Wowmeh Log 7/10/2014 0742-0810

[07:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, time to collect suggestions 😛
[07:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): any idea for a cute and funny name for the new wowmeh
[07:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): (arg phone)
[07:42] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): my old ones I always had to tilt anyways because otherwise they looked too saggy, not sure how I’d like them locked into place as the creator likes them
[07:42] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): yay
[07:42] Willow (willowrussel): YAY
[07:42] Willow (willowrussel): WOW YAY~!
[07:42] Saapphire1: WowMeh again :P..
[07:42] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): Baby!!!
[07:43] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): DMCA-And-Die?
[07:43] Megan Forman: Choose (for a new name) something to do with your artistic vision.
[07:43] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): 😛
[07:43] Willow (willowrussel): actually .. “WowYaY” doesn’t seem that bad
[07:43] Traci Quandry-Marabana (traci.quandry): wowmeh the sequel
[07:43] Dira (nadira.jewel): Baby’sGirls? Babyboomers?
[07:43] Kate (payton.beningborough): How about “It Figures”
[07:44] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): thats cute
[07:44] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): WowYay is cute!!
[07:44] Saapphire1: I like that Kate 🙂
[07:44] Kate (payton.beningborough): a couple of puns in there:)
[07:44] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): there’s already a store in sl named it figures, i think
[07:44] Kate (payton.beningborough): damn – there is!
[07:44] Dira (nadira.jewel): Boobs butts and beyond <.<
[07:44] кαt мςкαηε (bluslady): i like Kate’s too 🙂
[07:45] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): BetterBody
[07:45] Komari (komarimono): Badunk’a Bam
[07:45] Sioda (thistle.digfoot): bootycall
[07:45] Megan Forman: Something not trashy/slutty
[07:46] Dira (nadira.jewel): BetterBody is good 🙂
[07:46] кαt мςкαηε (bluslady): curvalicious
[07:46] Waif (waif1): WowBella
[07:46] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): BetterBody is a good one!
[07:46] Baby (baby.ghosn): well, wowmeh stay the same
[07:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): i need a new title instead of style
[07:47] кαt мςкαηε (bluslady): watch the curves
[07:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): i would like WowMeh millenium but uhm
[07:47] M A M I    S E R P E N T I N E (sensualmami): wowmeh The next generation
[07:47] Willow (willowrussel): are you keeping the insize and oversize as part of the same package, or separating them?  Just that you would want different names for the two I think.
[07:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): i would not go againt World of Warcraft Millenium (wowMe) >.<
[07:47] Komari (komarimono): Didn’t Matter, Curves n’ Asses
[07:47] Baby (baby.ghosn): same package
[07:48] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): lmao Baby
[07:48] Dira (nadira.jewel): wowmeh plus?
[07:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): plus, is nice
[07:48] Dira (nadira.jewel): oh wait!!
[07:48] Tempeste (tempeste.desmoulins): wowmeh now
[07:48] Dira (nadira.jewel): Wowmeh more!
[07:48] Megan Forman: Wowbaby
[07:48] Willow (willowrussel): That sounds like a bigger version of the oversize lol
[07:48] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): WowMeh Series
[07:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): throw all your ideas XD
[07:48] Loading…: excuse me,  just joined. do we have a date?????
[07:48] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): sillouette?
[07:48] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): your body is SO much better than world of warcraft, just sayin’
[07:48] Xaneitha Burton: WowMeh Ultimate
[07:48] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): wow.wowmeh
[07:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): also series is nice
[07:48] Larenda Moonbeam: Wowmeh Forever
[07:48] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): sillouette
[07:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): also silouette
[07:48] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): or how its typoed lol
[07:48] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): 🙂
[07:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): ultimate too
[07:48] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): wowmeh reborn
[07:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i would not confuse people
[07:48] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): yes!! Ultimate!
