Signature Mesh Avatar___ Anthony LITE

Name: Signature Mesh Avatar___ Anthony LITE

Mesh Type: Body Fitted Full or headless

Price: 300






Profile SL:






Please feel free to comment about this mesh including any in-world photographs you may have and please join our Second Life group at this link secondlife:///app/group/042daebc-b551-3784-0aff-1696a23abe56/about


4 thoughts on “Signature Mesh Avatar___ Anthony LITE

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  2. Ryo Yheng

    I just wish i could get to it.. The store is hard to navigate and with there being SOOOoooo many avatars on the land it is extremely laggy to the point that i give up on it.. The avatar from photos looks nice.. especially since all the male mesh avis so far have been Hercules muscle bound to the max and I don’t want that..this guy seems to be of acceptable size.. and I can’t even make my way to it.. It would help if the link was an EXACT location pointing to the area where the bodies are but it isn’t.. Sad day for me this day..

  3. graycentralperk

    Quote – Raph Dirval Sorry for the delay, yes we will add a special layer for just show the body. About the colors/tons it will be provide as update. so we wait upon the update for those that purchased the full version of Anthony, how we look forward to no more limitations and using appliers to enable tattoos etc. Then they drop the ball so to speak. Here is what you have all been waiting for, new add ons, appliers, etc. Yes it is for all you Anthony lovers, free updates for life. I would beware on the later quote, because the only way you can have all the updates you have been waiting for is to pay us lots and lots of lindens and buy the Anthony mesh again. Ka-ching! Never heard of anyone in sl, that brings out a product and makes you buy the same thing again if you want the updates, if they do new releases with a new style with a new avi name then yes, but the same dang thing, never heard of it. Poor salesmanship and apart from the fact it is a nice body, the after sales support is practically zero and you talk to the creator eventually, he spends more time laughing at you questions. Anyone would think he was head of some huge corporation with a monopoly. To keep going in any business, you need to look after your existing customers. Sheer ignorance!


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