Wowmeh Log 6/22/2014 0651-0819

[06:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): the decision to remove the skins is half because i’m not willing to swear on what i’ve purchased, and half because them were causing the texture trashing issue. Custom clothes will eb removed too as long as the face emoter HUD. basically everything is not 100% mine…..

[06:52] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): Hi Baby

[06:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): stated that tomorrow LL will give me green light to the question: “am i allowed to sell a far parent derivate of the Sl avatar?” which i assume the answer is yes, but i want to ear by Linden Lab itself.

[06:52] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): ok, thank you Baby for answering 🙂

[06:52] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): don’t blame you

[06:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): if i’ll also find the time, i’ll make a document with the proves the product is whole mine… but you can understand how much is hard since is a almost 7 months project O.O

[06:54] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): baby will we still get it as an update or will we have to pay again?

[06:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): and it also ivolves parts i can’t show as script or rigging (or i gonna help competitor even more XD)

[06:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): you will not have to pay again.

[06:54] Morrigan Bellic: I am so glad this is working out for you. It’s stupid you have to go through all of this though.

[06:54] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): well Baby im sure we wil love it and your hard work will pay off in the long run. and we are on your side 100%..:)

[06:55] Baby (baby.ghosn): but it will probably start by 1.0 since it will be named WowMeh – somethingelsethen”Style” XD

[06:55] Morrigan Bellic: Will appliers have to be redone or will it be compatible with the current appliers

[06:55] Baby (baby.ghosn): i just hope LL will revise their DMCA process: at least a small investigation

[06:55] кi s. εѕςoвαr (kioralove): woot woot hi5

[06:55] Baby (baby.ghosn): because i’m pretty sure they didn’t even checked the field 1- of the DMCA i got.

[06:56] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): it`s so good to hear things first hand from you Baby

[06:56] Baby (baby.ghosn): but i’m pretty sure they will not.

[06:56] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): thre is a big thing on it were people portioned them to change there DMCA rules

[06:56] кїтту (shannara): i have never known ll to investigate a dmca

[06:56] Jєssicα Krupnick (officialjessicarabbit): Well I am not giving up yet on WowMeh I have found the body a big help towards my Character

[06:56] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): whats DMCA

[06:56] Morrigan Bellic: They won’t. They are concentrating all of their efforts on the new project

[06:56] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): i love the wowmeh im not giving mine up v.v

[06:57] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): im not giveng mine up

[06:57] Baby (baby.ghosn): all other providers i seen, and i don’t say names because they are also SL competitors, do a small investigation: this is timesaving for the provider too because then they avoid false dmca and further matters to solve the falses

[06:57] кїтту (shannara): even b4 they had a new project they never investigated dmcas

[06:57] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster) crosses arms

[06:58] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): We support you Baby. hope this is soloved soon soo want my new wowmeh..

[06:58] Baby (baby.ghosn): i acn’t wait to release it!

[06:58] Lezisha: 🙂

[06:59] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): i cant wait to see it

[06:59] Morgan (morgan.phelan): still just waiting for lindens ok?

[06:59] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): we can’t wait to have it!

[06:59] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): Baby.. are there any plans for making a prettier cunny?

[06:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think this time, other then removing unuseful parts by the hud, we are close to the super final version

[06:59] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): Ap wont change will they?

[06:59] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): I would soo love that soo we dont have to wear attached cunnys like xcite

[06:59] Morgan (morgan.phelan): yayyy

[06:59] Jєssicα Krupnick (officialjessicarabbit): A BIG QUESTION HOW EDITABLE IS IT? :O

[06:59] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): /

[06:59] Baby (baby.ghosn): i just have some wondering about boobs (i wish to be able to give a bigger range of shaping) and momybelly

[06:59] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): i can’t wait to get it

[07:00] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): oo muffin tops a bit.. XD

[07:00] Jєssicα Krupnick (officialjessicarabbit): I want to still remain my shape with WowMeh :/

[07:00] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): oo i got my shape a handed i love my shape with my wow so i hope it fit the new one also

[07:00] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): Baby has the BEST product out there bar none , i have looked at others and they don`t hold a candle to it

[07:01] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): wait so we swont have to wear xcites anymore ?

[07:01] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): second that Awan

[07:01] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): XD NO shit there!!! haha

[07:01] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): i agree lol and i just see the product on my wife

[07:01] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): hahahah

[07:01] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): thats would beawsomee

[07:02] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): i wore my wowmeh and Miss was floored

[07:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): sincererly? really really? theshops body is great, but mine is still good too…. but at least i demostrated to the Sl community that “customization the shape of a fitted mesh body” is possible.

