Wowmeh Log 7/11/2014 1108-1200

[11:08] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, what about wowmeh far west?
[11:09] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): Hi Baby
[11:09] Baby (baby.ghosn):
[11:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): XD
[11:09] Subodim (subodim.ansar): I dunno about that
[11:09] Subodim (subodim.ansar): too many connotations with the word “west”
[11:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): any meybe the girls with cowboys hat
[11:09] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Redux?
[11:09] Lark Monday: Baby said the body will be smoother, last I heard.  What fid she say about the booty?  I love it the way it is.  I didn’t see her on yesterday.  Did she come on today?  If she has improved it even more, then I am excited.  I hope she’ going to update the hands and feet to be prettier…well the feet at east.  I’ve got nice WowMeh Nails.
[11:09] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): does it come with feathers and a holster hun?
[11:09] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): chaps ?
[11:09] Subodim (subodim.ansar): Hartoled said that Silhouette is already in use
[11:10] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): hehe WowMeh Phoenix
[11:10] Tamarsk: guns!
[11:10] Lark Monday: Silhouette?
[11:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i can change it
[11:10] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): wowmeh does have the big guns i’ll give ya that
[11:10] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): aww i love silhouette
[11:10] Subodim (subodim.ansar): I’m not good at thinking of names, but I can tell you if I like one or not
[11:10] Lark Monday: Hartoled, you here?
[11:10] Jaded Westland: well thats a ass you just want to smake
[11:10] Squirrel (alyssatd): baby! with the new body, are the folds at the elbows looking better?
[11:10] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): babyyyyy when the body comes to sell???????
[11:10] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): I like Phoenix
[11:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): where is used silhouette?
[11:11] Jaded Westland: smck*
[11:11] Jaded Westland: god I can’t type today
[11:11] Lark Monday: Babyyy!!!  Yayyy…waves 🙂
[11:11] Subodim (subodim.ansar): I told Hart that she should IM you
[11:11] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): when can i buy this bodyyyy
[11:11] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): omggg
[11:11] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): XD@ Adonis*
[11:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): uhh, the elbow is almost the same as the 3.1
[11:11] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): what’s the Italian word for Silhouette?
[11:11] Lark Monday: Idk silhouette. I was just asking about it
[11:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): when it depends
[11:11] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): love the name Silhouette
[11:11] Subodim (subodim.ansar): did you make any changes to the neck joint?
[11:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): i have to do some stuff before to reopen the store o.O
[11:11] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Cameo
[11:12] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): hmmm good one Bri
[11:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes for the oversize
[11:12] Subodim (subodim.ansar): more like WowMeh Everywhere. hehe
[11:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): the neck
[11:12] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): hummmm
[11:12] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): greeeeeeaaaatttttt
[11:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): the small imrpovements are many
[11:12] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): it’s ready finally?
[11:12] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): please tell me you lifted the breastline in insize pleaseeee
[11:12] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): update?
[11:12] Subodim (subodim.ansar): the joint between the head and the neck doesn’t look right unless the Body Fat is set between about 10-20
[11:12] Lark Monday: Yayyy, is the neck smooth now?
[11:12] colleen Criss: when will it be released?
[11:12] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): ^-^ Baby you should work for Nintendo!
[11:12] Baby (baby.ghosn): be patient a little bit more more little pinch
[11:12] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): @_@ Wowmeh body for Peach!
[11:13] colleen Criss: update or new buy?
[11:13] Willow Onskan: i vote for Silhouette for the new one, or Cameo, i like both of those
[11:13] Squirrel (alyssatd): is the update available from the hud yet? or is that just a replacement when I click the updater?
[11:13] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): slink fit? any improvements there baby?
[11:13] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): the word Contours is nice too. WowMeh Countours
[11:13] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): Contours*
[11:13] Baby (baby.ghosn): not ready yet
[11:13] Baby (baby.ghosn): is allll ready, i just need the tos page 😛
[11:13] Lark Monday: Hehehe, ok, ok,  Baby.  I am wearing mine proudly.  I lovvvvve it
[11:13] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, slink hands fits better
[11:13] Baby (baby.ghosn): feet as 3.1
[11:13] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): wtg baby!
[11:13] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): Baby good news, I’m waiting the WHOLE summer for a bunch of games, so waiting a week for your Body is a no brainer! ^-^
[11:13] Subodim (subodim.ansar): thank you for all of your hard work, Baby
[11:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol
[11:14] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): @_@ Soooo Disney Infinity will be mine!
[11:14] Oni (music.nexen): Uh oh..
[11:14] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): “Contours” does have a nice ring to it.
[11:14] Subodim (subodim.ansar): I guess that rules out WowMeh Infinity?
