is ready to wait til tomorrow
[09:20] ƝΛƓĨ (tirada.demonge): she gets from us all a 10 min hug!
[09:21]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): and two weeks or so until its on sale for everyone?….im so out of it lmao….brb need water
[09:21] Jaguar (jaguar.constantine): will there be an insize again too?
[09:21]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): yep
[09:21]  亗 Mizz Iηαppяøpяiαtє 亗 (emma.xorbun): are we talking soon Baby?
[09:21]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): insize and oversize…again, i think thats what the larger one is called
[09:21] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): the body will be released at soon-o-thirty SLT
[09:21]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): LOL
[09:21] Waif (waif1): Maybe the lawyer will work overtime ^^
[09:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): yeps, oversize
[09:22] Aradia Enoch: lawyers charge for over time I bet!
[09:22] Baby (baby.ghosn): i know someone found the oversize term offensive, but it’s actually over the standard size…..
[09:22] ℐϊℓ Ɗąγɱσŋ (jilaxa): but it´s just an update for people who have it already right?
[09:22] Jacki Kingsley: Jumbo? lol
[09:22] Aradia Enoch: I am not too surprised people found it offensive. People have the oddest ways to get offended
[09:22] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): call the insize cameo and the oversize silhouette
[09:22] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, 10min/tomorrow only teh update
[09:22]  亗 Mizz Iηαppяøpяiαtє 亗 (emma.xorbun): giggles
[09:22]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): this reminds me of when I ran  rp sim, -orders a spa retreat break for baby-
[09:22]  亗 Mizz Iηαppяøpяiαtє 亗 (emma.xorbun): what about plus sized?
[09:23] ƝΛƓĨ (tirada.demonge): still hugs baby like a squirrel and naners
[09:23] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): call the insize crackish and the oversize oprahish
[09:23] ℐϊℓ Ɗąγɱσŋ (jilaxa): and baby do u know already when u bring out the body for someone who didn´t have it yet?
[09:23] Aradia Enoch: I like Oversize term LOL
[09:23] Baby (baby.ghosn): soon…. 😛
[09:23]  亗 Mizz Iηαppяøpяiαtє 亗 (emma.xorbun): when can we expect to be able to buy a body Baby?
[09:23]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I make my insize curvy :o…not as big as oversize but its not skinny
[09:23] Lezisha: Cake minus and Cake plus
[09:23] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): soonmorrow
[09:23]  亗 Mizz Iηαppяøpяiαtє 亗 (emma.xorbun): those of us not luky enough to have one
[09:23] ℐϊℓ Ɗąγɱσŋ (jilaxa): thudsss 😀 i am waaaiting 😀
[09:23] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think oversize explain esactly what the body looks like
[09:23] Baby (baby.ghosn): and how it can be used
[09:23] ƝΛƓĨ (tirada.demonge): so you will be even more happy when you wait longer 😛
[09:24] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): i use the oversize and reduce it down to my build then can have bigger boobies
[09:24]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): im not overly fussed, my main has it but of course I want it on the alts I use as well ^.^, though since my main has it, waiting for a bit isnt an issue
[09:24] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): you can call insize, normal and oversize freakish 🙂
[09:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): i used to do the inverse XD
[09:24] Aradia Enoch: I like the insize, the ass still looks big enough
[09:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): in a pear girl xD
[09:25]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): do people know you can make insize bigger with sliders?
[09:25] Jaded Westland: I would think plus size to some would be insulting
[09:25] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): call the oversized one Godzilla!
[09:25]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): lol
[09:25] Aradia Enoch: I hope they do
[09:25] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva) runs
[09:25]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): rofl
[09:25] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills) trips Bri… no running so fast!
[09:25] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): yes but only so far on boobs the oversize gets bigger boobs
[09:25] Aradia Enoch: its like finding out you have hot water
[09:25]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): mine is insize and shes hourglass with a round ass and decent sized…up top
[09:25] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): zeph ❤
[09:25] Aradia Enoch: I like big ass and small tits
[09:25] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): no work?
[09:26] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): came home early…. i gave some hours
[09:26] Morrigan Bellic: lol  actually, plus sized isn’t considered an insult any more in the fashion industry.
[09:26] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): yay me!
[09:26] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): porportional here with slight extra boobie
[09:26] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): time to work on some more appliers
[09:26] Aradia Enoch: I think its about time
[09:26] Morrigan Bellic: It has a wonderful niche now
[09:26] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): no shopping today baby girl!
[09:27] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): call the insize one “Will work for Food”
[09:27] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): yeah but some of the avi’s are an insult good god have a tiny waste then blam 6 foot wide hips
[09:27] Keeva Navarathna (gia.harcourt): why would plus size be insulting?
[09:27]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I only have revealing clothes on this one, since her body is so hot, no way am I hiding that sexiness
[09:27] Morrigan Bellic: lol  that’s not plus sized
[09:27] Aradia Enoch: cause people like to mope about small issues
[09:27] Morrigan Bellic: that’s deformed
[09:27] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): mhmm
[09:28]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): mine looks a bit like a more toned down proportioned hourglass
[09:28] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): people get to sensitive about small things
[09:28] Morrigan Bellic: yes
[09:28] Lezisha: Or BIG things
[09:28] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): no sexy there for sure idk what they thinking but then men will just about do anyone lol
[09:28] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): yup
[09:28]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): i just try to match my RL shape except my ass is smaller RL
[09:28] Morrigan Bellic: hey, I know I am not small in rl
[09:28] Morrigan Bellic: and I’ll admit it freely. lol
[09:29]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I’m petite/athletic, Im a fitness fanatic, MMA mostly
[09:29] Morrigan Bellic: I’m just old
[09:29]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): awww
[09:29] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): i am right with you Morr
[09:29] Morrigan Bellic: lol
[09:29]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): hey, im like 33
[09:29] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): old fat and happy
[09:29] Morrigan Bellic: yep, I’m old Zepher
[09:29] ღ丂αşんαღ (sashababy.sugarplum): Im not small in rl but im getting there lol if i could get offa my ass and get back to the gym
[09:29] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): just a number
[09:29] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): if you get insulted by having a digital avatar called anorexic or a large avie called Fat….well…um… sticks and stones must put you into surgery
[09:29] Morrigan Bellic: Akasha, I wish I were 33 again
[09:30] Morrigan Bellic: lol  Brianna
[09:30] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): me too
[09:30] Lezisha: I’m sure one day one of the mesh body makers (hopefully baby) will make a version of their body that is specifically designed to look it’s very best when scaled to, what we in SL would class as a “Petite/fit” shape,
[09:30] ღ丂αşんαღ (sashababy.sugarplum): i like my plusish sized av shes not big but shes not in sized either
[09:30]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I get mistaken for 25 but what they don’t know is its because of my vampire side and I hate the sun
[09:30] Morrigan Bellic: You know, I thought about making my avi look like me?  But they would kick me out for being too short
[09:31] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): i am happy at 40… not to old and not to young… just right 😀
[09:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): i tried to work with tiny fitted, but it doesn’t work and it wasn’t
[09:31] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lol morrigan
[09:31] Aradia Enoch: SL height is not proportionate to rl as I see it
[09:31] Morrigan Bellic: I will be 50 in a couple weeks
[09:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): i would love have a nice and hot dwarf shape
[09:31] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): you are still young
[09:31] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): wow wish i was either of those again
[09:31]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): age doesn’t bother me, we all have to age, no-one can stop it…you just do it with dignity and for me maybe a little cosmetic help <—-addict
[09:31] Oni (music.nexen): Day 4 of wowmeh possible come back,
[09:31] ღ丂αşんαღ (sashababy.sugarplum): my av is almost as short as i am in rl lol
[09:31] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): baby i made my own 😀
[09:31] Morrigan Bellic: my brain thinks its 18.  then my body reminds me that my brain is lying
[09:31] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): i can give it to you if yo like?
[09:32] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): it ticks me off when sim owners have the stupid height requirement what if you are little people
[09:32]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): lol I notice I cant stay up as late now and pop or club music makes me cringe
[09:32] Lezisha: Trys to explain to baby you can by beautify and attractive without being HOT & needing bits sticking out 🙂
[09:32] Morrigan Bellic: lol  I’m a musician.  I keep really weird hours
[09:32] Keeva Navarathna (gia.harcourt): lol I made my avi as short as I am rl…. 4’11”
[09:32] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): mine is 5.77
[09:32] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): feet
[09:33]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): I’m 5″7
[09:33] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): mine is 5’8
[09:33] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): apparently my cock is 40 inches long
[09:33] Oni (music.nexen): I made my avi 5’6… but I always come up short
[09:33] Oni (music.nexen): o_o
[09:33] Miss Behaving for Anne (connie.putzo): and my favorite musician since freddy mercury is gone Morrigan
[09:33] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): mhmm
[09:33] Oni (music.nexen): wah <__<
[09:33] Isolde Spitteler: 5’8 here but avie is 5’9
[09:33] ღ丂αşんαღ (sashababy.sugarplum): mine is 5’7 i think but atm i have plat forms on so prolly 6 foot
[09:33] Lezisha: How I feel in SL most of the time……..
[09:33] Morrigan Bellic: lol  thank you Connie honey
[09:34] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lmao lez
[09:34] Baby (baby.ghosn): XD
[09:34]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): lol
[09:34] Sherilys: hahaha
[09:34] Morrigan Bellic: lol  Lez
[09:34] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, so i have one more day to deicde the new name
[09:34]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): this avi is shorter, my alt is an amazon, she always has been and I love her that way, as for RL, my 8 inch heels help if I want to feel taller
[09:34] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): Baby… that avatar was just a replacement till you get the update out!
[09:34] Aelva: still want one of those giant avis
[09:35] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): oh?
[09:35] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol
[09:35] Oni (music.nexen): Caan we make it… 5 hrs???
[09:35] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): wowmeh 2.0
[09:35] Miss Behaving for Anne (connie.putzo): that’s funny
[09:35] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): i bought the giant AV…. her feet are in teh ground
[09:35] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): could you imagine me having sex with this guy? when we discovered him i started yelling on the sim that I had found bigfoot
[09:35] Lezisha: honestly the “meh” is not a good part in the name
[09:35]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): idk I like it
[09:35] Baby (baby.ghosn): i know… i didn’t know what that means
[09:35] Oni (music.nexen): LOLL
[09:35]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): meh…wow!
[09:36] Oni (music.nexen): were you at a nude beach?
[09:36] Aelva: well, ive spent a lot of time as a Petite so,, uhm
[09:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): and i’m still confused about what it mean >.>
[09:36] Ro (rowen9580.jolles): ok so i just got on…are we getting an update soon?
[09:36] Isolde Spitteler: Bri :O XD
[09:36] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lol yes oni
[09:36] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): zepher dragged me there
[09:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): it had to mean wowme.
[09:36] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): wowmeh is a name that sticks in your head. im at the adv part in rl. keep the name
[09:36] Lezisha:
[09:36] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): hmm a new name
[09:36] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): wowmesh?
[09:36]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): D:
[09:36] phatazzz112: i like it cuz it wows meh when i naked
[09:36] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): ?me?!! she took off looking for teh strange and tall and she seeked him out!
