Cherry Bomb Mesh Boobs


Creator:  Cherry Hotaling


Price:  1199L$


I was impressed at how well the boobs blend with both my SL body and my mesh body.  There were absolutely no seams.    The appliers are easy (which is a plus for designers) since they use the Lolas Tango appliers.  There is no adjusting of textures or other adjustments that have to be done to design skin or clothing.

The shape is very similar to several other mesh breast implants on the market currently.  There is little distortion when you increase the size and you don’t have to set your breast size to 0 when you wear them to have reasonable sized boobs.  I am not personally a fan of boobs with nipples that stick up instead of out, but I see that there is a definite niche for this in SL.

They are a little more pricey than some of the comparable boobs out there.  But if you are a big boob fan and don’t mind spending the money, they are worth checking out.


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