[11:15] Oni (music.nexen): Forever Wowmeh
[11:15] Lark Monday: I’m wearing the WM hands now since Oz made nail appliers for the hands.  Pretty
[11:15] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): yeeeeeeeeeeeee
[11:15] Subodim (subodim.ansar): sounds too much like Duke Nukem Forever
[11:15] Subodim (subodim.ansar): or Batman Forever
[11:15] Oni (music.nexen): Lool
[11:15] Oni (music.nexen): uhm
[11:15] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): oh yes, Oz’s nails are fabulous
[11:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol
[11:16] Hartoled: Name the body “Bacioni!”
[11:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): i was already thinking to a vendor with a batman mask but uhm no……….. O.O
[11:16] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): “seamless”
[11:16] Willow Onskan: lmao
[11:16] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): kkkkkk
[11:16] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Beautiful
[11:16] Oni (music.nexen): nah..
[11:17] Oni (music.nexen): WowMeh Silhouette
[11:17] Oni (music.nexen): that’s probably the best
[11:17] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): silhoutte
[11:17] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): yessss
[11:17] Oni (music.nexen): tbh
[11:17] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): betterrrr
[11:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): but someone said it’s token?
[11:17] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): yes music
[11:17] Oni (music.nexen): Is it???
[11:17] Subodim (subodim.ansar): she said you should look in Search
[11:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): btw i can call it wowmeh – fdsglfjgnbasdn
[11:17] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): omgggg
[11:17] Subodim (subodim.ansar): I can’t remember exactly what she said
[11:17] Oni (music.nexen): LOL
[11:17] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): i dont know
[11:17] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): WowMeh Magnifico
[11:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): silhouette means a lot of thing >.<
[11:17] Oni (music.nexen): I love it! ffojfojoff
[11:17] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Cameo!
[11:17] Morrigan Bellic: lol  taht works
[11:18] Hartoled: Doing SL search turns up several shape and body related results.
[11:18] Oni (music.nexen): shows the fruustation
[11:18] Coco Chanirra: like that too and we have a not forgettable Silhouette in Wowmeh
[11:18] Hartoled: high in search
[11:18] Oni (music.nexen): boo..
[11:18] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): WowMeh Contorno
[11:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh spaghetti …..
[11:18] Subodim (subodim.ansar): Hart was here just a while ago saying you would be pissed if you saw me putting words in your mouth. I was trying to summarize what you said in the chat log yesterday
[11:18] colleen Criss: lol
[11:18] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): nooooo
[11:19] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): kkkkk
[11:19] BobbieLea: wowmeh curvaceous
[11:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): or wowmeh gfuwhateveryouwantjgfdjsah
[11:19] Oni (music.nexen): lmfao
[11:19] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): lol
[11:19] Oni (music.nexen): I like spaghetti and wowmeh
[11:19] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): lol
[11:19] Oni (music.nexen): It’s PERFECT
[11:19] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): wowmeh and cheese
[11:19] Oni (music.nexen): hmm.. Wowmeh – Perfection
[11:19] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): loool
[11:19] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Well, “silhouette” and “physique” are also synonyms for “form” or “figure” sooooooo…some people might make a stink about that. >:|
[11:19] melody Swashbuckler: WoMen
[11:19] Subodim (subodim.ansar): the Flying Spaghetti Monster might not like it
[11:19] Oni (music.nexen): Wowmeh – Curves&BEYOND
[11:19] Jaded Westland: Wowmeh hourglass
[11:19] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WhoaMeh
[11:19] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh Within
[11:20] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Outsid
[11:20] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMEh Next
[11:20] colleen Criss: just call it wowmehlicious
[11:20] Subodim (subodim.ansar): *Outside
[11:20] Oni (music.nexen): Pandora, I dont think people will give a fk about the name. Just glad that the body is back lmfao
[11:20] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i like Italian, i think it should be an Italian word 🙂
[11:20] Oni (music.nexen): I doo too, Chalice. but idk any italian words lmao
[11:20] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): Culona
[11:20] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): Wow-oui   .. ( as in yes .. in french , or the now defunct – girly magazine of my dark youth !
[11:20] Lark Monday: Lol @ Chalice.
[11:20] Hartoled: BaciBaci
[11:21] Subodim (subodim.ansar): Italian is a beautiful language. I think. I don’t understand much of it. hehe
[11:21] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i’m using google translator to look some up
[11:21] Lark Monday: Baby, is this a contest?
[11:21] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): lol
[11:21] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh Mystery
[11:21] Subodim (subodim.ansar): some of those beautiful words might mean vulgar things, hehe
[11:21] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh kæmio
[11:21] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): I certainly won’t..but, the critics might. Because…some people can be jerks.
[11:21] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): sugoi
[11:21] Oni (music.nexen): Wowmeh Punaani
[11:21] Hartoled: Sigh
[11:21] Victoria (victoriajuliette): Hi, folks! Hey, I have a customer needing a WowMeh compatible wedding-dress selection and my store doesn’t have but one or two to choose from; where can I send her for a good WowMeh-friendly selection, please?