[09:36] phatazzz112: i’m
[09:36] Oni (music.nexen): lmfao
[09:36] Oni (music.nexen) crosses nude beaches off my “Places to Visit list”
[09:36] Terese (terese330): wowbody
[09:37] Miss Behaving for Anne (connie.putzo): he looks like one of those shemales I see everywhere nowadays bri
[09:37] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lmao oni
[09:37] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): Femina
[09:37] phatazzz112: see im so wowed i can’t type
[09:37] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): haha miss
[09:37] Oni (music.nexen): I went tto one.. fully dressed. I had to get stripped down by my bf D:
[09:37] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): I’ve been off for a bit – does this mean the new update/body is out tomorrow?
[09:37] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): how about Femina – latin for woman
[09:37] Isolde Spitteler: WowMoi lol
[09:37] Morgan (morgan.phelan): yes Mai
[09:37] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): WOOOHHOOOOO! 🙂 just say’n lol
[09:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): femmina
[09:37] Velvet Gunawan (stunningly.ornamental): not tomorrow. no one knows wheb
[09:37] Oni (music.nexen): Wowmeh – Femmina
[09:38] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): =D
[09:38] Baby (baby.ghosn): i also trought as new name “mammamia”
[09:38] phatazzz112: how bout baby
[09:38] Oni (music.nexen): mkay, souunds goo.
[09:38] phatazzz112: lmaoo
[09:38] Oni (music.nexen): Rofl
[09:38] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): yay
[09:38] Oni (music.nexen): Wowmeh Spaghettii 1.0
[09:38] Aelva: WoWmomma
[09:38] Baby (baby.ghosn): that just mean OhMy”mom”
[09:38] Baby (baby.ghosn): XD
[09:38] Oni (music.nexen): Rofl
[09:38] phatazzz112: how bout DAMMMMMMMMMM
[09:38] Miss Behaving for Anne (connie.putzo): lol phat
[09:38] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): bri?
[09:38] Aelva: MyWoW
[09:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, my favourite names so far are: silhouette, eleganza, piccante, tuttifrutti, desiderio, diva, venus and mammamia
[09:39] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): uh oh… Bri crashed
[09:39] Jaded Westland: Venus
[09:39] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): hmmm
[09:39] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): venus
[09:39] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): tuttifruitti was a porn game in germany
[09:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): <.<
[09:39] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): lol
[09:39] Oni (music.nexen): wwahh..
[09:39] phatazzz112: tuuifrutti
[09:39] Aelva: i love Desiderio, one of my kids has Desideria as a middle name
[09:39] phatazzz112: is the one
[09:39] Aelva: after her granny
[09:39] Miss Behaving for Anne (connie.putzo): I kind of like DAMMMMMMM lol
[09:39] Oni (music.nexen): What does piccaante mean?
[09:39] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): can’t wait until you bring it out
[09:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): tuttifrutti actyually means “allthefruits”
[09:39] Isolde Spitteler: eleganza or silhouette
[09:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): wich is nice to mean all the range shape you can have with wowmeh
[09:39] phatazzz112: yeah
[09:40] Lezisha: Silhouette I like Tutifrutti sounds silly
[09:40] phatazzz112: thats hot
[09:40] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): still was a pron game 😛
[09:40] Jaded Westland: you saying  we all fruity?
[09:40] Mirayeth Messmer: mammamia… wasent that an abba song?
[09:40] Baby (baby.ghosn): piccante means an hot food
[09:40] Miss Behaving for Anne (connie.putzo): salsa
[09:40] Terese (terese330): matrona
[09:40] Juella Loon: haha pineapple had the best boobs xD
[09:40] Oni (music.nexen): lmfao what’s the word ffor Hot Bod?
[09:40] Baby (baby.ghosn): spicy?
[09:40] phatazzz112: we all different fruits
[09:40] Sherilys: wowmeh diva
[09:40] phatazzz112: lol
[09:40] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol, better then matrone would be signorina
[09:40]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): wowmeh siren
[09:40] Lezisha: The only problem with silhouette is it’s not unique unless you mess with the spelling
[09:40] Isolde Spitteler: Femme
[09:40] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): Donna
[09:41] Aelva: Sirena
[09:41] phatazzz112: i like the fruity one
[09:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): which means “lady” but is larged used to mean “b***” or “lady” (formal)
[09:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): well, i like a lot silhouette
[09:41] Oni (music.nexen): Baby, are you gonnaa do a cool ad for it? lol
[09:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): but yes is larged used….
[09:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): btw i gonna use it along to wowmeh…
[09:41]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): reflection baby
[09:41]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): lol
[09:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): so it’s not only silhouette
[09:41] Aelva: isnt there somethign on mp called sillouette?
[09:41] Lezisha: Babesh   (baby and mesh)
[09:41] phatazzz112: please pick tuttifrutii
[09:41] Chemisa slips into the group chat
[09:41] phatazzz112: so cute
[09:42] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): so how long after the update tommrow will you start selling the Wowmeh again
[09:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like the ad….. i don’t know if you do
[09:42] Baby (baby.ghosn):
[09:42]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): thought it was a few weeks para
[09:42] Oni (music.nexen): Welll.. If youu still wanted to do the Wild West thing
[09:42] Morrigan Bellic: I like the ad
[09:42] Mirayeth Messmer: hmmm that sounds a bit better yeah
[09:42] Oni (music.nexen): I thought it’d be cool for you to wear chaps and ride a horse rofl
[09:42] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): i like add too
[09:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): it tuttifrutti is used on a german porn game, no. no games name O.O
[09:42] Chemisa: ooh…love it!
[09:43] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): i still like venus
[09:43] Oni (music.nexen): That’s gorgeous ;o
[09:43] Claudia (madcatclaudia.restless): better lol
[09:43] phatazzz112: well you mentioned it
[09:43] Jaded Westland: besides there is a clothing shop named tuttifrutti
[09:43] phatazzz112: lmaoo
[09:43] Isolde Spitteler: what about Wow Femme
[09:43] ℐϊℓ Ɗąγɱσŋ (jilaxa): on a german game?  don´t know it but i know a old old movie with this name baby
[09:43] ℐϊℓ Ɗąγɱσŋ (jilaxa): lol
[09:43] Terese (terese330): and furnitures
[09:43] ℐϊℓ Ɗąγɱσŋ (jilaxa): it was a porn show
[09:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): elvis copyright tuttifrutti i think XD
[09:43] ahimsa Balut: is the update ready ?
[09:43]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): Femme…Fatal!
[09:43] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): hello?
[09:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): is ready but will be out tomorrow
[09:43]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): lol
[09:43] Lezisha: If you had mesh and the end of silloutette, then goggle has pretty much nothing on it, and you would come up in Google at the top:   meshuette
[09:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think my attorney is off to work now….
[09:44] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): so how long after the update tommrow will you start selling the Wowmeh again
[09:44] Mirayeth Messmer: or maybe “Sweet Addiction”
[09:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): meshuette XD
[09:44] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Zaftig….for a woman having a pleasantly plump figure 🙂
[09:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t know
[09:44] Lezisha: meshuette  brings up pretty much zero in google
[09:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): it depends how much i take to fix all i have to do
[09:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): desiderio is a cool name too
[09:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): it means desire
[09:44] Mirayeth Messmer: Oh i like that
[09:44] Isolde Spitteler: I like Femme a lot, simple, short, easy, sexy and cute
[09:44] Jaded Westland: sweet addiction reminds me of  rockly horror picture show lol
[09:45] Oni (music.nexen): Wowmeh – Dea
[09:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): it’s also a persn name: desideria (female)
[09:45] ℐϊℓ Ɗąγɱσŋ (jilaxa): i hope very soon because i am waiting my ass green lmfaoooo
[09:45] Mirayeth Messmer: lol
[09:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): femme
[09:45] Isolde Spitteler: yep 😀
[09:45] Aelva: am very partial to Desideria…..hehe
[09:45] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): desederia in my language means when someone cant go to the toilet often
[09:45] Oni (music.nexen): LOL what language is that?
[09:45] Morgan (morgan.phelan): hahaha
[09:45] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): greek
[09:45]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): Femme Finesse
[09:45] ℐϊℓ Ɗąγɱσŋ (jilaxa): mk lolol
[09:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): ooooh XD
[09:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): omg XD
[09:46] Chemisa: Desideria sounds very pretty to me
[09:46] Lezisha: It is nice to make up a unusual word for Google, typing your brand name into google and just your item comes up is worth a LOT.
[09:46] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i had to relog what i miss?
[09:47] Isolde Spitteler: Wow Femme = Wow Woman  ❤
[09:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, in french i think?
[09:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): femme?
[09:47] Willow (willowrussel): you could go WoW Redskins since that name isn’t protected anymore lol.
[09:47] Isolde Spitteler: yes Baby
[09:48] Oni (music.nexen): redskins is offensive!
[09:48] Oni (music.nexen) coughs
[09:48] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): baby is like the justin beiber of female mesh avies
[09:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): i did also like “wanted”, because of the idea of far west XD
[09:48] Isolde Spitteler: it’s classy too so really suits your product 🙂
[09:48] Isolde Spitteler: hehe
[09:48] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Maiden
[09:48] Aelva: Wanted is cool
[09:48] Aelva: it sticks with ya
[09:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): omg, i need a long fringe
[09:48] Isolde Spitteler: Bany’s picking names, Bri
[09:48] ℐϊℓ Ɗąγɱσŋ (jilaxa): it can have any name but i waaant it 😀 loool lmfao
[09:49] Evelyne DeCuir (evelyne.bourdeille): or ‘FemMe’
[09:49] Isolde Spitteler: Baby*
[09:49]  Akasha (sky.schildhauer): okay guys, I’m out, I’m usually very good with unique names but not at 1am in the morning, can’t wait for the update and I’ll be keeping and eye out for when its out, for my four alts 🙂
[09:49] Isolde Spitteler: nice Evelyn
[09:49] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): when i get my update im renaming it to WowMeh Effeminate
[09:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, check tomorrow, btw there will be a notice, post and whatever
[09:49] Isolde Spitteler: Tc Akasha 🙂
[09:50] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): tomorrowish?
[09:50] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): how about the ones that havent got wowmeh? will they have to wait long?
[09:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): not so long
[09:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): just technical adjustments to the store location…. and something else 😛
[09:51] Aelva: Surprises?
[09:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): meybe 😛
[09:51] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): i got the perfect body to get my mesh body fix but i want the wowmeh so i can rip it off i hate it now
[09:51] Keeva Navarathna (gia.harcourt): I think WowMeh Silhouette sounds classy
[09:51] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Donna
[09:51] Oni (music.nexen): Can you have some type of Auto-retuurn <_<
[09:51] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): Just logged in and saw the chat. Have things resolved?
[09:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like it too….
[09:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): let me google a bit better for this silhouette
[09:51] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): im gonna start pressing the update button from now
[09:51] Oni (music.nexen): LOL i tried!
[09:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): no! you only stuck it 😛
[09:52] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): Silhouette I like the name
[09:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): one time i seen the server stuck (just after an update) when i resetted it it send out updates for over one hour!
[09:52] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Baby how does it feel to have women in curlers and houserobes chanting your name daily and calling you a deity?
[09:52] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): ok a stupid question. tommorow in usa or tomorrow in europe. Cause tomorrow in europe is sooner 😛
[09:52] Isolde Spitteler: FemMe like someone suggested above even better than just femme
[09:53] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): hey wait… i am in sweat pants and t-shirt
[09:53] Liyora: nop i like WowMeh!