[07:02] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): she told me i better NEVER change it

[07:02] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): i dont were xcite so it dont matter to me

[07:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t like behing competitive or like that. as you all seen, i always tried where possible to support other creators product….

[07:03] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): pifffff the shop got missile boobs..:/

[07:03] Baby (baby.ghosn): boobs shaping with fitted mesh is really hard, as the back and AS THE BELLY O.O

[07:03] Baby (baby.ghosn): omg belly size

[07:03] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): B aby you have creators comeing out with appliers like crazy hun ,THAT alone should tell you how you have taken sl by storm

[07:03] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): Baby yours is a lot better imo

[07:03] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): were mine sie at 3 to 6

[07:03] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): i never have problem

[07:03] Aryathne: Yep, going to have to agree, your’s is better, Baby.

[07:04] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): there was a another mesh body ????

[07:04] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): im pretty sure it doesnt compare

[07:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): ❤ ❤ ❤

[07:04] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): its a close call Baby. You both did incredible work. somethings about the shops i like better. other things I like yours better. I prefer the wowmeh overall. but choice and stuff is good for advancement

[07:04] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): there is now just came out but its still not close to yours my friend

[07:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): anyhow, the update will be out soon…. i stil need my attorney to complete some of my licensing, …. you know, my product is pretty complicated

[07:04] Baby (baby.ghosn): the model the hud the appliers teh textures the scripts and all that

[07:04] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): its awsomee

[07:05] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): but a built in cunny would be lovely

[07:05] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): i look hot

[07:05] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): ❤

[07:05] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua) giggless

[07:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): more options i give to users, more hard is my work if i’m attacked like that

[07:05] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): yes that would awan !

[07:05] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): (Screams from the stands) WE LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!

[07:05] RandyAllways: BaBy if youre on now?

[07:05] кїтту (shannara): o

[07:06] ღƝɣℒÅ Folαηα Trotterღ (p0okieplayboibunny): found a store that supports my wowmeh and lolas>>>>HighRise is great

[07:06] RandyAllways: Youre one of TWO makers that PERSONA:LLY answered my Questuions!!!

[07:06] Sidney (sidneycaius): what is included in the update??

[07:06] RandyAllways: I went to your store and donated till it hurt

[07:06] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): with ut being competitive, yous r is still the best body i have found, it more human stander then anything and its easy to understand and fits greats with different shapes so if your not really competitive. your works still shines over everyone else’s. ad the fact you interact with us and work hard make your product worthy of anyone buying it

[07:06] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): a realistic vagina should be in the very last one hahaah

[07:06] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m down since a month……. as you can image A LOT XD you know i work a lot and fast

[07:06] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): i got a new skin just for the wowmeh when it comes out

[07:06] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): lol nah you do good work =) i know youre like a rock star but tell em 10 ft baby

[07:06] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): rofl

[07:07] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): 10 ft people

[07:07] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): lol

[07:07] RandyAllways: if it was short of a round number I tried to stir up yhe crowd to donate more

[07:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol

[07:07] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): i jusat feel sorry for the store when you go back on the shelf baby

[07:07] RandyAllways: LONG LIVE WOWMEH…………. AMEN !

[07:07] Baby (baby.ghosn): thanks girls…. ❤

[07:08] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): that store gnna FLOOOD

[07:08] Morrigan Bellic: lol it’s going to be so packed.

[07:08] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): Baby the amount of people waiting for it to come out….your store and vendors will surely crash

[07:08] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i know, when wowmeh comes back the sim will crash many times from the crowds coming to buy

[07:08] Baby (baby.ghosn): omg don’t tell me i know!

[07:08] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): yes

[07:08] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): be ” destination full”

[07:08] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): lol

[07:08] Morrigan Bellic: I have customers that are buying the skins just waiting for it.

[07:08] Baby (baby.ghosn): is they why i think i will release the update for you all and only a couple of days later i will reopen the sales

[07:08] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): im sit at home and wait for the update

[07:08] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): bby when you reopen your sim will crash with so many people and the marketplace will lag down for about 3 or 4 days

[07:08] Morrigan Bellic: Thank you Paradise lol

[07:08] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): \o/

[07:08] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): i just hope and prey you didnt make the thigh gap to big.. some of us girls like being curvy with out swollowing Mt Everest

[07:08] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): not to say anything about the marketplace server being laged to hell and back

[07:08] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): ohh i feel special

[07:09] Lezisha: I am not going to ask anything of you, as you are super busy getting it back on sale. Just to say I am glad you are considering different shapes to some parts of the body. Keep up the great work.