[11:22] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): Conturo is a love Italian word and means contour
[11:22] BobbieLea: amore
[11:22] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): FAk lol
[11:22] Oni (music.nexen): Tell the jerks to step one foot in the wowmeh group so we can cheww them up and spit them ouut
[11:22] Subodim (subodim.ansar): “it vibrates my punani” comes to mind
[11:22] colleen Criss: Maai
[11:22] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Baby
[11:22] Subodim (subodim.ansar): lol
[11:22] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Lol!
[11:22] Oni (music.nexen): Uh… check MP, Victoria. I seen a few gowns that were wowmeh compatible there
[11:22] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): 🙂
[11:22] Komari (komarimono): Not sure actually, Victoria…  Anyone else know a wedding or formal type dress section?
[11:23] Lark Monday: WowMeh Le Curve
[11:23] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): thats good
[11:23] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh LeHolyShit
[11:23] Hartoled: That’s french
[11:23] Victoria (victoriajuliette): Brilliant, thanks Lark; do you have a LM or something? Oh you’re lovely, all of you! thank you! I need to make more wedding dresses, shees =D
[11:23] Oni (music.nexen): Lets go for italian :3
[11:23] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i have one i need to make appliers for, Victoria, but it’s still on my to do list
[11:23] Hartoled: So is Citroen
[11:23] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh For You
[11:23] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Finesse
[11:23] Hartoled: WowMeh is Ferarri
[11:23] Baby (baby.ghosn): finesse is nice too
[11:24] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): ooh! i like Finesse
[11:24] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): yes
[11:24] Lark Monday: There are a few on the MP, Komari
[11:24] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Me too
[11:24] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Finesse would be perfect
[11:24] Subodim (subodim.ansar): Hart, did you say that Silhouette is already in use?
[11:24] Oni (music.nexen): Silhouuette is similar to Slink’s name
[11:24] Oni (music.nexen): so I guess it;’s out
[11:24] Lark Monday: Yes, I like Finess
[11:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): O.O
[11:24] Oni (music.nexen): its kinda over uused
[11:24] Hartoled: I said there are some shape and clothing outlets using it
[11:24] Komari (komarimono): WowMeh the Exemplary?
[11:24] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): CSI : WowMeh
[11:24] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): rofl
[11:25] Oni (music.nexen): LOL
[11:25] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): Elegance
[11:25] Hartoled: yeah you don’t want a name with a hundred hits already
[11:25] Subodim (subodim.ansar): lol
[11:25] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, i’m giving even more stars to wowmeh – fjdhsljk
[11:25] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh the One and Only
[11:25] Oni (music.nexen): One life to Live : Wowmeh
[11:25] Joannie Kohime: Wowmeh Gracile
[11:25] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Exempt
[11:25] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): heheh
[11:25] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Obsession
[11:25] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh Elite
[11:25] Zia Obscure (zia.underwood): WoWMeh the Grail
[11:25] Baby (baby.ghosn): XD
[11:26] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lol
[11:26] Hartoled: WowMeh Twerk
[11:26] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): hahahahhaha
[11:26] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): Wowmeh Grace
[11:26] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): Virtuosity
[11:26] Zriss Aeon: WowMeh Beloved
[11:26] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh and the Order of the Phoenix
[11:26] Oni (music.nexen): Wowmeh : Sister Hood or… just change the whole name to Holy Grail
[11:26] Pandora (pandora.loudwater): I don’t know…lol…my brain hurts
[11:26] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): Corona
[11:26] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): 🙂
[11:26] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Finesse or Cameo cause i picked them :p
[11:26] Victoria (victoriajuliette): WowMeh Precious (ala Gollum)
[11:26] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh and the Temple of Doom
[11:26] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, i like them both
[11:26] Baby (baby.ghosn): precioussss
[11:26] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( Wowmeh AiAiAi
[11:26] Lark Monday: WowMeh Voluptia
[11:27] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Precious?
[11:27] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh l337
[11:27] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): hehehe
[11:27] Oni (music.nexen): Wowmeh : Reborn
[11:27] Ami (amillia.beaumont): “Wowmeh Vengance” cause your back with a vengance >.< hehe
[11:27] Hartoled: WowMeh Piccante
[11:27] Lark Monday: Even the skinny is curvy and voluptuous.  It’s the one I wear
[11:27] Oni (music.nexen): Wowmeh Safari
[11:27] Windaire Sellers (windaire): wowmeh extinct
[11:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): piccante is cute too!
[11:27] Lark Monday: It has a delicious sound to it. 🙂
[11:27] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): cameo makes me think of a brooch with a carved head in it. would be a good name for a mesh head tho
[11:28] Oni (music.nexen): <__<///
[11:28] Oni (music.nexen): wah… lmao
[11:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): true chalice
[11:28] Neccra Okawa (neccra): just joined the chat, so sorry if it was already asked, still a few more days till the update?