[09:53] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): shup it zepher and chant babys name over and over so we dont have to set a village on fire to appease her
[09:54] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): hmm…
[09:54] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): lol
[09:54] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): not today, everyone else is doing a great job
[09:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lmao
[09:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, nvm. Silhouette is trademarked in any sort of category XD
[09:54] Oni (music.nexen): Aw man
[09:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Finesse!
[09:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): tomorrow in europe
[09:54] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): how about Figoura
[09:54] Oni (music.nexen): WOOOT
[09:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Finesse
[09:54] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): yay!
[09:55] Eve (doom120): Nuda veritas ^^
[09:55] Isolde Spitteler votes for FemMe
[09:55] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): just call it “I made this shit now get over it”
[09:55] Isolde Spitteler: lmaooo
[09:55] Baby (baby.ghosn): finesse over trademarked too 8(
[09:55] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): lol
[09:55] Evelyne DeCuir (evelyne.bourdeille): Finesse was the name of a famous escort service that was closed in the nineties I think *laughs*
[09:55] Oni (music.nexen): I’ll be fine with that o_o
[09:55] Oni (music.nexen): NAME IT DEA
[09:55] Jaded Westland: and a shampoo
[09:55] Oni (music.nexen): from Google.. Dea means Goddess 🙂
[09:55] Aelva: Desideria then?
[09:55] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): name it “Hello World”
[09:56] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): wowness?
[09:56] Velvet Gunawan (stunningly.ornamental): IM WITH SARA> IS THE NEW VERSION COMING OUT TOMORROW OR NOT?
[09:56] Baby (baby.ghosn): is nice deayes female of god
[09:56] Isolde Spitteler: nice Mai
[09:56] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): your capslock key works
[09:56] Jaded Westland: WowMeh Goddess
[09:56] Keeva Navarathna (gia.harcourt): o.o holy caps batman
[09:56] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): oh l like goddess
[09:56] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): the update comes out tommrow
[09:56] Velvet Gunawan (stunningly.ornamental): so i assume its NOT being updeated tomorrow
[09:56] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): yell much?
[09:56] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes tomorrow…. i don’t think later since is off work hour now here. i don’t expect a reply by my attorney till tomorrow
[09:57] Velvet Gunawan (stunningly.ornamental): TY BABY
[09:57] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): Body of a Goddess
[09:57] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): but she will start selling them once the store is finished
[09:57] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): So excited now
[09:57] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok any name that mean someting is actually trademarked XD
[09:57] Saraya Starr-Rappaport (saraya.starr): So I can expect an update tomorrow then?
[09:57] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): me too
[09:57] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): soon
[09:58] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): Figoura , it actually means shilouette in greek and italian
[09:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes
[09:58] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): if y’all keep pushing she might make you all wait another week
[09:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): figura in italian
[09:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): but figoura is more professional XD
[09:58] ῬỆẪṜḼ ԊӨӦԊӒӇᾏ™  (dominique.robenet): excited
[09:58] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): you are proffesional
[09:58] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): call it WowMeh Extreme
[09:58] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): no Zepher please no lol
[09:58] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): lol
[09:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): interesting
[09:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): figoura is not trademarked!
[09:59] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): WhoaMeh
[09:59] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): bingo!
[09:59] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): girls… let Baby breathe
[09:59] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): Grab it
[09:59] Isolde Spitteler: or WowYou
[09:59] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): \o/
[09:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh stay the same
[09:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): it will be wowmeh – Something
[09:59] Aelva: figoura sorta works internationally too
[09:59] Isolde Spitteler: ah
[09:59] Velvet Gunawan (stunningly.ornamental): Excited to see when it comes out Baby
[09:59] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): goddess wowmeh
[09:59] Aelva: Wowmeh – Figoura looks good
[09:59] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted) burns a barn down the please Baby the Goddess lol
[10:00] ῬỆẪṜḼ ԊӨӦԊӒӇᾏ™  (dominique.robenet): Baby, I for one am extremely excited to hear you won, and am looking forward to new updates and stuff…you make a wonderful product, and I am glad to wear it :))
[10:00] Willow (willowrussel): Wowmeh ~ Amore
[10:00] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): figoura sounds like a fig newton
[10:00] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh – Diva
[10:00] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): just call it WowMeh Brianna works for me
[10:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): figura are diet bisquits here i think
[10:00] Willow (willowrussel): Amore = Love
[10:00] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): I second that pearl ,, the best I have ever seen
[10:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): diva is a name used in sl
[10:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): well d!va
[10:00] Aelva: losts of Diva in sl
[10:00] Candy Tryce: sultry
[10:01] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): why cant you just leave it as wowmeh?
[10:01] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Reloaded
[10:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): it wasn’t simply wowmeh even before
[10:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh roloaded is cute too XD
[10:01] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): :p
[10:01] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): i actually said wow when i first put it on lol
[10:01] Keeva Navarathna (gia.harcourt): mmm fig newtons
[10:01] phatazzz112: i like that to
[10:01] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): rebootied
[10:01] phatazzz112: remix
[10:01] phatazzz112: lmao
[10:01] phatazzz112: remix of wowmeh
[10:01] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Redux
[10:01] Jacki Kingsley: Baby Gotz Back
[10:01] Aelva: giggles at rebootied
[10:01] phatazzz112: i like it
[10:02] Isolde Spitteler: rELOADED IS VERY NICE – ALSO SHOWS POWER
[10:02] Isolde Spitteler: caps sorry
[10:02] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): mmhmm
[10:02] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Reloaded
[10:02] phatazzz112: love it
[10:02] Isolde Spitteler: very cool
[10:02] Aelva: Wowmeh – Wanted
[10:02] phatazzz112: no cuz erybody dont want it
[10:02] phatazzz112: lmao
[10:02] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): hi, just logged in…news on WowMeh update?
[10:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, reloaded is not bad too, but meybe not classy enough
[10:02] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): Wowmeh – reloaded is very cool
[10:02] Keeva Navarathna (gia.harcourt): WowMeh Demeter
[10:02] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh – Untouchable
[10:03] phatazzz112: drop the wowmeh
[10:03] phatazzz112: just think of a  name
[10:03] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): phoenix!
[10:03] Aelva: Wowmeh Encore
[10:03] phatazzz112: lmaoo
[10:03] phatazzz112: noo
[10:03] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): Touchme Baby
[10:03] Aelva: prolly not spellingright
[10:03] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Vision?
[10:03] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): I always looked at WowMeh as WowMe, so why not WowMeBaby
[10:03] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): i like vision!
[10:03] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): Bri i like that
[10:03] 亗 ℒєιđι ღƒυяɣღ ƛƥђƦσđίکία™ (leilani.darkfury): Wonder Wowmeh! “singing in the theme of wonder woman”.. 😉
[10:03] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): wowyou lol
[10:03] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): wowme baby is great
[10:04] phatazzz112: wow wtf
[10:04] phatazzz112: jp
[10:04] Aelva: why do I keep humming “I like big butts and I cannot lie…” as soon as I start playing with the bodysliders?
[10:04] Lezisha: I think it was because “meh” means not that great
[10:04] Isolde Spitteler: lol azz
[10:04] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): Wowmeh-BabyGotBack
[10:04] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): in your satin tights fighthing for your rights – yes it fits
[10:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): i know… 8( i didn’t know when i named wowmeh first
[10:04] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh – Fierce
[10:05] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Perception
[10:05] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): ok i may have missed things, will slink hands work better OR will the wowmeh hands have better nails? only thing i’d like to see improved i love my wowmeh!
[10:05] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): it is not  good for a product to change name when it’s famous. it confuses the client
[10:05] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Aura
[10:05] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Wowmeh forze
[10:05] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): “Wow me baby!
[10:05] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): oh that is nice
[10:05] Morgan (morgan.phelan): or Wowmeh Forza
[10:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): lia: both.
[10:05] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Dreams
[10:05] Candy Tryce: wowmeh euphoria
[10:05] Isolde Spitteler: nice Bardot!
[10:05] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): WowMeh Aura
[10:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): and it don’t gonna change name: did you actually know it was named wowmeh -style? 😛
[10:05] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): love that
[10:06] Willow (willowrussel): I like Wowmeh ~ Amore .. (wowmeh love)
[10:06] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like amore too
[10:06] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Aspire!
[10:06] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh, Baby – love that
[10:06] Katy Boucher: WowMeh NextGen
[10:06] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): love is amor. amore is lover
[10:06] Candy Tryce: nextgen is already in sl
[10:06] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): awesome baby can’t wait its my fave mesh body by farrrrrrrrrrrr
[10:06] Baby (baby.ghosn): nextgen is not a brand name in sl?
[10:06] Candy Tryce: yes a wrestling one
[10:06] Willow (willowrussel): even better.. wowmeh lover lol
[10:06] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): lol its my ex brothers adoption agency
[10:06] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): but i doubt he would care
[10:06] Zoe Barski: WowLicious
[10:06] Squirrel (alyssatd): When are we getting it?
[10:06] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh Passion
[10:07] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): wowlia?
[10:07] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): think there’s a wrestling system in SL called Nextgen
[10:07] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): i mean wowlia is just perfect right
[10:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like passion too
[10:07] Squirrel (alyssatd): It is coming out this week?
[10:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): the biggest problem is trademark… i’m tring to avoid any subname even close to any other trademarked item
[10:08] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): update tomorrow from wowmeh
[10:08] Baby (baby.ghosn): the update tomorrow
[10:08] Candy Tryce: tres chic
[10:08] Jacki Kingsley: Defiance might be appropriate with all the trouble
[10:08] Isolde Spitteler: it’s passionate XD
[10:08] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): i like passion too^^
[10:08] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): YAY
[10:08] Squirrel (alyssatd): Wowmeh Reborn
[10:08] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): Afrodita!
[10:08] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Picturesque
[10:08] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): how will we receive our updates?
[10:08] Isolde Spitteler: Vote for Passion
[10:09] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): international name of Afrodite. the godness with the most beautiful body in the world
[10:09] Jacki Kingsley: Silk
[10:09] Lezisha: Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya
[10:09] Squirrel (alyssatd): Your hud Bar
[10:09] Oni (music.nexen): it’s in the hud under Tools
[10:09] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): kk
[10:09] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Ravish
[10:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, greek for venus, right?
[10:09] Squirrel (alyssatd): oooo
[10:09] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): yes Baby
[10:09] Katy Boucher: WowMeh Venus
[10:09] Jaded Westland: likes  Aphrodite  or venus
[10:09] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): just rushed in. baby, you’ve abandoned “silhouette”?
[10:09] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): isis ishtar inanana
[10:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): you don’t like the italian for venus? venere.
[10:10] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Secret
[10:10] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): I like WowMeh Venus thats nice
[10:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): sadly
[10:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): i still ike silhouette a lot more then others
[10:10] Komari (komarimono): WowMeh Sui generis.   If anyone in SL has that, I’d be mind blown
[10:10] Squirrel (alyssatd): or simply “My Wowmeh”  for them trying to take it from you.
[10:10] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): venere sounds like venire which means im coming
[10:10] Jaded Westland: that works too  lol venere
[10:10] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): I always read it as ‘wowme’ so maybe just dropping the h?
[10:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): but it’s over trademarked in any sort of category possible XD
[10:10] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): hehe WowMeh Swank
[10:10] Sherilys: wowmeh magnifique 😀
[10:10] Oni (music.nexen): NO the H must stay ;p
[10:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): right
[10:10] Jordayne Avro: WowMeh HyperCurve!