[07:48] Baby (baby.ghosn): since is close to the final version , but is not the last
[07:49] Komari (komarimono): Succession
[07:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m sure there will be something to fix anyways
[07:49] Dira (nadira.jewel): wowmeh baby!
[07:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok wait, let me write them down XD
[07:49] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): Oh that is cute, Dira!!
[07:49] Dira (nadira.jewel): *grins*
[07:49] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): <<so excited
[07:49] Willow (willowrussel): Baby .. any chance we could get a photo or something of the work in progress?  .. omg . I need a lil something to keep me going lol?
[07:49] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): do we have a date?
[07:49] Waif (waif1): Wowmeh Mia
[07:50] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): from the other mesh group: [07:47:56] gαєα đαηιςк (Gaea Oakleaf): Stylin’
[07:48:37] gαєα đαηιςк (Gaea Oakleaf): R.O.A.R.  for the sound the guys makes when we pass
[07:50] Morrigan Bellic: I like the silhouette idea.  Classy name
[07:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol
[07:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes
[07:50] Saraleshay: Woowie
[07:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m doing the vendor
[07:50] вĻαqυéвεαuтч (adiabella): i like the silhouette too
[07:50] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): omgomgomgomgomg
[07:50] ℳὶÅ (miasai): yay!
[07:50] Willow (willowrussel): yeah silhouette sounds good
[07:50] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): omg
[07:50] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): so exciting!!
[07:50] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): faints
[07:50] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): that means?…….
[07:50] Kate (payton.beningborough): I like silhouette too
[07:50] кαt мςкαηε (bluslady): me too
[07:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes is cute, i like silouette too
[07:50] вĻαqυéвεαuтч (adiabella): its classy
[07:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): i also like series and ultimate
[07:50] Komari (komarimono): Ya do realize, your vendors gonna crash when a couple thousand people buy it at once? =P hehe
[07:50] Waif (waif1): yes silhouette
[07:51] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): doing the vendor that mean it closer?
[07:51] Δʍβαʀ (ambar.megadon): “Olé tus curvas” lol
[07:51] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): you DO realize that once you say “Go Buy It” you’ll be responsible for people jizzing all over sl? lol
[07:51] M A M I    S E R P E N T I N E (sensualmami): wowmeh personify
[07:51] Baby (baby.ghosn):
[07:51] Larenda Moonbeam: silhouette, is perfect
[07:51] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): well, in excitement at the release, yeah
[07:51] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): and for other reasons later
[07:51] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): lol
[07:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): i need the main girls in the sides
[07:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): i already shown you the hud
[07:51] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): i think im gonna cry
[07:51] Xaneitha Burton: WowMeh the Ultimate Silhouette
[07:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol
[07:52] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): or perfect silhouette
[07:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): too long XD
[07:52] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): omg, baby
[07:52] вĻαqυéвεαuтч (adiabella): wow that pic is nice
[07:52] Megan Forman: You could do progression based on silhouette words
[07:52] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): excellent!
[07:52] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): as wowmeh is the best body out there
[07:52] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): i will finally leave for vacations
[07:52] ℳὶÅ (miasai): wowmeh fantasy
[07:52] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): so perfect silhouette
[07:52] Saraleshay: Wowmeh  why bother with  second best
[07:52] мıѕѕ взттч ғяıтz (bettyfritz): mmm i love the boobs 🙂
[07:52] China Renegade (chineahh): baby!
[07:52] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): keep it wowmeh
[07:52] China Renegade (chineahh): how goes it?
[07:52] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): Body Excitement Avatar = Bea
[07:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): pretty good…
[07:53] Oni (music.nexen): so.. can you have lke.. 10 locations
[07:53] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): dont make us change all the logos on our products
[07:53] Oni (music.nexen): for wowmeh to be purcchcased
[07:53] Oni (music.nexen): <__<
[07:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): nono, the name remain teh same
[07:53] ゃpeidiゃ (pleiades.constantine): yay
[07:53] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): wowmeh silhouette
[07:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh – Silhouette peraphs
[07:53] China Renegade (chineahh): so new body ready?