[07:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): no, wait, i don’t think i will reopen marketplace

[07:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t really trust on own they handle it

[07:09] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): I agree Baby

[07:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): false flags, easy to make fake listings or like that

[07:09] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): mm true

[07:09] Morrigan Bellic: I don’t blame you there. It makes your product more apt to be flagged

[07:09] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): just sell inworld

[07:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): i will see….

[07:09] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): true

[07:09] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): wow so inworld exclusive only

[07:09] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): good decision baby

[07:09] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): inworld only !

[07:09] Baby (baby.ghosn): it depends if LL reply to my questions and how.

[07:10] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): noo keep it inworldd just to be safe ?

[07:10] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): yes

[07:10] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): maybe demo on MP

[07:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): not sure yet but i think so

[07:10] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): inworld will kick the haters in the nuts ,we know they to dam lazy to go to inworld shops

[07:10] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): any hater can like flagg it

[07:10] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): ya i would keep it in world thinking about it there is alot of boting stuff on market place for months now.

[07:10] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): How different will the new version be in terms of the shape and model?

[07:10] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’t think only demo on mp is allowed by marketplace listing

[07:11] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): then it should be a inworld exclusive

[07:11] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): Ya that best there baby

[07:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, a lot of copybotted stuff, false listing ….

[07:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): and if i have to be really really sincere……

[07:11] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): you want it get your butt out the house and get it

[07:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think the issue went by that.

[07:11] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): ya skins s one. OMG i go to the store for all my stuff now with my new pc

[07:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): you remeber the fake wowmeh listing with probably an empty box

[07:11] ღ Lexi ღ (lexi.ceryos): Sking only has demos up on MP

[07:11] Baby (baby.ghosn): ?

[07:11] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): :O

[07:11] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): oh yes, i remember that

[07:11] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Yea I remember that.

[07:11] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): yeah

[07:11] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): i heard about that

[07:11] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): no i ner seen it my husband bought mine off the marketplace

[07:12] RandyAllways: When you start again please allow we who have already got our s to get the acessories like nipple & feet along with the update BEFORE it goes on sale PLRASE! LONG LIVE WOWMEH……….AMEN!!!

[07:12] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): some skins are only demo’s on MP

[07:12] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): baby maybe you can set up your inworld to take debit/ credit cards , cause i use a debit card for my sl L$

[07:13] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Ahh yes, I really did want the nipple piercings myself too.

[07:13] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): i need feet

[07:13] Baby (baby.ghosn): i removed them only because i read too many bad stuff on web about this false dmca war

[07:13] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): oo yes all hell nipple piercings..XD

[07:13] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i’m making wowmeh shoes 🙂

[07:13] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): oh and on your project =P

[07:13] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): Prettier cunny gets my vote

[07:13] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): us men need you to make a male mesh rofl

[07:14] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): yes sugar cunny

[07:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): omg, male next year, i need a break at this point

[07:14] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): giggles

[07:14] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): my bit never show o i dont care much

[07:14] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): lol

[07:14] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): ladies first !

[07:14] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): lol I don’t blame you.

[07:14] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): rofl

[07:14] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): i HATE that clicky shit in sl

[07:14] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): well for those of us who like primming and showing it to our men or ladies

[07:14] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): we want one ?

[07:14] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): lol

[07:14] Baby (baby.ghosn): also remember i’m along, not like most of other creators which are more then one

[07:14] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): yeah i have the l’uomo but that thing even though it has muscles has nipples that are huge through clothes

[07:14] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): i`l do the dam emotes , i don`t need my cunny to talk for me

[07:14] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): ya after this sit back and justt say i beat them and won and woot it all in haha

[07:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): a fitted mesh customizable male…. wi8ll be hard!

[07:15] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): i know you can do better

[07:15] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): i know it will

[07:15] Baby (baby.ghosn): work with muscles or non muscles O.O

[07:15] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): I can dance and wiggle for you Baby if that would help

[07:15] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): Baby I must say, you sound a little more relieved now, and thats great 🙂

[07:15] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): ikr awan loll

[07:15] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): so wowmeh is getting a new more protected version rather than counter the DMCA

[07:15] Wendy (wendy.valkoinen): ( . )   ( . ) only worth of

[07:15] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): well toned is fine

[07:16] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): lol

[07:16] Aurora (vestaaurora): a mesh avatar for men that is not a musclebound steroid injection addict… please make so I can buy it for my guy….

[07:16] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Baby, is the new oversize really different from the current one? Cause I’m in love with the current one.

[07:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): esactly. for sure i wrong to not care to cover my product with good EULA’s or copyright

[07:16] LaraMaja Jonson: there are many, very many neider.wenn what is going well then it can not tolerate other and are envious

[07:16] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): AMEN !