[11:28] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Finesse?
[11:28] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): bon jovi
[11:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): just some days
[11:28] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i agree chalice
[11:28] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): yeah, i like Baby’s idea. I like Finesse 🙂
[11:28] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): even though it would look good on ads
[11:28] 亗 A D O N I S 亗 (alphaadonis): Wowie ! .. no no . WowOui     i love the French  ( i only kiss in French though , i dont speak anything more than restaurant French )
[11:29] Squirrel (alyssatd): Finesse sounds like a shampoo. =P
[11:29] Lark Monday: I totally buy into Finesse
[11:29] Oni (music.nexen): lmao that’s all the french you need ;]
[11:29] Zriss Aeon: WowMeh Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
[11:29] Subodim (subodim.ansar): I’m not totally sold on Finesse, but I don’t object to it
[11:29] Baby (baby.ghosn): esactly
[11:29] Ami (amillia.beaumont): wowmeh-elegance
[11:29] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): no i thought of finesse and im selling the nbame for 14 billion quadtrillion lindens
[11:29] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): it sums up the body so well in many ways… Finesse
[11:29] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like the idea of WowMeh – dsagwhateveryouwantkjfdsghakjf
[11:29] Hartoled: That other body is French.
[11:29] Oni (music.nexen): oh mah gah
[11:30] Oni (music.nexen): NAME It Oh Mah Gah
[11:30] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh MehBack
[11:30] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh has a way of hitting you like a ton of bricks. hehe
[11:30] Neccra Okawa (neccra): oh is the new version getting a new name then?
[11:30] Hartoled: I always buy Italian if I can find it.
[11:30] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh – Kimoi (for french joke ^^)
[11:30] colleen Criss: Just Wowmeh with the new release Ill wear it no matter what you call it
[11:30] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): Italian is classy
[11:30] Hartoled: Italian is stylish
[11:30] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): WowMeh Italia 🙂
[11:30] Baby (baby.ghosn): uhhhh
[11:30] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Select
[11:31] JΣSSICΛ (103quietgirl): just name it SEXY 🙂
[11:31] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Sorbet
[11:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): WowMeh – ristorante
[11:31] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): lol
[11:31] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): cosanostra
[11:31] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): LOL
[11:31] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): How about just name it WowMeh?
[11:31] Baby (baby.ghosn): before it was named wowmeh – style
[11:31] Zriss Aeon: WowMeh WowMeh
[11:31] Joizy: Reborn
[11:32] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): style-reborn
[11:32] Sydney (sofilola): Meow Meow
[11:32] Baby (baby.ghosn): and i think only a copòle of people did noticed.
[11:32] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh 2.014
[11:32] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Style just don’t have enough pizzazz
[11:32] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Prime
[11:32] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): hehe
[11:32] ღ Claire ღ (naughtyclaire): Hi Baby x
[11:32] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Rawr
[11:32] Ami (amillia.beaumont): wowmeh-IWIN
[11:32] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, let’s go on the italian word
[11:32] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Sorbet
[11:32] Oni (music.nexen): resurrection of Wowmeh
[11:33] Subodim (subodim.ansar): all flavors 🙂
[11:33] Baby (baby.ghosn): tuttifrutti!
[11:33] LaLa (lalamii): si è risolto il problema ?
[11:33] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like it!
[11:33] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): ahhh come back quewkly
[11:33] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): why not spanish? >.<
[11:33] Baby (baby.ghosn): ma va……..
[11:33] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): yes! Italian! my Italian grandmother would love you for it especially since she doesn’t speak any English LOL
[11:33] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh  Bellissimo
[11:33] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Divinity
[11:33] Hartoled: WowMeh Delizioso
[11:33] Oni (music.nexen): because baby+bit=italian!
[11:33] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): vienne subito wowmehhhhh
[11:34] Bobbi Bomze: WoW-Me Again 2.0 lol
[11:34] Niecy Devin: ooo i like bellisimo
[11:34] Baby (baby.ghosn): cioè, un pò, ma mo è pure peggiorato.
[11:34] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Celestial
[11:34] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Risotto
[11:34] ღ Claire ღ (naughtyclaire): Wowmeh Amore
[11:34] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): it’s too close to Belizza i think
[11:34] Oni (music.nexen): but.. it’s update 3.2
[11:34] Oni (music.nexen): :3
[11:34] Cindy (cindy365): bellissimo is nice
[11:34] Oni (music.nexen): I like amore!
[11:34] Baby (baby.ghosn): nah, it’s 1.0
[11:34] Liza (liza.chiantelle): Wowmeh Re-born
[11:34] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): Wowmeh Amore sounds really nice
[11:34] Neccra Okawa (neccra): desire?
[11:34] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): Wow-Me Baby 1 more time?
