Perfect Body by Gamer’s Inc

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Perfect Body by Gamer’s Inc

Marketplace URL –

In-World –

Price – 950L$

I have to say this before anything else. When the first version of this body came out, everyone was very skeptical. However, I am very impressed with it at this point. I love the fact that I can use my shape with no revisions and get the look I want. It has the right curves for the look I have been going for. I love the shape of the boobs! I do wish there were more definition to the nipples, although that is more work for skin designers. I also like the shape of the hips and the way they work with the sliders for adjustment.

I like the fact there are 4 layers – skin, tattoo, underclothes, and clothing. I also like the fact that on any of these, you can turn on and off different sections. So, if you have a complete body tattoo, but for a certain outfit, you only want part of it to show, it’s easy.

It is Slink compatible, which is a great plus for me. I like the fact that I did not have to adjust my shape to get the hands and feet to work. The less work, the happier I am.

As a designer, I am also thrilled that both the body and the bum come with the Omega appliers loaded already.  That makes our jobs so much easier.

I do wish the alphas were separate for the back and front of the body. That is one issue I am noticing with most of the bodies out there. I also wish the alpha sections were smaller and more precise. It would make mesh clothing so much easier to wear.

I also like the price. It is competitively priced and is well worth every penny.

7 thoughts on “Perfect Body by Gamer’s Inc

  1. Willow Onskan

    The Perfect body has some major issues. There is something going on with it that allows the clothing to disappear when wearing it leaving you suddenly nude without having touched the hud. Sudden you will be wearing several different outfits that you had put on at some point and without touching the hud they will suddenly appear on you. The Slnk hands and feet will disappear on you suddenly. The tattoos will disappear on you suddenly as well. A lot of people even with the latest and updated viewers aren’t able to see it correctly. When contacted about this, the creator stated that no one else has stated any issues, when I know for a fact that they have as i have 3 friends that have it as well and have sent her note cards on the issues that they are having with theirs. The customer service is severely lacking as is the product itself.

  2. MeshLover

    @Willow Onskan you must have some serious malfunction on your system or brain issues , maybe sight issues too

  3. Lalita Wingtips

    Hey there what is with the negative comments here? Obviously this has to be the first one you have ever used and new to this kind of fashion. This is not the only one that does this thank you very much but since you don’t seem to know how to make it perfect let you in on a little secret here:it helps disabling Advanced lightning model. And the creator is always polite and respects her customers needs and does what she can to make sure they get satisfied. You could have been an adult about this instead of acting as a 13yo little girl or what ever and taken the issue to the creator instead of posting negative advice first but I guess that is to hard for some peoples brain to cope with, being an adult about things is hard at times I know but we all have to do it. Just try that little secret and you might be surprised. I am sure had you contacted the creator at all she would have told you the same exact thing, happy shopping.

  4. Mercy

    All in all it’s a good body. Just checked the updated version, not totally sure what’s all changed thou. Hands seem to fit a bit better with slink than before. Maybe the hands will take the new omega nail appliers? I really do like the body shape, it’s omega ready, the price, the texture layers. Alpha hud is okay. What still bugs me is the hands not fitting perfect, that’s me camming in every angle up close, but several other bodies are the same way. Slink is fitted one way and bodies another. Someone passed me a link that explains how creators can solve this but I’m no creator and don’t know the implications or work need to do this. Maybe a more daintier build in hand? Because skin appliers with cover the hands so you wouldn’t need slink. I post it more in question of plausibility in being able to do it If there was a rating system… 7 out of 10. Fitting slink is a big deal for me and detailed alpha hud.

  5. zzpearlbottom

    Personal i can add that any product that only works if Alm is unchecked is not a good product, still i don’t believe this body suffers from that issue (perhaps the layers are to close to each one and overlapping to much) and must try it asap.


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