[07:16] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): I personally feel its bullshit that they would give you information if you filed a counter, yet they didnt give you any info on who did it or exactly what about your product was an infringement. I mean WTF! So a person who files has more leverage then the damn owner?! And I have personally seen people in the store with demos of other mesh bodies, telling people who were in the store where to get them so I still think it was a set up and bs. Not starting rumors I’m telling what I saw just last night

[07:16] Baby (baby.ghosn): my mystake, i feel really like a Baby, i would never trought to make anyone so really angry to fight me

[07:16] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): well your product IS the thing hun you have to protect your self from this bullshit and haters

[07:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m aware of that, plus you can’t image what i seen this 2 weeks!

[07:17] LaraMaja Jonson: baby, we are pleased when you’re back 🙂

[07:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): i know you might not belive me, but i’m sincererly scared to be attacked in my RL……

[07:17] Baby (baby.ghosn): like stupid deflaming of harreassments….

[07:17] RandyAllways: They not jusi fighting you Baby !!

[07:17] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): we understand baby

[07:17] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): well Baby i have seen alot of store comeing out with the appliers and not just new ones but established shops

[07:17] RandyAllways: They fightin all of us who suportted you

[07:17] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): oh i believe you baby. ppl can be crazy

[07:18] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): even my store got griefed after all this started

[07:18] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes, i know and i’m sorry

[07:18] RandyAllways: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   AMEN !!!

[07:18] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): don’t be sorry, it’s fine

[07:18] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): hmm there are spies

[07:18] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i handled it 🙂

[07:18] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): baby i would take it to a atty hunny stocking i really bad i dialed with one here and he was from Boston usa and he got all my information and was very scarry, i moved towns

[07:18] Mirayeth Messmer: some pepole just enjoy griefing, they get a kick out of it

[07:18] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Baby, is the new oversize really different from the current one? Cause I’m in love with the current one. I was curious though.

[07:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): i serious hope, sadly only an hope, LL will investigate this, just because all this troubles are giving them issue and having them waste more time

[07:19] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): becareful everyone !

[07:19] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): *coughs*

[07:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): uhm the new oversize is different

[07:19] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): true

[07:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): basically: if you rezz it on ground

[07:19] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): Cari me too LOL

[07:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): you see it almost the same the insize (except for boobs) …. it was only different in the rigging

[07:19] Baby (baby.ghosn): and that was making it OverSize

[07:19] ღ RubyFyre Anson ღ (rubyfyre): so is woweh back up now ?

[07:20] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): will it still take the shape of my shape that i have for the oversize ?

[07:20] Aurora (vestaaurora): Linden is in a tough spot to keep their safe haven status. It makes them waste serious amounts of time. Its that or becoming legally liable for copywrite violations. its a shitty situation. 😦

[07:20] Baby (baby.ghosn): now, i had to do it in a different way to let it fit with feets (so i don’t have to make 2 pairs of feet which i don’t like see all that parts in the folder …. :P)

[07:20] Baby (baby.ghosn): i can show you a preview

[07:20] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): o_O

[07:20] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): yes baby

[07:20] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): show show

[07:20] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): yes yes yess

[07:21] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): lol

[07:21] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): oh she`s being a tease now ** giggles**

[07:21] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): ikr

[07:21] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Oh yes please!

[07:21] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): O.o pg

[07:21] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster) druelss

[07:21] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): A PREVIEW ALREADY!

[07:21] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): lol

[07:21] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): like a bride to a bride groom on the night before the wedding

[07:21] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): (FAINTS)

[07:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): sec, let me wear it XD

[07:21] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): awww yess

[07:21] Baby (baby.ghosn): nah, only screenshot

[07:21] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster) dies

[07:21] RandyAllways: DONT PRESSURE HER !   SUPPORT HER !! AMEN !!

[07:22] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): omg have we become a cult? LOL

[07:22] Terese (terese330): this body is sesxy right

[07:22] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster) knocks on baby’s door

[07:22] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): What i miss?

[07:22] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): LOLOL mesh body cult? LOL

[07:22] RandyAllways: UBETCHA !!

[07:22] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): everythingggg !!

[07:22] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): hahahahaha

[07:22] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): lolz

[07:22] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): randy i don`t know what cave you been in , but use girls has been behind Baby since this shit started love lmao

[07:22] RandyAllways: CAN I GET AN         AMEN !!!

[07:22] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): exactlyy

[07:22] Denise Chiantelle: hey baby! hey all! 🙂

[07:22] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): amen awan

[07:22] ღ丂αşんαღ (sashababy.sugarplum): what i miss?

[07:22] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): oh yay are we back?