[11:34] Victoria (victoriajuliette): WowMeh Resurrection
[11:34] Sydney (sofilola): WowMeh Diva,s
[11:35] Baby (baby.ghosn): sinc eyou can do all shapes and sizes
[11:35] Oni (music.nexen): <__< Oh dear. you gotta go backwrds?
[11:35] Morrigan Bellic: Baciami il culo  lol
[11:35] Victoria (victoriajuliette): WowMeh Vida Nueva
[11:35] Hartoled: OK making me hungry
[11:35] LaLa (lalamii): è bellissimo il corpo della wowmeh e non vedo l’ora che torsi su sl
[11:35] Subodim (subodim.ansar): most people don’t know how to pronounce Amore
[11:35] Oni (music.nexen): mky mkay
[11:35] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Serenity
[11:35] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): It’s a Me Wowme!
[11:35] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): XD
[11:35] Baby (baby.ghosn): yeah, but also tuttifrutti is right
[11:35] Bobbi Bomze: Wowmeh, FantiSize Me 1.0
[11:35] Niecy Devin: i thought bellisimo meant beautiful?
[11:35] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Firefly
[11:35] Subodim (subodim.ansar): just to rib Brianna
[11:35] LaLa (lalamii): il mio miglior acquisto
[11:35] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lmao sub
[11:35] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): my husband’s name is Amori
[11:35] Lark Monday: WowMeh Swerve
[11:35] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): I KNOW!!!
[11:35] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): thats where i got it from :p
[11:35] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): Wowmeh Ña!
[11:35] Oni (music.nexen): LOL swerve
[11:35] shadow mist (shadow2mist): wowmeh 69 for purrfect fit
[11:35] ღ Claire ღ (naughtyclaire): Wowmeh Love ❤
[11:35] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): Masamune!!
[11:36] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Soul
[11:36] Bobbi Bomze: Wowmeh – FANTASY
[11:36] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): It means Invincible Breasts!
[11:36] Oni (music.nexen): Ooooh
[11:36] Subodim (subodim.ansar): how many of you speak Italian?
[11:36] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): well well
[11:36] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): final fantasy too’?
[11:36] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): XDD
[11:36] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): Yes!
[11:36] Patrizia Paulino: me 1
[11:36] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): @_@
[11:36] Ami (amillia.beaumont): Wowmeh…wow
[11:36] Oni (music.nexen): 2 of us. lmao
[11:36] Subodim (subodim.ansar) smiles
[11:36] phatazzz112: hell naw
[11:36] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): wowmeh pizza
[11:36] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Superstar LOL
[11:36] Lark Monday: WowMeh Anat-O-My
[11:36] ღ Claire ღ (naughtyclaire): mmm, pizza nomms
[11:36] Subodim (subodim.ansar): you need to help out here with the connotations
[11:36] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): WowMeh Brilliance 🙂
[11:37] Niecy Devin: i used to have so,e  Italian in me  but i divorced him
[11:37] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Supreme
[11:37] Subodim (subodim.ansar): hold the anchovies
[11:37] Neccra Okawa (neccra): WowMeh – Desire
[11:37] ღ Claire ღ (naughtyclaire): rofl
[11:37] Lark Monday: Lmao @ Niecy
[11:37] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Im still liking cameo and finesse the mostest
[11:37]  ℓαяα Silverblade  (larablood): WowBaby
[11:37] Niecy Devin: Wowmeh: Invincible
[11:37] Sydney (sofilola): WowMeh Elite
[11:38] Bobbi Bomze: Wowmeh – WowYou lol
[11:38] Lark Monday: WowMeh-Mode
[11:38] Hartoled: Bella Forma
[11:38] Niecy Devin: nah soumds like a weapon of mass destruction    lol
[11:38] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’ll google and i’ll see what ones i can pick O.O
[11:38] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): WowMeh Select
[11:38] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMh GOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL
[11:38] Lark Monday: Hatoled!  there you are!  I like that, too
[11:38] Niecy Devin: Wowmeh – Ugh You
[11:38] vobe Bloch: wowmeh  innamorato
[11:38] Liza (liza.chiantelle): Wowmeh Perfect
[11:38] ღ Claire ღ (naughtyclaire): Wowmeh – For your Desires x
[11:38] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): or just  Bella, like Bella WowMeh sounds pretty
[11:39] Bobbi Bomze: Germany again? too many GGGOOOOAAAALLLLs
[11:39] ღ Claire ღ (naughtyclaire): Wowmeh- Perfecto
[11:39] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh – HeMwoW
[11:39] Oni (music.nexen): Be Wowmeh
[11:39] Niecy Devin: that other  mesh body maker  has perfect in the name   ,
[11:39] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): that looked like ShamWow lol
[11:39] Coco Chanirra: Wowmeh 4tWin
[11:39] ღ Claire ღ (naughtyclaire): oh Be Wowmeh sounds catchy
[11:39] Niecy Devin: and u def  not want to be confused with that one
[11:39] Oni (music.nexen): Wowmeh FTW?