[07:53] ℑuℓєš sᴍɪʟᴏᴅᴏɴ (yummmy.jules): the mesh body been released?
[07:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): esactly
[07:53] .MK. (misskittin.aeon) faints///too old for these news
[07:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes is ready
[07:53] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): yes!
[07:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m finishing the last things
[07:53] China Renegade (chineahh): yayyy
[07:53] Oni (music.nexen): :OO
[07:53] Jacki Kingsley: yay
[07:53] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): omg
[07:53] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): cant wait for it smiles
[07:53] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): omgomgomgomg Baby!!
[07:53] Oni (music.nexen): so we will be able to get it tomorrow?
[07:53] colleen Criss: dances
[07:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): i did my own skin and intimates and all textures…
[07:53] China Renegade (chineahh): you go girl
[07:53] Oni (music.nexen): THE WAIT IS ALMOS OVER
[07:54] China Renegade (chineahh): i support you 100%
[07:54] ℳὶÅ (miasai): how exciting
[07:54] ℑuℓєš sᴍɪʟᴏᴅᴏɴ (yummmy.jules): so excited
[07:54] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): near drolls
[07:54] ゃpeidiゃ (pleiades.constantine): awesome babes get it girl
[07:54] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): woo hoo!!!
[07:54] Willow (mia.sorrelwood): drools
[07:54] Morrigan Bellic: I like wowmeh silhouette  Nice
[07:54] China Renegade (chineahh): picture?
[07:54] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): shit, I need to buy lindens!
[07:54] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): when can i buy?
[07:54] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): rofl
[07:54] ℳὶÅ (miasai): LOL
[07:54] вĻαqυéвεαuтч (adiabella): will it be as an update or a whole new body
[07:54] Oni (music.nexen): lmaoo
[07:54] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): that is a good name for it
[07:54] Xaneitha Burton: OMG i feel faint
[07:54] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): days? moth? year’?
[07:54] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): XD
[07:54] Willow (willowrussel): is that a new UV map too?
[07:54] Oni (music.nexen): update..
[07:54] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): hours?
[07:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): is an update for who already bought it
[07:54] Six Sahara: would it be bad to leave work to go home and wait for the update.?
[07:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): nah
[07:54] China Renegade (chineahh): do we ahve to rebuy of we allready have a wowmeh baby?
[07:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): give me days 😛
[07:54] janet Halley: OoOoOO YAAAAAY!!!!
[07:54] China Renegade (chineahh): yayyy
[07:54] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): lmao Six!
[07:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m also busy in rl
[07:54] Oni (music.nexen): ITS AN UPDATE YOU GUYS
[07:54] Megan Forman cheers
[07:54] вĻαqυéвεαuтч (adiabella): np
[07:54] Oni (music.nexen): dang D:
[07:55] Baby (baby.ghosn): but is almost done
[07:55] China Renegade (chineahh): Baby oyu take your time
[07:55] China Renegade (chineahh): we all here for you
[07:55] вĻαqυéвεαuтч (adiabella): baby do it at your pace
[07:55] Aelva: Great work Baby:))))
[07:55] вĻαqυéвεαuтч (adiabella): it really look nice though
[07:55] China Renegade (chineahh): im investing with my trl into woow meh ofr all are avis
[07:55] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): from the other chat:[07:54:54] gαєα đαηιςк (Gaea Oakleaf): Why not just name it Women. With all it’s choices and styles it has, it represents everyone
[07:55] China Renegade (chineahh): they will be !
[07:55] .MK. (misskittin.aeon) clicks her updater again and again and again and….
[07:55] China Renegade (chineahh): we have 13 not in a wowmeh wyet
[07:55] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): rofl mk
[07:55] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): hugs Baby,,,thank you for hanging in there and all your hard work
[07:56] Oni (music.nexen): Good point Gaea ;p
[07:56] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): kudos to you
[07:56] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): I have a question baby ………will skin appliers from skin makers that we use for wowmeh now work on the new body ?