[07:22] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): heyy denise

[07:23] Denise Chiantelle: *smile*

[07:23] RandyAllways: No cave I was at store as much as I could to help with donations

[07:23] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): just hope and prey we can keep a simular body to this with oversized. That video is demistraiting what i did with spec maps btw

[07:23] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): now this group sounds almost normal again /

[07:23] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): we are gnna all click on that link

[07:23] Denise Chiantelle: “this video is not available at your country”… yay! i love it! :p

[07:23] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): that image of hartoled inside her tank in the WowMeh store is burned in my brain lol

[07:23] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): lol yayyy

[07:24] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): what country Denise?

[07:24] Denise Chiantelle: germany

[07:24] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic):

[07:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): NEW oversize side

[07:24] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): try that one

[07:24] Denise Chiantelle: i guess because there’s some copyrighted music in it

[07:24] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): Denise, use “proxfree”

[07:24] Denise Chiantelle: ok

[07:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): new front

[07:24] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): and choose the UK as proxy server

[07:24] Denise Chiantelle: yes, that’s working 🙂

[07:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): old side

[07:24] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): WOWWW

[07:24] Baby (baby.ghosn): old front

[07:25] Denise Chiantelle: nice sugar 🙂

[07:25] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): yupii !!

[07:25] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): wow that is a big oversize.. gggles

[07:25] Denise Chiantelle: looks good to me, baby 😉

[07:25] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): yea it iss

[07:25] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): hope ok thwank god not pony rider gap

[07:26] Baby (baby.ghosn): well, my shape have wider hips now

[07:26] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): I LIKE IT! 😀

[07:26] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): yes, but if Baby can make a bigger rounded buttocks it would be cool

[07:26] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): YAY!!! I like it 😀 😀 😀 😀

[07:26] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): 😉

[07:26] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): i would of soo cried if you had to be a pony rider to be oversized

[07:26] Baby (baby.ghosn): because yes, the hip width wasn’t working well o oversize

[07:26] Baby (baby.ghosn): on insize too, it have been fixed too

[07:26] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): lol i’ve widened my hips too since i got my body 🙂

[07:26] Morgan (morgan.phelan): shapely thighs 🙂

[07:26] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): Curse my pc for not working faster! (Cant see it yet lol )

[07:26] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): I like it Baby

[07:27] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua) whisper ” better cunny”

[07:27] Jess Sands (jessenia.sands): i wanna see

[07:27] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): All the same appliers and everything will work right Baby?

[07:27] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): Baby what about insize body? you can make it with big rounded buttocks

[07:27] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): 😉

[07:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): insize is almost the same as before

[07:27] Monica Bum (monica.rowlands): a thin female body with big rounded buttocks

[07:27] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): “SHOUTS!!!” Prettier cunny!”

[07:27] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): Yes it is I just saw it

[07:27] Cahtias: is Wowmeh back??

[07:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): only the croth have been fixed the same as oversize (to work well with wider hips)

[07:27] Lεмση мεяιηgυε Pαηdα (poorlemon): I’m just glad you’ve decided to go for it, Baby 🙂

[07:27] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): soon dear VERY soon

[07:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): not yet, give me some more days

[07:27] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): Gives you more cleavage too

[07:27] Baby (baby.ghosn): is sunday duh! >.<

[07:27] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): lol

[07:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): ah yes! also

[07:28] ღ S3xy CC ღ (cocostaysweet): lol

[07:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): oversize now is smotther

[07:28] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): our WowMeh weekends are going great, Baby 🙂

[07:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): boobs and back , now are a bit smoother

[07:28] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): /

[07:28] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): no rest for the wicked Baby as the old saying goe lmao

[07:28] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): YAY!!! Will make my pictures prettier 😀 😀 I am super excited now 😀 😀 😀

[07:28] Baby (baby.ghosn): this gives me the chance to work better in the boobs shaping (with the rigging)

[07:28] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): Anychance we could have private pits my xcite pussy is over 100 scripts lol

[07:29] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): oh! will mesh clothing designers get a dummy to work with? to make mesh for the oversize?

[07:29] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): bits

[07:29] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): loll @ sara

[07:29] Cahtias: is there a new download for Wowmeh?

[07:29] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): eject hte scripts of the xcite sex

[07:29] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): but i agree !!

[07:29] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): You can eject the scripts from your xcite hon. Just make a copy and eject.

[07:29] Morgan (morgan.phelan): just insert a VAW 🙂

[07:29] Baby (baby.ghosn): i don’ tknow if i will make private parts….

[07:29] Lεмση мεяιηgυε Pαηdα (poorlemon): That because noone needs a talking pussy,

[07:29] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): baby is this the way it will come now, with no skin?