[11:39] Ami (amillia.beaumont): wowmeh-WINNING!
[11:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): Eleganza?
[11:39] Subodim (subodim.ansar): Obi WowMeh Kenobi
[11:40] Baby (baby.ghosn): it exist someway in sl yet?
[11:40] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): yes! i love Eleganza too
[11:40] Joannie Kohime: oh yes kenobi !
[11:40] Hartoled: you beat me to it Sub
[11:40] Oni (music.nexen): eh…
[11:40] Niecy Devin: i think so
[11:40] Niecy Devin: a sim  a group and a model academy
[11:40] Subodim (subodim.ansar): ok, put it together. WowMeh Eleganza
[11:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes yes, infact
[11:41] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Wowanatomeh
[11:41] Niecy Devin: a club or two
[11:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i was looking for store names
[11:41] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): I like it
[11:41] Baby (baby.ghosn): it doesn’t looks so
[11:41] Niecy Devin: woot
[11:41] Lark Monday: That’s cute, Bri
[11:41] Bobbi Bomze: sorry eleganza sounds like a bad foreign car ad lmao
[11:41] Hartoled: WowMeh Forza Femme
[11:41] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh – FactorMeh
[11:42] Ami (amillia.beaumont): WowMehNow
[11:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh – bellatopa
[11:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): the name i loved since start was wowmeh Poppea
[11:42] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Pinnacle
[11:42] Neccra Okawa (neccra): should keep it simple though, and use a word that is visually pleasing
[11:42] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): ooh
[11:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): but this is not nice for small breast girls meybe XD
[11:42] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): thats nice too Baby
[11:42] Niecy Devin: lol
[11:42] Lark Monday: WowMeh Femme w/o the Forza
[11:43] nima6363: WowMeh Bella
[11:43] ღ Claire ღ (naughtyclaire): Be Beautiful, Be Wowmeh!
[11:43] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): wowowowwww beatiful
[11:43] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): be beautifull be wowmeh
[11:43] Kissmetty: be woman be wowmeh
[11:43] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): i loveddd taht
[11:43] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): This is for the store name, right?
[11:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): nah, just a new name for the body
[11:43] Lark Monday: WowMeh Embodi
[11:43] Hartoled: What was that word you told me last night, Chalice?
[11:43] Oni (music.nexen): no. the body
[11:44] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): kkkkkk
[11:44] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): omg LOL
[11:44] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): ok
[11:44] Oni (music.nexen): because 3.1 was Wowmeh – Style
[11:44] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): hartoled, we don’t want that one
[11:44] Baby (baby.ghosn): esactly
[11:44] vobe Bloch: Bellissima
[11:44] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Evolution
[11:44] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): most wanted wowmeh
[11:44] Ami (amillia.beaumont): WowMehEveryday!
[11:44] Lark Monday: Baby already used WowMeh Style in the beginning
[11:44] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Revolution :p
[11:44] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): WowMeh Revolution 🙂
[11:44] Hartoled: too mundane
[11:44] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh – Popaïa
[11:44] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): yes!
[11:44] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): beat ya!
[11:45] nima6363: WowMeh Wanted
[11:45] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): jinx lol
[11:45] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lol
[11:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): i like wanted
[11:45] Victoria (victoriajuliette): WowMeh Desire (has that been said yet?)
[11:45] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Solution
[11:45] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lol
[11:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): just because of the farwest taste
[11:45] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh Exactly
[11:45] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): yes is geat wanted
[11:45] nima6363: 🙂
[11:45] Subodim (subodim.ansar): how about something musical, like WowMeh Fortissimo
[11:45] Coco Chanirra: Wowmeh – La Dea
[11:45] Jaded Westland: WowMeh dimensions
[11:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): WowMeh – adagio XD
[11:45] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): Precisely WowMeh
[11:45] Oni (music.nexen): will the Ad have you dressed in ccowboy boots? and etcc?
[11:46] Oni (music.nexen): Lool ifyes, that’d be cool
[11:46] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): I want my WowMeh
[11:46] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): because we wanted this body longtime now
[11:46] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): ahahahhaha
[11:46] Oni (music.nexen): mhmm lool
[11:46] Subodim (subodim.ansar): well, not every day anyway
[11:46] nima6363: WowMeh Toxic
[11:46] Subodim (subodim.ansar): I live in Texas, and I don’t even wear cowboy boots
[11:46] Lark Monday: WowMeh Symmetry
[11:46] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): the most wanted is great
[11:46] Lark Monday: Nooooooooooo
[11:46] Ami (amillia.beaumont): i do like wowmeh wanted actually with everything i herd so far…cause theres so many people who want the wowmeh
[11:46] Lark Monday: Lol
[11:46] Lark Monday: Toxic
[11:46] Lark Monday: ?
[11:46] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Lust
[11:46] Hartoled: WowMeh New Life
[11:47] Lark Monday: That would be a bad omen.