[07:56] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes appliers will work
[07:56] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): yes!! And for being so strong through all the bullshit you’ve had to endure
[07:56] China Renegade (chineahh): i sit at store!
[07:56] Kenzo Ryba: wonderful news, baby. cheers
[07:56] Cynn (cynfulliscious.magic): excellent 🙂 I am so excited
[07:56] вĻαqυéвεαuтч (adiabella): this is your baby you been through quite a bit for it i know that you are proud
[07:56] China Renegade (chineahh): supports Baby
[07:56] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): We are SO proud of you!!
[07:56] Cathiee McMillan: awsemoe can’t wait for the update
[07:56] Baby (baby.ghosn): gahahah ty!
[07:57] Kimmy (kimberley.zsun): yaay congrats Baby
[07:57] Solo (00solomi00): oh geez…what did I miss?? I  just logged in!
[07:57] Kenzo Ryba: we still have wowmeh appliers for our skins in a central spot in the mainstore.
[07:57] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): omg, we so needed to hear this news
[07:57] China Renegade (chineahh): its coming
[07:57] China Renegade (chineahh): WOWMEH SIlloute
[07:57] Syrress Alessio (fehala): just logged in what news?
[07:57] Davi Jaynesford (davidab): 🙂
[07:57] ஐ Ĵαѕɱīɲé ஐ  (jasmineratio): what’s coming?
[07:57] China Renegade (chineahh): WOWMEH SIlloute
[07:57] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): the body will compatible with Slink?
[07:58] Syrress Alessio (fehala): when?!
[07:58] Sherilys: few days more
[07:58] B̮A̮R̮E̮F̮O̮O̮T̮ PUDDLES (pat.footpad): woot
[07:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): feet are already and hands should fit a bit better.
[07:58] 丂σℓ Ⓞƒ 尺izing 丂un (juicymama40vnm): woot
[07:58] China Renegade (chineahh): sweet
[07:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): btw adjustments are still needed
[07:58] Velvet Gunawan (stunningly.ornamental): wonderful
[07:58] Solo (00solomi00): Baby, my goddess…you rawk!
[07:58] China Renegade (chineahh): baby we loves you
[07:58] Cathiee McMillan: did you put more alphas on the lmesh?
[07:59] China Renegade (chineahh): i wont wear awny mesh body but wow meh
[07:59] China Renegade (chineahh): i love my curves!
[07:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): no, more alpha are not possible
[07:59] Cathiee McMillan: ok
[07:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): wowmeh is already too weight. i can’t add more pieces
[07:59] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): oki thank.. mm.. and clothes appiers?
[07:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): the hud is way mre simply: you will have less options there: basically you will only have all custom controls
[07:59] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): how many layers?
[08:00] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): Baby will the price be the same?
[08:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): this is the body tab
[08:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes same price
[08:00] Dezzy ßαƬɢʊяʟ Coronet (dezzy.fairplay): YAY Baby!!!
[08:00] Baby (baby.ghosn):
[08:00] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): what price?
[08:00] Baby (baby.ghosn): same alphas
[08:00] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): XD
[08:00] ஐ Ĵαѕɱīɲé ஐ  (jasmineratio): yae! now gotta find a goth skin for it!
[08:00] Waif (waif1): looks awesom Baby
[08:01] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): 899
[08:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): 899
[08:01] Cathiee McMillan: that looks good i love the green and tan and gold
[08:01] ℳὶÅ (miasai): wow awesome
[08:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): no green in my actual backgrund XD
[08:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): the hud is only crean and bronze
[08:01] ゃpeidiゃ (pleiades.constantine): is there going to be a tattoo layer added in the future?