[07:29] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): Miss would die if i had a nice area there

[07:29] Jess Sands (jessenia.sands): lol

[07:29] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): noooooo 😦

[07:29] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): lol @talking pussy

[07:29] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): ok thanks

[07:29] Damiel Braham: talking cock is quite all right, simulates being drunk

[07:29] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): mold us one in there really quick baby !

[07:29] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): giggles

[07:29] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Baby, will all the same appliers still work?

[07:29] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): you can get a mesh vagina to to add on, that’s what i’ve done and it works fine

[07:30] Cahtias: fill me in please

[07:30] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): were can i get one

[07:30] Baby (baby.ghosn): no skins is basically for 2 reasons: 1st. i purchased them, even if modified, and even if the looks legit i’m not intentioned to swer on them! 2nd,

[07:30] Baby (baby.ghosn): same appliers yes

[07:30] Lεмση мεяιηgυε Pαηdα (poorlemon): YAY!

[07:30] Ѵعχ Çяïmع™ (evangeline.laurent): yeah the.Coochi works well with wowmeh body and you can make skin appliers for it to match pretty seamless

[07:30] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Yay! I was worried 😀

[07:30] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): Wwoooo, the smoother oversize!? Ih Baby! So happy. Reading up now

[07:30] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): what coochi !!

[07:31] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): oh wow

[07:31] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): tell mee me !

[07:31] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): Well i would like to see the private parts as part of the body just enhanced a bit.. i mean they dont have to have all features of xcite just a nice static looking one

[07:31] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): I just want to say “THANK YOU BABY”

[07:31] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): yes i have the Coochi as well, it’s very nice

[07:31] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): Yes, Thank you Baby

[07:31] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): two words CAMEL TOES

[07:31] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Thank you so very much Baby 🙂

[07:31] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): id PAY for that camel toe

[07:31] Damiel Braham: The texture flicker problems for the most part come from odd habit of people to use 1024 textures for everything even when 512 is more than enough for pretty much everything

[07:31] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i’m looking at the jira, will have to read it

[07:32] Damiel Braham: The jira basically reiterates same thing

[07:32] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): Whats the coochie?

[07:32] Zela Chumomisto (zela.levee): i agree with sugar.. just SLIGHT more detail in the cooter. its a pain in the ass to take off a vag and put one back on when i change.but i tried that new mesh body.. and the breasts on the wowmeh are SOO much better. they hang more and dont stick out like weirdly shaped torpedoes

[07:32] Baby (baby.ghosn): the skins are causing that issue. we don’t need to bring with us all that skins

[07:32] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): the foof

[07:33] Damiel Braham: I agree without skin is better, having them packed in hud just make things heavier

[07:33] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): that is okay, we buy our own skins with appliers

[07:33] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): whats the name of the mesh choochie?

[07:33] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): I’m so excited! I feel like a kid at christmas 😀 😀 😀 😀

[07:33] Damiel Braham: when used with applier they wont be in hud dragging things down

[07:33] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): coochie

[07:33] Morgan (morgan.phelan): coochi

[07:33] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): sold by Cathode Rays

[07:33] Damiel Braham: nice looking light on scripts thing it is

[07:33] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): yes without skin is better

[07:33] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): the skin was more for demos, i don’t think anyone actually wore it full time on the purchased one

[07:33] Morgan (morgan.phelan): Vaw inner only is good as well

[07:34] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’ll reduce the HUD only to the essentials….

[07:34] Baby (baby.ghosn): this will also be smaller but bigger…

[07:34] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): bleh i dont need one that opens and leaks and all that just want a nice static one.. thats pretty

[07:34] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): hell first thing i did was go out and get a new skin my self

[07:34] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): yes

[07:34] Zela Chumomisto (zela.levee): leaks… lol

[07:34] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Ooo that would be great! I would love to be able to wear the HUD all the time.

[07:34] Baby (baby.ghosn): uhm like, it will take less of your screen but you will read it better XD

[07:34] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): Good 😀 😀 😀

[07:34] Cahtias: Baby, are we getting a new wowmeh?

[07:34] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i understood what you meant 🙂

[07:35] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): give her time people

[07:35] DЯIVΞИ SHДDФЩFДLL (driven.sahara): 10 ft

[07:35] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): yea theres one tiny cut i have to use that`s a pain to see at times

[07:35] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): LOL Baby if you want beta testers Ill gladdy volenteer…

[07:35] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): LOL I think we all would.

