Brazilia Doll – Brassilia and Dolly

brazilia doll brassilia      brazilia doll dolly

Brassilia                                                                        Dolly

Creator – Kalu Zerbino



Price:  1800L$

Of the two versions of the Brazilia Doll body, I much prefer the Dolly version.  The Brassilia butt and thighs are very large, and no amount of adjusting of the sliders made them any more proportionate with the rest of the body.  With the Dolly version, I was able to adjust body weight and torso sliders to even out the proportions a little more.  I much prefer that one.  The boobs on both bodies have a lot of gravity to them, which makes them more realistic for someone with a body that size.  Using the buoyancy slider only has minimal results on that issue.

The HUD is easy to use, however with the alpha choices on the HUD, your choices in mesh clothing are very limited.  Although to be honest, there are not many designers who design mesh clothing for a body built like this.

The size and UV mapping of the body makes for a lot of adjusting on textures for system clothing, as well.  Especially the pants layer.  If you have a pattern on the pants, it is going to be out of place and distorted on the body and will take adjusting to place it correctly before doing the applier.

I can see where both of these bodies would have quite the niche market and I have noticed that the store is always full.  Therefore, for the price, if you are looking for a BIG booty, this is the body to look into.

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