[10:10] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): what if you just spelled silhouette different? is it still trademarked?
[10:11] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): aww, that would be a pity, silhouette is somehow classical
[10:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): meybe let’s try
[10:11] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh Linea
[10:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): i can type silouette
[10:11] Morgan (morgan.phelan): I still like Wowmeh Dea
[10:11] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): bona dea
[10:11] Jacki Kingsley: Allure
[10:12] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): wowmeh delicious
[10:12] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): the roman mother goddess
[10:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): silouette trademarked
[10:12] Lezisha: You could add in an extra L to that word for SL….   SLilouette (that has no links in google)
[10:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): bonazza!
[10:12] Zriss Aeon: Contour is a synonym for silhouette; the Latin for contour is Peripheria
[10:12] Isolde Spitteler: Femme 0-0
[10:12] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i still like WowMeh Finesse
[10:12] Komari (komarimono): Try Sui Generis, kid ya not.
[10:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): in italian means, omgthatsobeautifulwoman XD
[10:12] Komari (komarimono): People would have to goggle what it even means
[10:12] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): peripheria is nice. also greek and it means  something like Figuere
[10:12] Morgan (morgan.phelan): haha great
[10:12] Komari (komarimono): google, even
[10:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): or bbbona
[10:12] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): 😉
[10:12] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Attitude
[10:13] Katy Boucher: WowMeh Curve
[10:13] Keeva Navarathna (gia.harcourt): venere kinda sounds like a disease? >.>
[10:13] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): lol Keeva
[10:13] Isolde Spitteler: lol
[10:13] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol
[10:13] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Decorous
[10:13] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh Core
[10:13] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): or a hunting accident
[10:14] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): oh yes Kore
[10:14] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): actually i dont mind it if its called wowmeh Bob. i will still love it
[10:14] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Phenomenon
[10:14] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): What about Humane
[10:14] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): rofl @ wowmeh bob
[10:14] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): no Kore
[10:14] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): i like bonazza but i’m italian
[10:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): is cute bonazza
[10:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): but meybe more appropriate for the oversize only
[10:14] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Virtuous
[10:15] Juella Loon: wowmeh bobbi would bring riots to this group
[10:15] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Frontier
[10:15] Willow (willowrussel): I was thinking wowmeh siloette for insize and wowmeh amore for oversize
[10:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, i would like something that means the big range of shape we can do
[10:15] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): amore and bonazza^^
[10:15] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Universe
[10:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): i would not change the insize and oversize name for now
[10:15]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): hello girls there are updates?
[10:15] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh IKEA lmao
[10:15] Patrizia Paulino: siiiii amore and bonazza
[10:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): universe is not bad either
[10:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): ikea XD
[10:16]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): amore
[10:16] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): lol bri
[10:16] Mirayeth Messmer: omg @ Ikea
[10:16] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): hahahha
[10:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): like compose it
[10:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): brink to home and mount
[10:16] Zriss Aeon: Galaxina!
[10:16] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): oh, i am actually an insized one but i like to do amore 😉
[10:16] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): loool
[10:16]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): CHE SI PARLA IN ITALIANO QUI? LOL
[10:16] phatazzz112: Curvaceous
[10:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): quasi XD
[10:16]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): scusate la maiuscola
[10:16]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): hahhahahaahah
[10:16] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Culture
[10:16] Sherilys: wowmeh starlette
[10:16]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): fantastico
[10:16] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom):
[10:16] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): I believe there was a bra named New Frontier back in the 50’s or 60s
[10:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): nice!
[10:17] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): Ma Baby sei Italiana?
[10:17] Zriss Aeon: WowMeh Haute
[10:17] Isolde Spitteler: Wowmeh – Cuore (heart/Italian)
[10:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): forse XD
[10:17] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): no credo
[10:17] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): would be 60 during the kennedy admin
[10:17]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): e una scultura grega
[10:17] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Immaculate
[10:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): wait, i missed a name i likes
[10:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): kore and another
[10:17] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Pure
[10:18]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): aspettate traduco
[10:18] Squirrel (alyssatd): I like Kore
[10:18]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): sospira
[10:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): breath
[10:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): suspiria XD
[10:18] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): “eleganza”?
[10:18] Morrigan Bellic: Pure is nice – but a bit misleading as you all will be wearing it. lol
[10:18] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): breath or breathe?
[10:18] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): kore greek for maiden
[10:18] orchidsandpeonies: Wowmeh Infiniti 🙂
[10:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): così riprendo il concetto del meh XD
[10:18] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): would wowmeh hahaha i have a perfect bod and u dont cause u dont have this be overkill?
[10:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): you right breathe….
[10:18] orchidsandpeonies: keeps going and going
[10:18]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): brava baby
[10:18] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): there is no greek word Kore
[10:18] Mirayeth Messmer: Maybe “Wowmeh Airily”
[10:18]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): italiano
[10:18]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): batte le manine
[10:18]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): ^^
[10:19] orchidsandpeonies: infinity
[10:19] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Serenity
[10:19] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): infinity is nice
[10:19] orchidsandpeonies: thank you liana
[10:19] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh BabyBreath :p
[10:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): infinity is already in the list
[10:19] Katy Boucher: triumph
[10:19] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): e infinit piace anche a me.. i like suspiria & infinity  😉
[10:19] Squirrel (alyssatd): “Wowmeh, Examples of Korai” says it all body wash commercial style…
[10:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): there are tons of nice words…..
[10:19] orchidsandpeonies: Infinity is also a figure 8 or hourglass
[10:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): but the problem is the trademark
[10:19] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): *infinity
[10:20] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Wash Rinse Repeat
[10:20] Baby (baby.ghosn): right now the only not trademarked i found is Figoura….
[10:20] Morrigan Bellic: lol
[10:20] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Intrigue
[10:20] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): i dunno i like Wowme Body of a Goddess lol cause thats how i feel about it!
[10:20] Baby (baby.ghosn): intrigue is a brand in sl
[10:20] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Spice
[10:20] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): rats
[10:20] Baby (baby.ghosn): spice!
[10:20] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh – Unleashed
[10:20]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): baby you have to wait again so much for updating the body?
[10:20] Willow (willowrussel): The spice must flow….
[10:20] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): but wouldnt it not count if paired with another name?
[10:20] orchidsandpeonies: Baby search infinity
[10:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): it’s nice as “all the range shape” meaning
[10:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes it count
[10:21] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Liaison
[10:21] Zriss Aeon: WowMeh – Melange
[10:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i’m tring to avoid any issue possible XD
[10:21] orchidsandpeonies: look the definition you will love
[10:21] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): still talking about names? how about mystique? or has that been mentioned already
[10:21] orchidsandpeonies: no
[10:21] Keeva Navarathna (gia.harcourt): Figoura is nice
[10:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): no, tomorrow.
[10:21] .:.::ḴaℛϕḺє:.:Sunshine::.:. (karole.batista): wowmeh baby
[10:21] orchidsandpeonies: slink has physique too cliche
[10:22] Willow (willowrussel): The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness. The spice is vital to space travel. The Spacing Guild and its navigators, who the spice has mutated over 4,000 years, use the orange spice gas, which gives them the ability to fold space. That is, travel to any part of universe without moving.
[10:22] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Conform
[10:22] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): i don’t like physique – it makes me feel like a bodybuilder
[10:22] Isolde Spitteler: my fav was Reloaded
[10:22] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): lol
[10:22] Baby (baby.ghosn): physique looks trademarked too….. 8(
[10:22] orchidsandpeonies: lmao
[10:22] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): reloaded? I always use revisited
[10:22] Candy Tryce: yes slink has it as well
[10:23] Baby (baby.ghosn): there also is another side to consider about trademark: when you register your name it have to be “changed” inside a cetgory
[10:23] orchidsandpeonies: hmm
[10:23] Mirayeth Messmer: or maybe even Wowmeh Embellish
[10:23] Baby (baby.ghosn): in our case is “games” i think
[10:23] Baby (baby.ghosn): becaus ei don’t think 3d models exist yet
[10:23] Sijia (sijiavaroy): or WowMeh know me 🙂
[10:23] phatazzz112: its not that serious just think of a nam we still gonna wear it geebus
[10:24] phatazzz112: name
[10:24] orchidsandpeonies: yes :0
[10:24] Zriss Aeon: WowMeh Atreides or WowMeh Harkonnen, Willow?
[10:24] .:.::ḴaℛϕḺє:.:Sunshine::.:. (karole.batista): again i propose wowmeh baby =baby for the child build and baby for the owner
[10:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): i would loved wowmeh – New MOon….
[10:24] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom):
[10:24] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Immortal
[10:24]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): There is a painting on show in bologna Girl with a Pearl Earring
[10:24] Keeva Navarathna (gia.harcourt): sinfonia
[10:24] Zriss Aeon: WowMeh Eternal
[10:24] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): sinfonia means agreement
[10:24] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): Proserpina
[10:24]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie):;zR6Vt8hZITOwwM;;;768;886
[10:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): sinfonia is nice too
[10:25] Baby (baby.ghosn): *phone
[10:25]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): potrebbe mettere quello
[10:25]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): wowmeh perla
[10:25]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): wowmeh pearl
[10:26] Morgan (morgan.phelan): perla is nice
[10:26] Sijia (sijiavaroy): wowmeh for-me
[10:26] Mirayeth Messmer: Wowmeh Rhapsody sounds nice too
[10:26]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): the body wowmeh we can say that a painting created by baby
[10:26] Katy Boucher: fantasia
[10:26] Sijia (sijiavaroy): beauty
[10:27] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom):
[10:27]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): and wowmeh pearl and flower ‘eye
[10:27]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): ^^
[10:27] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): femme magnifique
[10:28] Jaded Westland: Wowmeh mesmerize
[10:28] Isolde Spitteler: right, time for me to go, tc peeps and good luck with the name 🙂
[10:28] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): name: Nymphy
[10:28] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): “sensuous”, as a thesaurus for voluptuous
[10:28] Jaded Westland: thats nice
[10:29] Mirayeth Messmer: so many words that would fit …
[10:29] Katy Boucher: Nymph
[10:30] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): nymph
[10:30] Katy Boucher: lol
[10:30] orchidsandpeonies: Butterfly
[10:30] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh loves me:)
[10:30] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): eclipse?
[10:30] Mirayeth Messmer: Wowmeh Blandation
[10:30] orchidsandpeonies: body always changing depending on who wears what and what shape to make it unique to their likeing
[10:30] Katy Boucher: Chimera
[10:31] Mirayeth Messmer: with is according to this website supposed to mean Flattery
[10:31] orchidsandpeonies: evolution
[10:31] Candy Tryce: that’s a dance hud
[10:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok back
[10:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): nymph is nice but over trademarked
[10:31] Mirayeth Messmer: wb
[10:31] Isolde Spitteler: Feelings
[10:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): also ninfa
[10:31] 亗 ℒєιđι ღƒυяɣღ ƛƥђƦσđίکία™ (leilani.darkfury): Wowmeh_ Defined
[10:31] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh Sugar^^
[10:32]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): too obvious sugar
[10:32] Katy Boucher: YourBody
[10:32] Isolde Spitteler: Revelation
[10:32] Katy Boucher: Ideal
[10:33] Baby (baby.ghosn): eccezionale, meraviglia,
[10:33] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): meravigliosa
[10:33] Isolde Spitteler: ok gone *hugs* WowMeh Reloaded 😛
[10:33] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WowMeh Continental
[10:33] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): lol
[10:33] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): reloaded
[10:34] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): meraviglia like “cosa meravigliosa”?