[07:36] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): grins, I would volunteer too Baby to beta test 🙂

[07:36] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): LOL

[07:36] Aкєɪʀᴀ Кɴɪɢʜᴛᴛ (akeirashae): So glad to have you back Baby! Woot! ♥

[07:36] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): We’re all sick lol

[07:36] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): there’s a better skin for wowmeh I always liked it as much as the redgrave ones

[07:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol all will be XD if i relase the update before to put out the new vendor, you will be testing it….

[07:36] Baby (baby.ghosn): i hope i will not do ay mistake

[07:36] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): ” Pulls out her flame thrower” lol back off bishies.. i said it first”

[07:36] Zela Chumomisto (zela.levee): who has the best skins for the wowmeh

[07:36] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): I am so excited!!

[07:37] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): yea but i thought it to her first

[07:37] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): i can’t wait

[07:37] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): 😛

[07:37] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): the best skin designers do 🙂

[07:37] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): you know they’re good if they’ve made appliers for WowMeh

[07:37] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova) sneaks up behind Sugar. “Yeah she said it first”

[07:37] Zela Chumomisto (zela.levee): redgrave has them.. appliers??

[07:37] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): no


[07:37] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): LOLOLOL

[07:37] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): ahahaahahahahah

[07:38] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): ROLFMAO

[07:38] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): lol@vee

[07:38] Aкєɪʀᴀ Кɴɪɢʜᴛᴛ (akeirashae): Rofl

[07:38] Zela Chumomisto (zela.levee): see my normal skin is redgrave.. and i love my face.. using something else that doesnt match completely

[07:38] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): its sounds awesome baby you really put hard work in to this.

[07:38] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): roflmao

[07:38] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): we should seriously form a wowmeh cult and shut sl down we would own all of thiss muawaahahahahha !!!

[07:38] Cahtias: how does the coochi compare to VAW

[07:38] Diana Draven Stormraven (chrystallove007): hi, i am wearing wowmeh .. and it seems i cannot use the hud right now (for clothing and from the body controller hud). are the ones out there working or is it my net?

[07:38] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): what would be our symbol

[07:38] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): lol

[07:38] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): zela send the creator a nc and suggest she make wowmeh appliers for her skins


[07:39] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): your prolly on no script land Diana

[07:39] Aкєɪʀᴀ Кɴɪɢʜᴛᴛ (akeirashae): lol

[07:39] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): remove and reinstal the hud

[07:39] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): well the wowmeh logo itself seems logical to use

[07:39] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m sorry if i took so much …. but they got me while i wasn’t ready

[07:40] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): no need to be sorry, we totally understand. none of this was your fault at all

[07:40] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): yes we are here either way baby \o/

[07:40] Nia Galaxy (ashlynnblair.finesmith): ww its ok

[07:41] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): jelous people just causing shit, you rock Baby

[07:41] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): <<<been drinking peptal bismol since all this happened the pink stuff lol

[07:41] Aкєɪʀᴀ Кɴɪɢʜᴛᴛ (akeirashae): Yes we do understand Baby…and truly appreciate all your hard work and effort.

[07:41] Diana Draven Stormraven (chrystallove007): i love wowmeh so far compare to other competitor

[07:41] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): We completely understand 🙂

[07:41] ღ sиooκiє Мєηđò乙α ღ (asia.mixmaster): lol

[07:41] Diana Draven Stormraven (chrystallove007): will try

[07:41] Diana Draven Stormraven (chrystallove007): well i can use script here in the land

[07:42] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): It was all her fault.. Making stuff too good so that the jelly bishies came out of the wood like termites

[07:42] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): So the whole DMCA was in the end just someone who tried to grief your business?

[07:42] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): you’ve got a lot of very dedication baby. We know this

[07:42] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): lmao

[07:42] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): we’ve all be so worried about you

[07:42] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think so, i’m not aware of any infringment.

[07:42] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): We completely understand 🙂

[07:43] Baby (baby.ghosn): maybe I could have been less peace&love and protect me more from the beginning.

[07:43] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): not really I don’t think

[07:43] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): does wowmeh have competitors?

[07:43] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): you have a good heart 🙂

[07:43] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): Good morning Baby, just logged in, any news I need to be aware of?

[07:43] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): BS all bs LL should be ashamed

[07:43] Aкєɪʀᴀ Кɴɪɢʜᴛᴛ (akeirashae): People will be jealous of your popularity regardless Baby… dont let that change who you are.

[07:43] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): i know of one one

[07:43] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): WHAT?

[07:43] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): i saw another maker but wasn’t impressed and what they charge was robbery so wowmeh all the way

[07:44] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): don’t change yourself because of a few, yes protect yourself

[07:44] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): Lets all file a DMCA on help island public sim design

[07:44] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): All file a DMCA on help island public design

[07:44] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): yes the way LL handles DMCAs opens the door for a new form of grifing

[07:44] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): it was obvious from the start that you were being griefed

[07:44] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): For the price of the wowmeh body, you get some really great work.

