Ev3 Slim v8

eve slender body_002

Ev3 – Slim – v8

Creator – Ginger Chevalier

In-World – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Absolut%20Creation/195/203/24

Marketplace – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/8511

Price – 1650L$ for the basic version and 3000L$ for the full version with both bodies

The Ev3 body is created for a little more curviness without overkill.  It comes in 2 sizes – Slim and Pulpy.  It can be used with or without the head and with or without the hands and feet.

The main issue I have with the body is that there is really no shape to the hips.  Strictly round.  I do like the shape of the “female parts” (not seen here) as well as the shape of the boobs.  The hands and feet are very nicely done and using the alphas on the hud, it is compatible with SLink hands and feet, as well and blend quite nicely.

The developer appliers are easy to maneuver, not requiring UUID’s to complete.  It is a drag and drop texture system for skins and clothing.  Although it is most compatible with mesh clothing designed for it, it works well with most fitted mesh clothing.

The alphas in the HUD leave a lot to be desired.  There are not a lot of alpha options.  The overall use of the body HUD is easy, however, with an option for stockings built in.  The layers available for the body are limited as well.  2 clothing layers and 1 skin layer.

One thing the Ev3 system has going for it is that EVERY component of the system is fully licensed and copyrighted.  She certainly had her ducks in a row before releasing the system.

Overall, priciness aside, it is a pretty good system.  Especially if you are looking for something curvy without being extreme.



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