[10:34] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): Oh i live revelation Isolde!
[10:34] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): come una donna meravigliosa
[10:34] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): WowMeh – back and better than ever! that’s not trademarked 😛
[10:34] Mirayeth Messmer: lol
[10:34] Isolde Spitteler: ty Mai, like it too
[10:35] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t understand if meravigliosa is trademarked or not XD
[10:35]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): wowmeh pearl and the name of a painting and in any case has significance because the body wowmeh baby as the model defines the liniamenti like a painting
[10:35] Mirayeth Messmer: Morsure sounds like a nice word….
[10:35] Baby (baby.ghosn): i search in trademark database… and it give me back cerotti benelli >.>
[10:35] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): I’d be worried about being able to spell it Baby
[10:35] Baby (baby.ghosn): ahahhahah cerotti is aid pastie
[10:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): pearl…. is cute too
[10:36] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): Profilarsi
[10:36] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): damn compy crashed waaa
[10:36] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): Sagoma
[10:36] Sijia (sijiavaroy): yes pearl sound good
[10:36] Isolde Spitteler: but Baby case is, I’m nearly sure you can use any name because you’ll be using WowMeh as first name so it won’t be trademarked even if you use Apple
[10:36] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): Esthisi
[10:36] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): both
[10:36] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Curvez
[10:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): so so……
[10:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): if i use apple as second name, and one day apple decise to go against me, then they can try to kick my ass..
[10:37] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): did we settle on a name?
[10:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): i would avoid this
[10:37] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): no one for “sensuous”? – sounds smooth, classy + sexy (to me)
[10:37] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): Applebottom
[10:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): sensuale.
[10:37] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Sensual
[10:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): yeps
[10:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): sensual
[10:37] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): not bad
[10:37] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): esthisi  = sensoual
[10:38] Baby (baby.ghosn): greek?
[10:38] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): yes
[10:38] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i still love WowMeh Reloaded
[10:38] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Renew?
[10:38] Isolde Spitteler: I don’t think so Baby, coz your name wouldn’t be Apple, would be WowMeh Apple, think you can do that
[10:38] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): What about Wowmeh – Shadow  its kinda like Silhouette. I have used it with a different spelling to quite good effect
[10:38] iiTequila: Wowmeh is coming out today?
[10:38] Baby (baby.ghosn): tomorrow
[10:38] Sijia (sijiavaroy): youpiieeeeehhh!!!!:)
[10:38] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): soon-o-clock
[10:39] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): oh, that’s lovely! missed the good news
[10:39] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Oh. I just squealed. >.>
[10:39] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): likes when Baby says tomorrow 🙂
[10:39] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): brianna’s voting for WowMagnus
[10:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): i still prefer italin words, just to be a bit more safe to not use trademarked name
[10:39] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): actually i still am in love with WowMeh Cameo
[10:39] Mirayeth Messmer: Wowmeh Ardor … way to many words that would fit good with wowmeh
[10:39] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): yay for Magnus!
[10:40] Baby (baby.ghosn): magnus XD
[10:40] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NO
[10:40] Isolde Spitteler: like sites that have no link with actual apple make backgrounds for iphone and name their site “ or”
[10:40] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): magnus is an Algida icecream
[10:40] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): leave me and my massive pecker alone dammit!
[10:40] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Cameo!
[10:40] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): WowmehBello? I am not terribly familiar with Italian. I fail.
[10:40] Diablerie Muircastle: Caramia
[10:40] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): bello is for man 😛
[10:40] Isolde Spitteler: or these were just examples those links don’t exist, I think lol
[10:40] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh Perfetto^^
[10:40] Diablerie Muircastle: The Wowmeh CaraMia
[10:40] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): caramia sounds lovely
[10:41] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Men can be pretty too!!
[10:41] Pandora (pandora.loudwater) coughs
[10:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): caramia XD
[10:41] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): cant do Bella…. there is another creator with the sme neame
[10:41] Diablerie Muircastle: yes!
[10:41] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): yeah no bella
[10:41] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): also an italian word lots of english speakers are familiar with
[10:41] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): cara is mean black in ancient languages
[10:41] Dolly Doune: may be Vindicta..that is revenge in latin…:)
[10:41] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): Aeros Cock produces a “gadget” called “Magnus” – my hubby got one
[10:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, 4V
[10:41] Isolde Spitteler: lol
[10:41] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): lol
[10:42] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): lucky u Sylvie
[10:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): i would like it too
[10:42] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Latin isn’t a bad idea!
[10:42] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): Guess someone would have suggested Wowmwh – Ombra already .. Italian for Shadow
[10:42] Mirayeth Messmer: or maybe even Zootzoot lol
[10:42] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): hermosa diosa+ Beautiful Goddes
[10:42] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): =
[10:42] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): hermosa is very nice
[10:42] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i like that zeph
[10:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes but imbra has a sligly negative meaning
[10:42] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): Forza
[10:42] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): Hmm true
[10:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): this is more like Like LUCE
[10:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like luce
[10:42]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): si luce bello
[10:43] Sijia (sijiavaroy): Innamorato
[10:43] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Luce
[10:43]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): siiii
[10:43] Mirayeth Messmer: mmm I like that
[10:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): or spendido, splendente
[10:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): papppapapapa
[10:43] Morgan (morgan.phelan): likes Luce
[10:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): parapppapapapa
[10:43] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): Doesn’t roll off the tongue well though
[10:43] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Decorus is beautiful in latin. -.-
[10:43]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): wowmeh luce
[10:43] Isolde Spitteler: Bela
[10:44] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Legend
[10:44] Mirayeth Messmer: really like the sound of wowmeh Luce
[10:44] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): How is luce pronounced>? cause if its ‘loose’ i don’t think that works 😛
[10:44]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): suona bene wowmeh luce
[10:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): looche
[10:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): si, ci sta
[10:44] Diablerie Muircastle: Pronounced like looche..sort of like leche in spanish..meaning milk
[10:44] Diablerie Muircastle: which is hilarious.
[10:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): not classy enought meybe
[10:44] Diablerie Muircastle: Caramia!  How much better can it get?
[10:44] ღAna pink pandaღ (benjaminblue): Hi, I just found out about WowMeh yesterday and was just wanting to make sure, are you putting the WowMeh avatars up for sale again or just the update tomorrow?
[10:44] Diablerie Muircastle: It is my love
[10:44] Squirrel (alyssatd): soooo one thing I would like to see is more alpha points.. maybe in the future that would make using mesh clothing easier… because around the chest area to get a off shoulder dress to work is impossible.
[10:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): caramia XD
[10:45] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): other people might think ‘loose’ i guess if they are dumb about italian like me
[10:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): this make me laught XD
[10:45] Diablerie Muircastle: hahahaha
[10:45] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): wowmeh classic
[10:45] Ms. Malvagio (shaeshaddomalvagio): Gotta go .. Great news baby good luck with the name. Can’t hardly wait for tomorrow …And places a secret wish for a Male version for my man 🙂
[10:45] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Vixen
[10:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): 🙂
[10:45] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): Wowmeh Secret!
[10:45]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): wowmeh luce e bello
[10:45] Isolde Spitteler: classic is nice and.. classic DX
[10:45] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): caramia! makes me also laughing. that’s a nice one
[10:45] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): classique?
[10:46] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): WowSecret Body
[10:46] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): squerzioza
[10:46] Baby (baby.ghosn): si ma diconocono che gli suona come loose
[10:46] Łęŏńă Мăŀїčę Мŏŕŧɱăɠŭś (leonafox.asalia): Wowmeh Venus
[10:46] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): or SecretWow
[10:46]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): haaa
[10:46] Baby (baby.ghosn): diconocono XD
[10:46] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): tomorrow is the big day?
[10:46] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh secrets
[10:46] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Eternal
[10:46] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Jente which is Norwegian for girl
[10:46] ღAggieღ (agnes.lavochkin): wowmeh ėpoque
[10:46] Baby (baby.ghosn): for the update, tomorrow
[10:46] Baby (baby.ghosn): jente
[10:46] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): yayyyyyy
[10:46] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): wowmeh i need to smoke
[10:46] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): ty Baby :))
[10:46] Sijia (sijiavaroy): wowmeh domani:)
[10:46] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh Passion ❤
[10:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh domani XD
[10:47] Maggie (zippy.sands): Loose Lucy is my delight…
[10:47] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Soon
[10:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh oggi XD
[10:47] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): lol
[10:47] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): oggi we wish
[10:47] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Simplicity
[10:47] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): just sayn again some people may not know its pronounced yenta and may think ‘gent’
[10:47]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): ma se metti in inglese poi non e piu in italiano il nome
[10:47] Evelyne DeCuir (evelyne.bourdeille): wowneh forevaaah 😛
[10:47] Łęŏńă Мăŀїčę Мŏŕŧɱăɠŭś (leonafox.asalia): Don’t know what domani means but I like that too.
[10:47] Isolde Spitteler: Wishes
[10:47] Sijia (sijiavaroy): domani means tomorrow Leona:)
[10:47]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): wowmeh sogno
[10:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): in italiano suona bene, fa figo…. però bisogna stare anntenti con le assonanze
[10:48] Łęŏńă Мăŀїčę Мŏŕŧɱăɠŭś (leonafox.asalia): ohhh lol
[10:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): sogno too
[10:48]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): come la canzone di boccelli
[10:48] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): wowmeh con godessa? 😛
[10:48]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): ^^
[10:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): godessa XD
[10:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like!
[10:48] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): mmmm condessa
[10:48] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): woot!
[10:48] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): contessa?
[10:48] Sijia (sijiavaroy): Carezza
[10:48] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): lol
[10:48] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): cerveza
[10:49] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): wowmeh lucio dalla
[10:49]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH
[10:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): how do it souns in english godessa?
[10:49] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): meh
[10:49] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Goddess
[10:49] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): good
[10:49] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): goddess
[10:49] Isolde Spitteler: Innocence
[10:49] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): haha beat you =)
[10:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): forse troppo maialo per gli italiani……
[10:49] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): well i like it obviously 🙂
[10:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): but in italian it had a little dirty meaning hidden
[10:49]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): hahhahahahaahahah
[10:50] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Lolita :p
[10:50] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): oh yay! that works then lol
[10:50] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): i dont like godessa 😉 i still love infinity & sensuale… but secrets & eternal is nice too…
[10:50] Diablerie Muircastle: Ti Amo
[10:50]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): anima
[10:50] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): mhmm
[10:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): secrets is cute
[10:50] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): have you tried wowmeh reborn
[10:50] Ƥօìʂօղ イ. FLoçKӨ (trinity.nizna): im italian WOOT but i fail know italian language ugh
[10:50] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): I still like Finesse and Cameo
[10:50] Isolde Spitteler: Amazon
[10:50]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): wowmeh anima
[10:50] Diablerie Muircastle: Oh!  Che Fico!
[10:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): eternal is not too appropriate meybe because i still have to update something… for sure -.-
[10:50] Diablerie Muircastle: lol
[10:50] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): lol
[10:50] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): femmenile?