[08:01] Baby (baby.ghosn): the skinny is the tattoo layer
[08:02] Oni (music.nexen): wah. <__<
[08:02] ゃpeidiゃ (pleiades.constantine): ok
[08:02] Cathiee McMillan: looks nice Baby
[08:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): more parts are not possible: is already too weight to render
[08:02] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): great news, Baby! I’m so happy for you! woot! \o/
[08:02] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): ok ok
[08:02] Dezzy ßαƬɢʊяʟ Coronet (dezzy.fairplay): Hubby also wants to know if you have any plans of making a MALE version of the Wowmeh to help smooth out his form O.o
[08:02] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): but.. many layers for clothes?
[08:02] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): baby is it like 2-5 days more or 5-10 days more
[08:02] Cathiee McMillan: I know when i make clothing now I combine some of the stuff to make it easier for people to wear it in a varierty of ways’
[08:03] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think 2-5…. but i would be so sure yet….
[08:03] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): ok, yay
[08:03] ゃpeidiゃ (pleiades.constantine): yes cathiee that is what i do as well like bra and panties and so forth
[08:03] Miele (jorrdyn): so its almost back to being able to be sold? sorry just logged in
[08:03] Willow (willowrussel): Very Soon~! .. yay
[08:03] Baby (baby.ghosn): question: how many of you use the “7 – NeckBlender (WowMeh)”?
[08:03] China Renegade (chineahh): yes Miele
[08:03] Miele (jorrdyn): nice
[08:03] China Renegade (chineahh): i dont use a nesck blender
[08:04] Mohitotsu Tanaka (mohitotsu): I use it only when I wear the Visage
[08:04] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): i use no neck blender at all
[08:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): no wait, 2-5 days for the update… then i need to do some more stuff before to reopen the store
[08:04] Megan Forman: Never bothered with it
[08:04] Dira (nadira.jewel): I dont use a neckblender either
[08:04] janet Halley: I do
[08:04] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): I cover my neck with my collar
[08:04] Dezzy ßαƬɢʊяʟ Coronet (dezzy.fairplay): I use a neck blender
[08:04] Dezzy ßαƬɢʊяʟ Coronet (dezzy.fairplay): >.>
[08:04] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i don’t need to use a neck blender with my hush skin
[08:04] Lo (lorena.ellils): the neck blender is a waste of time
[08:04] Dira (nadira.jewel): lol I do the same thing Puddin 🙂
[08:04] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): i dont use it
[08:04] Davi Jaynesford (davidab): I use a neck blender
[08:04] Lo (lorena.ellils): a tatto layer blender does better
[08:04] Morrigan Bellic: I haven’t needed a neck blender
[08:04] janet Halley: I use it and tint it
[08:04] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): lol dira
[08:04] Chess (chess.constantine): not using it
[08:04] Waif (waif1): I don’t use it
[08:04] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): I don’t use the blender
[08:04] Mohitotsu Tanaka (mohitotsu): the neck blender isn’t just for skin blending you know
[08:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol ok, someone does, then i have to include it somewhere
[08:04] Mohitotsu Tanaka (mohitotsu): it’s for when you wear a mesh head and it doesn’t fit right
[08:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): is just for ultra graphic
[08:04] Jaded Westland: I use them to match up other skins together
[08:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): or is just why i did it
[08:04] ゃpeidiゃ (pleiades.constantine): there are people who use it
[08:05] Davi Jaynesford (davidab): <uses it
[08:05] Jaded Westland: could just  add a box of  them in the pack ? for those that use them
[08:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): on ultra graphics, also if you wear the same skin, the body is rendered differently then your SL Head….
[08:05] Dezzy ßαƬɢʊяʟ Coronet (dezzy.fairplay): I use it because I use my own skin for face and the Wowmeh skin on the body
[08:05] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): this is better than sex, right?
[08:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): so you need somethinbg like tha to avoid that seam effect
[08:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): wait, i’m talking about the prim neckblender
[08:05] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): omfgg, it is!! (but don’t tell Hubby that!)