[11:47] Lark Monday: We’re not calling that
[11:47] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh – ZeBody
[11:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): or desiderio
[11:47] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Brianna
[11:47] Subodim (subodim.ansar): someone had to say it
[11:47] Ravage Genesis: WowMeh Radiant
[11:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): or also WoMeh- desire
[11:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): zebody XD
[11:47] Lark Monday: Hartoled, I like that!
[11:47] Hartoled: desire
[11:47] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): desiree
[11:47] Lark Monday: Ohhh
[11:47] Hartoled: yes
[11:47] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): oh yes, Italian!
[11:47] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): LeBodice
[11:47] Lark Monday: Desire is good, too, Baby
[11:47] Ami (amillia.beaumont): desire is good too.
[11:47] Subodim (subodim.ansar): I think we just glanced over WowMeh Risotto
[11:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol
[11:48] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lol
[11:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): i prefer WOwMeh – Spaghetti
[11:48] Ravage Genesis: lol
[11:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): o WowMeh – PastaMandolino XD
[11:48] Joannie Kohime: lol
[11:48] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): lol
[11:48] Ami (amillia.beaumont): need something that shows the product is appealing
[11:48] Subodim (subodim.ansar) chuckles
[11:48] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): wowmeh- the body
[11:48] Sydney (sofilola): why not MEH-WOW
[11:48] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( wowmeh that body Body
[11:48] Ami (amillia.beaumont): the body is too like the body shops an crud
[11:48] Victoria (victoriajuliette): WowMeh Hourglass
[11:48] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh – Magnetic
[11:49] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): kkkkkk
[11:49] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Magnetico
[11:49] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( Wowmeh- Curves
[11:49] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): came on wowmehhhh
[11:49] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): ahahahaha
[11:49] Subodim (subodim.ansar): or is that too Spanish?
[11:49] nima6363: WowMeh Shine or WowMeh Gaze
[11:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): magnetic soinds better in elgish meybe
[11:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): WoMeh – Signorina
[11:49] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Attraction
[11:49] vobe Bloch: wowmeh evolution
[11:49] ღYuni Nakamichiღ (yuni321): hmmm…………………………………………………………………………………… WowMeh Rebirth?
[11:49] ℳФⓞηιℰ (moonmisstery): I just joined this group…are there any products available?
[11:50] Coco Chanirra: Wowmeh Comeback
[11:50] Neccra Okawa (neccra): there will be in a few more days
[11:50] Joannie Kohime: WoMeh – Attirance
[11:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): WoMeh – NotYet
[11:50] Katy (katydid62): i thought silhouette was good personally
[11:50] Hartoled: WowMeh Presto
[11:50] Subodim (subodim.ansar): WowMeh Revolution
[11:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): and WowMeh – I havetogo XD
[11:50] Coco Chanirra: lol baby
[11:50] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): bad baby 🙂
[11:50] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): Cicciolina
[11:50] Joannie Kohime: lol bye
[11:50] ℳФⓞηιℰ (moonmisstery): thank you Neccra 🙂
[11:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, but meybe is a good wondeirng about trademark
[11:50] Hartoled: WowMeh Soon
[11:50] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( lol
[11:50] nima6363: WowMeh bellissima
[11:50] Subodim (subodim.ansar): it was nice to see you, Baby 🙂
[11:50] Jaded Westland: shape shop named bellissima
[11:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): i have to check better becaus emeybe someone use silhouette for something close to a 3d body or a game
[11:51] Coco Chanirra: Wowmeh soon second that
[11:51] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): wowmeh – Mafia (?)o.o
[11:51] Lark Monday: Yes, definitely, Baby.
[11:51] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( hugs Baby
[11:51] Willow (willowrussel): YAY Baby~!
[11:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): ahhahahahah wowmeh mafia…..
[11:51] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): more itallan that this… mafia.. no have nothing
[11:51] Willow (willowrussel): YesaH..
[11:51] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): lmao
[11:51] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): ahahahha
[11:51] Lark Monday: You should always be in that mmode from here to eternity, sweetie.
[11:51] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Equinox
[11:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes and it might sound similar to far west
[11:51] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Divinity
[11:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): but it might offend someone meybe XD
[11:51] Lark Monday: WowMeh Luxurious.
[11:52] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( good Lark
[11:52] Subodim (subodim.ansar): you wouldn’t get sued for Risotto
[11:52] nima6363: WowMeh Sparkle
[11:52] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( lol
[11:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t think so
[11:52] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( Wowmeh Diva
[11:52] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh – littlepony
[11:52] Jaded Westland: curvaceous
[11:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, but i have to go now….
[11:52] Willow (willowrussel): Baby .. I rp a fairy a lot.. Is there any chance you might upload the body at like .8 size?