[10:50] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh primo
[10:50] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): déesse secrète=secret goddess
[10:51] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): wowmeh deesse?
[10:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): dèesse? what language?
[10:51] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): french
[10:51]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): e se metti wowmeh angelica
[10:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): mi piaceva pure poppea XD
[10:51] Jaded Westland: skin shop named Deesse
[10:51]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): hahahahahahahhaahahahahah
[10:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): doveva essere il primo nome di wowmeh invece che style
[10:51]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): poppea
[10:52]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): dovevi mettere il nome poppea al corpo curve
[10:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): infatti non era adatto alla insize
[10:52]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): hahahhahahahaahah
[10:52] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): ;))
[10:52] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Meisie where meisie is girl in Affrikans hehe
[10:52] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Elegante
[10:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): i can’t leave the silhouette idea 8(
[10:52]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): qui diciamo poppea alle ragazze con seno grosso
[10:52]  H Ф Ɲ ЄƳ  Є MФЯ (miele.melodie): hahahhahaah
[10:52] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier) wants to change her name to Infatti
[10:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): sci….
[10:53] Isolde Spitteler: Baroness
[10:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): infatti xD
[10:53] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Silhouette does not work for me as it has NOTHING to do with wowmeh or anything else
[10:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m sure there is not trademark XD
[10:53] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh She
[10:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): she*
[10:53] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh Ela!
[10:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): portughese?
[10:53] Isolde Spitteler: yes
[10:53] Morgan (morgan.phelan): wowmeshe 🙂
[10:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Dívka which is girl in Czech
[10:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): gehehh
[10:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh She hehe
[10:54] Lσli Elodie вяєα-ƒσℓєу (loli.violet): I just logged on you’re making a new name?
[10:54] Isolde Spitteler: ela = she Portuguese
[10:55] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Revival or Wowmeh Resurgance
[10:55] Sijia (sijiavaroy): Merveille
[10:55] Niecy Devin: Unleashed
[10:55] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): if you call it WowMeh Silhouette your using the whole phrase not just Silhouette individually
[10:55] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): ela reminds me a bit to a sanitary towel
[10:55] Isolde Spitteler: lol
[10:55] Daenerys Targaryen (cherry.veriander): i have a question or suggestion
[10:56] Daenerys Targaryen (cherry.veriander): can be put in the update, bounce
[10:56] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Substance
[10:56] Niecy Devin: bounce?  u mean physics?  has physics already
[10:56] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Contour
[10:56] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): it does bounce
[10:56] Xixoka: WowMeh – WowAll
[10:56] Baby (baby.ghosn): i can include physics, but really uhm…. is better customize them
[10:56] Baby (baby.ghosn): i can do a small tutorial on how to do it (even if it’s really simple)
[10:57] Diablerie Muircastle: Fenice
[10:57] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): that’s a great idea, baby
[10:57] Baby (baby.ghosn): but every shape would need a different physic for a natual looking
[10:57] Isolde Spitteler: I liked Reloaded, Infinite, Femme, Revelation & Passion
[10:57] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Yeah Reloaded still stands out for me too
[10:57] Baby (baby.ghosn): ready for the spam……
[10:57] Baby (baby.ghosn): Plus
Silhouette *
Finesse *
Venus *
Secrets *
[10:57] Xania van Cheri (xania.cheri): yes passion infinite is nice too..
[10:57] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): wow, Femme” is very substantial
[10:57] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): lol tuttifrutti
[10:58] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): 😦  I don’t see any of mine on the list
[10:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): i still loove tuttifrutti xD
[10:58] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): yanno WowMeh She has a nice ring to it as well
[10:58] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): lol
[10:58] Maggie (zippy.sands): what about Her
[10:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): her too
[10:58] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): No updates, indications, hints about the re-release?
[10:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i see them too short…
[10:58] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): 4 of mine are up there, Cameo, Finesse, Reloaded and She
[10:59] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): i like bonazza
[10:59] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): I like Humane….
[10:59] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): how longer after the update will wowmeh be available on marketplace?
[10:59] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): *how long
[10:59] iiTequila: Will we get a preview of the body
[10:59] Sijia (sijiavaroy): i like infinity and pearl
[10:59] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Platinum
[10:59] Baby (baby.ghosn):
[10:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh gold
[11:00] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): lets cancel the tomorrow update until we find the perfect name 0.o
[11:00] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): Hi Baby!!!
[11:00] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Nuuuuuuu
[11:00] iiTequila: WOW
[11:00] Morrigan Bellic: lol
[11:00] Morrigan Bellic: let’s not
[11:00] iiTequila: Looks good!
[11:00] iiTequila: what time tomorrow is it being released?
[11:00] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): nonononono
[11:00] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): lol
[11:00] iiTequila: I’m getting one for sure
[11:00] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): send the update out to a few of us and let us wear it and work on the name, i’ll volenteer of course 🙂
[11:00] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): i love the preview Baby 🙂
[11:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): NO! we have to decide it now because i wanna finish the notecards and the ad and be ready for tomorrow. >.<
[11:00] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): tomorrow is only the update
[11:00] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): so if you don’t already own one…
[11:00] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): a dangerous proposal, .MK. lol
[11:01] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): i live on the edge
[11:01] iiTequila: Make a name up lol
[11:01] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): ok wowmeh LIA
[11:01] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): or wowlia
[11:01] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): wowlia infinity
[11:01] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): done!
[11:01] Roni Southmoor: wow are we all going to get the update if we got the original wowmen?
[11:01] Roni Southmoor: wowmeh&
[11:01] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh NOW there its named lets boogie
[11:01] Tammy (tammy.odigaunt): Glamorous
[11:01] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): farfala
[11:02] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): what we coming up with a new name?
[11:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): farfala is like infatti XD
[11:02] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Silk
[11:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): they win XD
[11:02] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): does it still have to have wowmeh in it?
[11:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, wowmeh – something
[11:03] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Femme
[11:03] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh élan vital
[11:03] 亗 ℒєιđι ღƒυяɣღ ƛƥђƦσđίکία™ (leilani.darkfury): Wowmeh Star
[11:03] Niecy Devin: Femme fatale
[11:03] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): femme is good
[11:03] Baby (baby.ghosn): Vita too, but i see it too short …
[11:03] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): yeah, I second the “Femme” proposal, too
[11:03] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): WowMeh Belle Femme
[11:03] Isolde Spitteler: femme 😛
[11:03] Roni Southmoor: what about Wowmeh Aphrodite‎
[11:03] Sijia (sijiavaroy): yoummie lol
[11:03] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): isn’t that Life?
[11:03] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Wowmeh Eden, as its the original mesh body
[11:04] .MK. (misskittin.aeon) locks the doors. None leaves this room until we come up with a name o.o
[11:04] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): in that case let’s go with Wowmeh Cleopatra :))
[11:04] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh 360
[11:04]  ᴇᴍɪʟʏ (ej.barnes): i like that
[11:04] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lol
[11:04] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): or is that lame i dunno im a bit biblical lol
[11:04] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): aphrodite is good too
[11:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like the italian name because probably are less abused names
[11:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): 360 is cute too!
[11:04] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): Belle Femme?
[11:04] Roni Southmoor: because Aphrodite was about goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation
[11:04] Isolde Spitteler: Revealed
[11:04] Daenerys Targaryen (cherry.veriander): what italian name?
[11:04] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh yoummie
[11:04] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): I like Vita
[11:04] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): 360 is fab
[11:04] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): wowmeh berlousconi or wowmeh bouga bouga
[11:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): yeps,
[11:05] Mai Couturier RFL (maitresse.couturier): I like 360
[11:05] Maggie (zippy.sands): did someone suggest Reborn ?
[11:05] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): hahaahha
[11:05] Annabella (annabelas): WowMeh Bella
[11:05] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): it rhymes wowmeh 360
[11:05]  ᴇᴍɪʟʏ (ej.barnes): WowMeh Venus
[11:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, reborn and reloaded
[11:05] Roni Southmoor: Wowmeh Bellezza
[11:05] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): IS MY WOWMEH READY CAUSE IM READYYYYYYYY….. BABY ARE WE READY YET :p
[11:05] Aida Munro-Lundquist (aida.lundquist): Love the WowMeh Belle Femme – it describes WowMeh best
[11:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): O.O
[11:05] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): belleza is taken
[11:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): omg!
[11:05] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge) beams!
[11:05] Roni Southmoor: hi5 anna
[11:05] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): w00t!
[11:05] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): WOWMEH ANTOLOGY
[11:05] Roni Southmoor: damn lol
[11:05] Isolde Spitteler: Femme has most votes 😛
[11:06] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): sissy
[11:06] Daenerys Targaryen (cherry.veriander): reborn is cute
[11:06] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:06] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): belleza does the best skins, of course
[11:06] Roni Southmoor: hey sissy
[11:06] 亗 ℒєιđι ღƒυяɣღ ƛƥђƦσđίکία™ (leilani.darkfury): Refined
[11:06] Roni Southmoor: lol
[11:06] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Opulent Series
[11:06] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh Abbracci
[11:06] Aida Munro-Lundquist (aida.lundquist): Yay
[11:06] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Renew
[11:06]  ᴇᴍɪʟʏ (ej.barnes): Wowmeh 2.0
[11:06] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): LUNCH !!!!   passes pizzah and quiche to the curvy gurls !  got the name sorted out yet ?
[11:06] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Brianna….named it!
[11:06] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): wowmeh Carina
[11:06] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Wowmeh Aduor
[11:06] Sijia (sijiavaroy): feminine
[11:07] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): xoxoxo 🙂
[11:07] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Aduor means “born at dawn”
[11:07] Roni Southmoor: means nice pretty and fine
[11:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): like, trademarked till the hell………….. (adore -chat lag)
[11:07] Roni Southmoor: chat lag
[11:08] Roni Southmoor: hi5 misskittin
[11:08]  ღᴋαуƖiҽҽღ Uţδύϻϳ (kaylieepie): when can we buy the body?
[11:08] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): I like Aduor
[11:08] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Majestic
[11:08] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Womweh Proxy – translates to wowmeh the alternate
[11:08] Liane Paravane: Wowmeh FIRST LADY would be fine….smiles
[11:08] ƘØяÐI ღ (kordiliyah): okay Brianna, I will second it…
[11:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): ahhahahaha
[11:09] Roni Southmoor: WowMeh Carina
[11:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): soon…..
[11:09] Roni Southmoor: there you go chat lag finally mine came up
[11:09] Aida Munro-Lundquist (aida.lundquist): Yayyyyy
[11:09] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): lol. i love this chaos
[11:09] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh J’adore^^
[11:09] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh Tesoro
[11:09] Aida Munro-Lundquist (aida.lundquist): She said soon!
[11:10] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WoMeh J’adore^^
[11:10] Willow (willowrussel):
[11:10] Willow (willowrussel) got it yesterday.. TY baby =p
[11:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): or a color…..
[11:10] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): wowmeh addiction
[11:10] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): Belle Femme is pretty and descriptive, even if bastardized slightly
[11:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): Omg how do you got it????
[11:10] Roni Southmoor: ooo like J’adore but there is a creator’s shop called that
[11:10] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): find the new name and win wowmeh update one hour earlier!