[08:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): not the tattoos
[08:06] Dezzy ßαƬɢʊяʟ Coronet (dezzy.fairplay): OH! Then no…
[08:06] Dezzy ßαƬɢʊяʟ Coronet (dezzy.fairplay): I use the tattoo layer
[08:06] Xaneitha Burton: i get script errors on the prim neck blender when trying to use my skin applier
[08:06] Baby (baby.ghosn): meybe i can add an utilities button in teh HUD with all the tools, meybe
[08:06] ゃpeidiゃ (pleiades.constantine): that will be great when we want to increase our body fat to 25 or higher
[08:06] Dira (nadira.jewel): Baby.. I know everyone says your awesome. But seriously, I mean seriously – your an awesome person and designer. I do my own designs also, and I am totally blown away by your customer service. (cause I just suck at it lol). Thank you so much for all your hard work. I’ll say it with lindens later *grins* but I’ll say it with words now.
[08:06] Baby (baby.ghosn): ouh! TY xD
[08:06] Traci Quandry-Marabana (traci.quandry): I use it
[08:07] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): can i anounce the news on my group?
[08:07] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): Hell yeah Dira!
[08:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): uhm, wait, better no or they all get even more impatient XD
[08:07] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): there is not more… lol
[08:07] Syrress Alessio (fehala): so excited for you baby =) I have 5 wowmeh mesh already and cant wait to get 2 more!
[08:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): let’s wait i release the update
[08:07] Dezzy ßαƬɢʊяʟ Coronet (dezzy.fairplay): Yeah… I am pretty sure I am gonna flood her with L$ since I have 5 more avies to outfit in Wowmeh bodies for hubby’s pleasure >.<
[08:07] Cathiee McMillan: LOL yea she has enough impatient people in here already )
[08:08] ゃpeidiゃ (pleiades.constantine): true dat
[08:08] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): give your base textures, to create clothing or tattoos on your body? or anything
[08:08] Saapphire1: all my alts are getting the new wowmeh !!
[08:08] Miele (jorrdyn): whats innn the new update?
[08:08] Dira (nadira.jewel): lol I have like 15 more avies to do Dezzy. I know silly as hell but I LOVE the body! lol
[08:08] Cathiee McMillan: I know i have a host of people asking where i got my shape and where they can get it 🙂 be good to be able to send them to Baby soon
[08:08] Baby (baby.ghosn): 🙂
[08:08] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): lol already added it to my profile rofl
[08:08] Baby (baby.ghosn): the template is the same SL Template
[08:08] Willow (willowrussel): omg yeah .. I need to start putting l’s away .. I have like 10 alts I need to buy the body for lol
[08:08] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): Omg, My alts too
[08:09] Willow (willowrussel): Yes pudding lol
[08:09] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): another thing. can you pls add a wowmeh logo so the designers can use it on our covers?
[08:09] Saapphire1: lol..
[08:09] China Renegade (chineahh): i work at house of V as a dancer. I have had more people tell me i look amazing and omg i get lorts of financial tips to lol
[08:09] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): great
[08:09] Dira (nadira.jewel): ^5’s Willow “Alts unite! in mesh!” ROFL
[08:09] Puddin (puddinpop.jillybean): Nice Chaina!!
[08:09] China Renegade (chineahh): baby stand proud girkl you did/do good
[08:09] Cυгυđαє (curudae.leitner): only app with your hud?.. or ..
[08:09] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): yes!
[08:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): ok, i go back to work 🙂
[08:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): ❤
[08:09] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): thank you baby
[08:09] China Renegade (chineahh): be well bany
[08:09] .MK. (misskittin.aeon): with our blessings
[08:09] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): for the news
[08:10] Saapphire1: Take care Baby 🙂
[08:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): silhouette….
[08:10] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): have a great day baby!
[08:10] China Renegade (chineahh): baby*
[08:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): for now i like this





Please feel free to comment about this mesh including any in-world photographs you may have and please join our Second Life group at this link secondlife:///app/group/042daebc-b551-3784-0aff-1696a23abe56/about

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