[11:52] Hartoled: WowMeh Liscio
[11:53] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh The Lady
[11:53] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Opulence
[11:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): i tried. no
[11:53] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): Wowmeh Venus
[11:53] Hartoled: Take care, Baby
[11:53] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): god rome
[11:53] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): no?
[11:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): no shrinked mesh with fitted sadly
[11:53] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( Venus is good
[11:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): i mean, tiny vs fitted
[11:53] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): tc Baby!
[11:53] Willow (willowrussel): awes.. TY for responding .. your awesome. .
[11:53] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): ❤ ❤ ❤
[11:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): it wasn’t working when i tried months ago
[11:53] Willow (willowrussel) whipsers .. can I marry you?
[11:53] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): Janus
[11:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): Venere….
[11:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): is nice i like!
[11:54] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( Wowmeh Venus
[11:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh Prosperity
[11:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, now the list is too long
[11:54] Sarina (lillyanna.wickentower): Godiva WowMeh
[11:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): rofl
[11:54] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( lol
[11:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): and i have to go 😛
[11:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): bubye
[11:54] Willow (willowrussel): *HUGGIES*
[11:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): have fun and be ready
[11:54] Neccra Okawa (neccra): still say desire is the best, looks visually pleasing, and is perfect description
[11:54] Marisa Sekhmet (marisa.rumble): come back soon babyyyy
[11:54] ღ Lexi ღ  (lexi.ceryos): is that because we all run around Naked Sarina?
[11:54] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): we were ready last week! :p
[11:54] : ღ  ƑƛƝƇƖƬƛ MƖƛMƖ  ღ ( hugs we will be
[11:54] Joannie Kohime: WowMeh – LetBabyGo
[11:54] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): bye baby
[11:54] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): take care Baby 🙂
[11:54] Sarina (lillyanna.wickentower): Yup
[11:55] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): we were born ready
[11:55] Baby (baby.ghosn): and if you didn’t see it,
[11:55] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): WowMeh FuckClothes
[11:55] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): were ready!
[11:55] nima6363: what about WowMeh Lala
[11:55] Jaded Westland: Venus is nice
[11:55] Hartoled: I like that, Baby
[11:55] Victoria (victoriajuliette): How about WowMeh Victory since Baby wins
[11:56] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): there is a boob called that
[11:56] Victoria (victoriajuliette): =D
[11:56] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): we want see ass to normal shape!
[11:56] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): XDDD
[11:56] Sarina (lillyanna.wickentower): WoWMeh Baby
[11:56] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): and the tagline can have this next to –> \o/
[11:56] Jaded Westland: WowMeh Eve lol
[11:56] nima6363: yesssssssssssssssssss
[11:56] Lezisha: Is this the new public photo?
[11:56] Victoria (victoriajuliette): yes! =D
[11:56] נσנσ (jofcuk): ooh ooh is it out? is it out?
[11:57] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): not yet but getting closer
[11:57] נσנσ (jofcuk) jumps up and down
[11:57] Victoria (victoriajuliette): sales will crash SL servers when it’s back, y’all
[11:57] Victoria (victoriajuliette): =D
[11:57] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): ikr? lol
[11:57] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): Baby, is that a one piece? Are the hands connected or separate?
[11:58] Gɜɳ ĂĹεςţo ℒüмḯηḯṧ (genkaku): Can;t wait for the release date!
[11:58] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): now where was I …
[11:58] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): think she left
[11:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): pf, i have to go! 😛  hands separated and the new ad is the last i pasted
[11:58] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): or is leaving :p
[11:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): friends didn’t like the mannequin
[11:58] Subodim (subodim.ansar):
[11:58] Lezisha: Personally, given the “insize” is supposed to be aimed at those who are looking for a mesh body with a natural look, I would consider making the hip width on the left models insize body look more natural and less cartoon like.
[11:58] ÇL乇OקÅT尺Å™ (hotgirl.viper): ty hon 🙂  I can’t wait to try it.
[11:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): i just have to change the name meybe O.O
[11:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): i did like silhouette
[11:59] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): mafia!!!
[11:59] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): or venus!!
[11:59] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): the best part of the poster is the copyright info on the bottom.
[11:59] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): xDDD
[11:59] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): mmhmm chalice
[11:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): that is only my shape in the moment of the picture……
[11:59] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): heehee
[11:59] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): yes I love it
[11:59] Vixen (vbruce4): Genesis as it is a new begging
[11:59] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): venus mafia!
[11:59] Vixen (vbruce4): beginning
[11:59] Coco Chanirra: yep@chalice
[12:00] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): oh yes!
[12:00] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): venus Mafia
[12:00] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): \o/
[12:00] Subodim (subodim.ansar): bye, Baby. 🙂
[12:00] Jaded Westland: We can all be called  Baby’s  Venus mafia





Please feel free to comment about this mesh including any in-world photographs you may have and please join our Second Life group at this link secondlife:///app/group/042daebc-b551-3784-0aff-1696a23abe56/about

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