[11:10] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Vision
[11:11] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh J’adore:)
[11:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): porpora, turchese, rubino, oro, argento, blu notte,
[11:11] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): lol willow
[11:11] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): wowmeh enticing
[11:11] Roni Southmoor: like WowMeh Rubino
[11:11] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:11] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): i thought u said wowmeh tesco then i was gona say thats a supermarket here lol
[11:12] Ƙєℓℓєє (kelleec): Wowmeh Aura
[11:12] ƘØяÐI ღ (kordiliyah): what does Rubino mean Roni?
[11:12] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Heaven
[11:12] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Wowmeh Rising?
[11:12] Willow (willowrussel): wowmeh willow =p
[11:12] Liane Paravane: for me Wowmeh is realistic, more than all others, think about that
[11:12] melody Swashbuckler: how many of you that have WowMeh already are hitting your Update/Replace buttons?
[11:12] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): i hit it once a day
[11:12] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): since wowmeh is realistic lets call it Realismos
[11:12] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:12] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): lol everyday
[11:12] Roni Southmoor: means ruby
[11:13] Roni Southmoor: ooo how about WowMeh Ghosn
[11:13] Roni Southmoor: after your name Baby
[11:13] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): Wowmeh Erotic
[11:13] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): femme fatale
[11:13] ƘØяÐI ღ (kordiliyah): thank you dear
[11:13] Roni Southmoor: yw
[11:13] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): lol
[11:13] Azunia Llewellyn: WowMeh Hot!
[11:13] Willow (willowrussel): should just name it after me .
[11:13] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): yes Wowmeh HOT!!
[11:13] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): I like Erotica… or Erotic
[11:14] Liane Paravane: my robot is looking all 10 seconds for the new version…lol
[11:14] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): or Wowmeh Adored
[11:14] Roni Southmoor: mhm same here hi5 sissy for that
[11:14] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Wowmeh Ceres… goddes
[11:14] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:14] Liane Paravane: no, once a day
[11:14] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): wowmeh Enchance
[11:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): omg poor my server cube -.-
[11:14] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh Desire
[11:14] Roni Southmoor: aww
[11:14] melody Swashbuckler: how’d you get that, Willow?
[11:14] Jin Akula: “Wowmeh Frummagem.. Better than You..”
[11:14] Jaded Westland: don’t crash the server  before the update
[11:15] Jaded Westland: lol
[11:15] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): i havnt until told to
[11:15] Kay Palfrey: wowmeh new update today?
[11:15] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): -,-
[11:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): tomorrow
[11:15] Aida Munro-Lundquist (aida.lundquist): soon :-))))
[11:15] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Orgasm
[11:15] Kay Palfrey: ok  thanks  🙂
[11:15] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): wow
[11:15] Roni Southmoor: WowMeh Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – just for fun hehe
[11:15] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): yes wowmeh ghosn
[11:15] Dulcis Taurog: yay!!!
[11:15] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh Timeless
[11:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): rubino, turchese smeraldo gold.
[11:15] melody Swashbuckler: sweeeeet!
[11:15] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): yeah why not name them after the Goddess of the the different Religions.. like Shiva, Kannon, Ceres, Hera.
[11:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh ghosn XD
[11:15] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): yeah
[11:15] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): wowmeh baby
[11:15] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:15] Liane Paravane: lets better wait, be more pretty needs weeks in the chirurgy
[11:15] Roni Southmoor: hi sissy I said that earlier lol
[11:16] Terese (terese330): wow my baby
[11:16] Juella Loon: willow is a photoshop voodoo priestess
[11:16] Jin Akula: whens tomorrow? :0
[11:16] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): yeah, very easy spelling. lol
[11:16] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): tomorrow is the day after today Jin
[11:16] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): call it WowMeh Too!
[11:16] Jin Akula: lorl
[11:16] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): tomorrow for me is in 3h. yay!
[11:16] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): lol
[11:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): i would like a goddess name, but i would not use god of religion i don’t intimately known….. i would not look profane
[11:16] Kay Palfrey: Wowmeh femme fatale
[11:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): Too XD
[11:16] Lua (lua.zemenis): ohh really? tomorrow we can buy the new WowMeh body?
[11:17] Roni Southmoor: ok go back searching lol
[11:17] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Passion
[11:17] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Wowmeh Ethereal?
[11:17] Aida Munro-Lundquist (aida.lundquist): Call it AIDA 😉
[11:17] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Ceres was a roman goddes name….of the earth, harvest
[11:17] Willow (willowrussel): wowmeh aphrodite ?
[11:17] Jin Akula: was about to say that XD
[11:17] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): what about egyptian godesses?
[11:17] Morgan (morgan.phelan): like Demeter
[11:17] Jin Akula: but its prolly been said since its obvois
[11:17] Liane Paravane: aphrodite is very good
[11:17] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): go back further
[11:17] Roni Southmoor: WowMeh Freya
[11:17] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): hawaiian goddesses
[11:18] Kay Palfrey: Wowmeh Body Lust
[11:18] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): Pele
[11:18] Aida Munro-Lundquist (aida.lundquist): I love Belle Femme most
[11:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): and i would also avoid to make any god angry! O.O
[11:18] Juella Loon: medusa would fit, makes boys hard as stone lol
[11:18] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): goddess of fire 🙂
[11:18] Isolde Spitteler: WowMeh – Ricochet
[11:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): someone already use lust for body in sl right? i wrong?
[11:18] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Wowmeh Supreme
[11:18] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): yes I love Pele
[11:18] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): lush
[11:18] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): just call it WowMeh Santa Claus
[11:18] Isolde Spitteler: Ricochet (a shot or hit that rebounds one or more times off a surface.)
[11:18] Maggie (zippy.sands): if you use the names of the Muses you have 9 to work with
[11:18] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Wowmeh Ra (egyption goddess of the Sun)
[11:18] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): WowMeh Aphrodisiac
[11:18] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Womeh Divine
[11:18] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Lush is being used
[11:18] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): wowmeh Galatia
[11:18] Liane Paravane: dont be shy, baby, gods are proud about your work
[11:19] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Babylonian or even Sumerian
[11:19] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): go back further like babylonian or even sumerian
[11:19] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): chat lag
[11:19] Morgan (morgan.phelan): getting dizzy
[11:19] Jin Akula: Chali
[11:19] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): WowMeh Femme
[11:19] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): Belle Femme
[11:20] Jin Akula: Wowmeh LadyLumps
[11:20] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): lolol
[11:20] Niecy Devin: Temptation/ tentazione
[11:20] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): Vesta (Latin pronunciation: [ˈwɛsta]) is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman religion.
[11:20] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:20] Roni Southmoor: WowMeh Cybele – looks a bit virtual
[11:20] Sydney (sofilola): Aigle, meaning “radiance, splendor.”  In mythology, this is the name of several characters, including a goddess of good health.
[11:20] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:20] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Wowmeh POW!
[11:20] Baby (baby.ghosn): temptation….
[11:20] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): is how i feel when i got it on haha
[11:20] Emma Duran (emmaduran): what happen with “Silhouette”?
[11:20] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Avidity
[11:20] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Temptress
[11:20] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh Minerve or Athena or Romana ^^
[11:20] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): temptress
[11:20] Willow (willowrussel): minerve taken in game
[11:20] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): Minerva sounds nice
[11:20] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): it;s copyright emma
[11:20] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i have a line of dresses called Temptress 🙂
[11:20] Sijia (sijiavaroy): ok:)
[11:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m still for silhouette, but it lokks over used….
[11:21] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): still think Wowmeh Eden is good tho nothing can take it from being the first mesh body
[11:21] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): heheh chalice well shit
[11:21] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): also….
[11:21] Lua (lua.zemenis): well in Spanish gooddess  is Diosa……  WowMew Diosa
[11:21] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): it’s not copyrighted lol
[11:21] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): it is overused and also non related
[11:21] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): WowMeh Aphrodisiac
[11:21] Kay Palfrey: Wowmeh Corps de déesse
[11:21] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Genesis
[11:21] Willow (willowrussel): Baby .. don’t you need beta testers? .. I wanna be one ~!
[11:21] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): me 2
[11:21] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Wowmeh Avidity
[11:22] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:22] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): ooo Genesis is a good one too
[11:22] Baby (baby.ghosn): meybe later….
[11:22] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Wowmeh Genesis like Brianna said
[11:22] Willow (willowrussel): And I bet if I was walking around in it I could think of some better names =p.
[11:22] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): Belle Femme: Beautiful Woman… Phoenix: Risen from the ashes
[11:22] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): im already
[11:22] Baby (baby.ghosn): but this is the second version, so mebe genesis is not too good either
[11:22] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): I would be intrested I have a history of testing skins and buying every single body I can to evaluate them… just because…
[11:22] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:22] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Necessity
[11:22] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): genesis is not good
[11:22] Sydney (sofilola): DEVI (देवी): Hindi name derived from Sanskrit devi meaning “goddess.”
[11:22] Willow (willowrussel): wowmeh exodus lol
[11:22] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): Genesis is a sl surname, but it’s also the name of skin line so not sure that would be a good idea
[11:22] Tammy (tammy.odigaunt): WowMeh Embodi
[11:22] Terese (terese330): Divine wowmeh
[11:23] Jaded Westland: genesis from star trek when they make the plantet that kills Kirks son
[11:23] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Serenity
[11:23] ღYuni Nakamichiღ (yuni321): WoWmeh……Reboot?
[11:23] Kay Palfrey: Wowmeh – beauté
[11:23] Jin Akula: “Wowmeh 2 : Cruse Control”
[11:23] Niecy Devin: lol star trek
[11:23] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): WowMeh Enamored
[11:23] Rick (murs.slingshot): what about freya or frigg a goddess of fertility
[11:23] Jaded Westland: geek moment
[11:23] Roni Southmoor: WowMeh Foxy
[11:23] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): wowmeh Olympia
[11:23] Roni Southmoor: WowMeh Blazing
[11:23] melody Swashbuckler: WowMeh Athena – meaning Greek Goddess of wisdom, defensive and strategic wars
[11:24] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh The Empire Strikes Back
[11:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, like minerva
[11:24] Blue Hoisan: lol
[11:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): i was thinking to her too…
[11:24] Emma Duran (emmaduran): WowMeh Soul
[11:24] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): lol
[11:24] Kay Palfrey: Minerva is good
[11:24] Zriss Aeon: WowMeh 2: Electric Boogaloo
[11:24] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): minerva is a famous greek firm with undewear
[11:24] Roni Southmoor: mhm agree kay
[11:24] Willow (willowrussel): Minerva is a line of skins in SL
[11:24] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): Don’t make it so obscure that only a scholar would know to whom you refer
[11:24] Roni Southmoor: damn lol
[11:24] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): it should not be a name; rather, it should have meaning
[11:24] Aelva: Mynerva is a skinmaker in here
[11:24] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): minerva is also the butter 😛
[11:25] Aelva: wish she had an applier
[11:25] Baby (baby.ghosn): oooh right! i did almost forget…
[11:25] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): WowMeh Enchance, Fascinatin, Entrapment
[11:25] melody Swashbuckler: am trying to come up with a name that basically is like stick it to whoever filed the DMCA. WowMeh is back and strong
[11:25] Aelva: best petite skin i found
[11:25] Jin Akula: Wowmeh Melange
[11:25] Niecy Devin: enchant
[11:25] Roni Southmoor: how about WowMeh Alessandra
[11:25] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): @Melody: WowMeh Eff You?
[11:26] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t mind also a color name
[11:26] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): if you use Alessandra than just use Wowmeh Dirk
[11:26] Tammy (tammy.odigaunt): WowMeh Unbridled
[11:26] Morgan (morgan.phelan): did like Wowmeh Sogno…
[11:26] melody Swashbuckler: LOL Alex. without actually saying Eff You! though nice one
[11:26] Roni Southmoor: oh damn Alessandrea alreayd used
[11:26] Jin Akula: BLACK! >:0
[11:26] Jin Akula: :I
[11:26] Roni Southmoor: WowMeh Anastasia
[11:26] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): WowMeh Up Yours, then?
[11:26] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh Aphrodite or Aphrodita
[11:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t mind gold.
[11:27] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): hi all, is it posible to make clothing appliers for wowmeh?
[11:27] Roni Southmoor: me either sounds good
[11:27] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): baby
[11:27] Tammy (tammy.odigaunt): its very easy to make appliers for wowmeh actaully
[11:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): it’s in your instrcutions if you have one….. 8(
[11:28] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): yes, but must i to use omega system?
[11:28] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): making appliers is as easy as unpacking a new item
[11:28] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Wowmeh Coeur
[11:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m sorry, i’m not really happy to distribute it now without that    licensing….
[11:28] Kay Palfrey: wowmeh – Febe    wowmeh – Anfitrite    womeh – Selene     wowmeh – Éter
[11:28] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): o.o
[11:28] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): “Inanna” – is the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare
[11:28] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): XD
[11:28] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Omega is if you want to use Tango appliers too
[11:28] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): O_O
[11:29] Jin Akula: u dont need omega unless ure converting f rom tango or summin
[11:29] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): appliers are easy to make
[11:29] Baby (baby.ghosn): i already seen people that sell the wowmeh applier system
[11:29] melody Swashbuckler: WowMeh Voluptas, meaning Roman Goddess of pleasure. You know since WowMeh looks sooo great naked
[11:30] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): WowMeh Infinitum< forever
[11:30] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): i have made a few
[11:30] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): for 150L
[11:30] ღYuni Nakamichiღ (yuni321): hmmmm……
[11:30] Roni Southmoor: WowMeh è d’oro – means it’s made of gold in Italian
[11:30] Ȼɇȼɨᴌɨⱥ (ceciliapausch): “wowmeh dreams”_ “wowmeh ghosn”
[11:31] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): desire
[11:31] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): I like Inanna
[11:31] Izuna Lorefield (izuna.kohime): Looking for a new name for the Wowmeh?
[11:31] Kat (kat.feden): i missed half this conversation…is WowMeh back yet please ?
[11:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m stuck on colors
[11:31] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): are they still doing that Baby?
[11:31] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): i like platinum
[11:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): i trought that would be cute instead of use numbers for version use different colors
[11:31] Morrigan Bellic: II’m putting off all the ones I was going to do today.  Just not motivated
[11:31] Liane Paravane: I only use the wowmeh skin applier, its easy to handle, and why using other system?
[11:31] Mercedes (mercedes.pony): Ameratsu… Goddess of the Sun
[11:31] Izuna Lorefield (izuna.kohime): WowMeh Phoenix
[11:32] Morrigan Bellic: unreal
[11:32] Izuna Lorefield (izuna.kohime): Ressurection after everyone thought it was gone.
[11:32] Niecy Devin: Desire
[11:32] Kat (kat.feden): how about ” Babylicious ”
[11:32] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): I dont have any appliers that high
[11:32] Zepher Vansant (zepher.mills): wow chat lag
[11:33] Morrigan Bellic: lol  I know, Zepher
[11:33] LadyTorturess: Wowmeh reloaded
[11:33] Morrigan Bellic: about the lag.  it is sucking
[11:33] melody Swashbuckler: then start with Red and work your way to Black, Baby. Red, Crimson, Fire ect… Sooo many colors that it would take for-ev-er to work your way to the Greyscale hues.
[11:33] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): ROY G. BIV
[11:34] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): silver-gold-platinum
[11:34] Sijia (sijiavaroy): i like Babylicious:)
[11:34] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): [10:28] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): “sensuous”, as a thesaurus for voluptuous
[11:34] Willow (willowrussel): could get confsuing .. I can see the spam of questions in group caht..
[11:34] Willow (willowrussel): is red the lates. . or is it magenta?
[11:34] Maggie (zippy.sands): can add a word with the color like dawn or sunrise
[11:34] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, that is what i trought
[11:35] Maggie (zippy.sands): goled dawn – violet dawn
[11:35] Baby (baby.ghosn): now…. the new AD is asparagus?
[11:35] Morrigan Bellic: lmao
[11:35] Sydney (sofilola): Voluptuous WoWMeh
[11:35] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): haha
[11:35] Baby (baby.ghosn):
[11:35] melody Swashbuckler: oooo WowMeh veggiefied! Next up us WowMeh Carrot LOL
[11:36] x ℓια x  (liana.wildmist): wowmeh rising
[11:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): i can try to trasform it to emerald meybe
[11:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): veggified XD
[11:36] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh has to be the front word Syd
[11:36] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): i like it
[11:36] Aida Munro-Lundquist (aida.lundquist): lol
[11:36] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): or maybe not lol
[11:37] ღღ乇אℛoღღ (exrotique.khalim): Hello something new about wowmeh? 😀
[11:37] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): emerald got a bad taste due to the emerald viewer
[11:37] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): missing something
[11:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): ah arg you right
[11:37] Sijia (sijiavaroy): WowMeh delight
[11:37] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i like gems
[11:37] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): release tomorrow exrot
[11:37] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): O_O What’s the status?
[11:37] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): Naming the mesh after a gem stone?
[11:38] ღღ乇אℛoღღ (exrotique.khalim): YAYAYYYYYAYAYYY
[11:38] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): lol
[11:38] melody Swashbuckler: there are a ton more gems than just Emeralds. could skip over Emerald cos of the Emerald Viewer
[11:38] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): Well the mesh body is awesome soooooo
[11:38] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): Diamond!
[11:39] яαηє вαявιє ѕιяηαн (caribbeanbarbie): i am baby new beta kitten\
[11:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): i did like the new ad color
[11:39] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): The body is a girl’s best friend sooooo
[11:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): is nice with the old 2 ones
[11:39] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): Ruboobies!
[11:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): XD
[11:39] KERIANSERAY (emberbastet.draconia): oooo I just logged on,  did I see something about the release being tomorrow?
[11:40] Baby (baby.ghosn): update tomorrow
[11:40] Emma Duran (emmaduran): what about the color in french? like WowMeh Rouge or Wowmeh Bleu
[11:40] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): ^-^ Sounds like she likes it!
[11:40] Kay Palfrey: baby I know I’m wondering too. But you have forecast for launch time?
[11:40] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): Red Ruboobies!
[11:40] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): XD!
[11:40] Sparkle Moonlight (sparklemoonlight): is there a kit to create wowmeh apliers
[11:40] KERIANSERAY (emberbastet.draconia): I dont have anything to update yet laughs
[11:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): almost dinner here.
[11:41] Kay Palfrey: And who does not have the previous body. ‘ll need to wait longer?
[11:41] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): O_O Whatcha having Baby?
[11:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): not too long, but yes you have to wait a little more.
[11:42] KERIANSERAY (emberbastet.draconia): ooo ok, darnits
[11:42] Kay Palfrey: hunnnn   OK  thanks
[11:42] Petals Jinx: will it be an update or repurchase
[11:42] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): So once you make it available, we’ll just have to hit “Update” and receive the new body?
[11:44] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): What’s for dinner? ^-^
[11:44] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): pls is Omega System compatible with wowmeh?
[11:44] MARY (mary.marais): when open store y can buy wowme body?
[11:45] Sylvia (sylvernyte) logs in and hears something about update..? Some News?
[11:45] Kay Palfrey: yes  i  want to buy too
[11:45] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Update tomorrow sylvernyte
[11:45] Terese (terese330): wowmeh formosa
[11:46] Sylvia (sylvernyte): Ohh Excited..!! Its good to hear
[11:46] RandyAllways: WAIT! WHAT?
[11:46] RandyAllways: UPDATES For us with wowmeh???
[11:47] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): tomorrow
[11:47] Aяια Cяσѕѕ (ariacross): \o/
[11:47] RandyAllways: REALLIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ?????????????????????
[11:47] LadyTorturess: Yeppers
[11:47] RandyAllways: Don be pullin my wrg now !
[11:48] Alex Mara-Bear (alex.claridge): Let me know if you use Belle Femme and I’ll autograph it for you, Baby 😉
[11:48] Petals Jinx: is it gonna be an update or do we have purchase again
[11:48] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): What does formosa mean?
[11:48] RandyAllways: weg*
[11:48] LadyTorturess: I will look forward to it but very happy with 3.1 to be honest
[11:48] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): WowMeh Revolution, WowMeh Grace
[11:48] Morgan (morgan.phelan): update
[11:48] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): Update means an Update Petals
[11:48] Terese (terese330): curvy
[11:49] RandyAllways: LONG LIVE WOWMEH ,,,, Can I Get an AMEN!!!???
[11:49] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): AMEN!!!!!!!!!
[11:49] ƴɐđíŗă (leyani89): AMEN
[11:49] RandyAllways: THANNK YOU !!!
[11:50] RandyAllways: Thats the spirit !
[11:50] RandyAllways: OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH where will I be able to git it ?
[11:50] RandyAllways: imsooooooooooooodum I need help
[11:51] Morgan (morgan.phelan): update from your hud
[11:51] Lil (little.blister): Not AMEN, AWOWMEH!
[11:51] RandyAllways: Really WOW so simple thats wunnerful
[11:52] sღρɦɨє (sophieemma2022): Amen!
[11:52] RandyAllways: Hallelujah !
[11:52] RandyAllways: See what faith in Baby can do\
[11:52] ღ Crystal ღ (crystai.serrari): ok just signed on, what’s all the excitement about?
[11:52] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): well, without an additional name there will be no update tomorrow. in which direction do you tend, baby?
[11:52] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): WOWMEH`S PURRFECT
[11:53] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): giggles
[11:53] Sandy (sanroseheart): us wowmwh back?
[11:53] RandyAllways: whispers Lawd Hav Mercie
[11:53] LaLa (lalamii): does anyone know when the update will be released?
[11:53] Morgan (morgan.phelan): update tomorrow
[11:53] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): tomorrow
[11:54] LaLa (lalamii): ty all ^.^
[11:54] Sandy (sanroseheart): ohkies awesome
[11:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): did we get the name resolved or are the religious zealots being retarded again
[11:54] RandyAllways: AMEN !
[11:55] Morgan (morgan.phelan): She didn’t tell us her choice yet I don’t think
[11:55] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): zealots and philisters
[11:55] RandyAllways: “Baby’s Breath”
[11:55] KERIANSERAY (emberbastet.draconia): have been waiting a while so will wait a bit more
[11:56] Morcinna (chellynne.bailey): Has anyone suggested anything along the lines of Pheonix…or Wowmeh Rising?
[11:56] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): did she at least say she liked one cause we were throwin names out there like there was no tomorrow lol
[11:57] Jєѕѕα Bєℓℓα (justjessa): sounds like she’s into the idea of a colour or gem
[11:57] Sylvie Jeanjacquot (sinead.mcmillan): [10:57] Baby (baby.ghosn): Plus
Silhouette *
Finesse *
Venus *
Secrets *





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