[07:44] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): To make it so easy to disrupt someones life and business

[07:45] Baby (baby.ghosn): and i was forced to reaise the price….. my friends was like insulting me everyday XD

[07:45] Cahtias: I think if you missed the beginning of this conversation it will not be repeated lol

[07:45] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): because your prices were too low?????

[07:45] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): Insulting you for selling your body that cheap? 😛

[07:45] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i always thought the price was too low

[07:45] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): Are we having to repurchase the new version?


[07:45] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): one maker is charging 3 k for just the mesh body

[07:46] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): It’s not really LL’s fault…it’s the people who file false accusations

[07:46] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): was like are you kidding me

[07:46] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): ppl place value on price so it makes sense to raise it

[07:46] Baby (baby.ghosn): lol i use promo price when it was 350 to reise to 590…. but they insisted so much, so i reaised to 590 same as promo price to 899… i’m not gonna reise it.

[07:46] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): bardot is right.. as a company Lindens have to watch out for themselves.

[07:47] Cari the Flutterby (carida.andretti): You are very kind 🙂

[07:47] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): and people would make fun of you for having low prices?? that is a mindset I don’t get.

[07:47] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): LL is probably so slow atm coz its working on that new secondlife

[07:47] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): wow baby, your a diamond!

[07:47] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): thankyou Baby for not raising it

[07:47] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): For all the effort she puts into it

[07:47] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): it should be higher

[07:47] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): 900 is a fair price for it… actually pretty low if you look at other bodies. You actually even get a pretty high quality mesh body for that price and not some shoddy crap

[07:47] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): consumer concept is price = value

[07:48] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): I love my WowMeh body and so do most people

[07:48] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): Thats true Bardot but LL needs to get a handle on that shit and start handing out lollipops and ass whoopins but put a hold on the Lollipops. Its sad that a false DMCA can be filed and effect a damn nation. I mean look at all os us sick bastards. We’re crazy as hell but together we’re a freaking nation (Gets that sick look again) The Nation…of Baby (lol)

[07:48] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): shhhh…. while you may be right Tessa, some of us are not rich folks 🙂

[07:48] ღ Lexi ღ (lexi.ceryos): I was hoping someone would ask, but has the UV map on the loose layer of the oversized top been changed?

[07:48] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): well in a way she`l make more in the long run cause she`s charging less for a better body , that means more happy customers

[07:48] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): Nor am I. But she works so so hard its just a matter of rewarding her hard work.

[07:49] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): LL has a team of high brow lawyers…they know what they are doing and how the must proceed.

[07:49] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): You just have to find a sweetspot between the price and the persons who are willing to pay. If you go above it you lose sales, if you go below it, you won’t gain much more sales.

[07:49] Baby (baby.ghosn): i belive it false. but since file a DMCA may be really dangerous and they might be liable for damages, meybe is in good faith… even if i don’t know. i would like to know, i can pay damages if there was…..

[07:49] ღ丂αşんαღ (sashababy.sugarplum): can layers be added to the hud? some designers are using the skinny layers on the hud as a clothing layer and thats my dedicated tattoo layer

[07:50] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): But how bout more happy talk

[07:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): if LL will tell me what’s the field 1. f the DMCA “Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work That You Believe Has Been infringed upon (ie, describe the work That You own)” i can know what happened

[07:50] Aкєɪʀᴀ Кɴɪɢʜᴛᴛ (akeirashae): Oh yes Baby…what about the alphas…will u minimize some of the sections?

[07:50] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): u should be able to put clothing layers on either skinny or loose

[07:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): well, sincererly iw as planning to release a file for creator

[07:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): but Uhm O:O i’m scared now about this

[07:50] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): maybe LL themselves filed the DMCA 😛

[07:50] Aкєɪʀᴀ Кɴɪɢʜᴛᴛ (akeirashae): or have it to where we can choose front or back

[07:50] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): yes. but if you have tats, you can really only put them on the skinny layer. and clothes on hte loose

[07:50] Baby (baby.ghosn): meybe only laaarge truted creators will be able to get it

[07:51] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): u should charge for it baby

[07:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): XD since this is all compelty blind and anonymous, i trought it too!

[07:51] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): only genuine creators would get ti then

[07:51] Tooti Frooti (tootsies): i would pay for it

[07:51] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): lol

[07:51] Baby (baby.ghosn): tomorrow i go to LL meeting and i gonna ask if i’m allowed to sell a derivative work of the Sl avatar…..

[07:51] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): stranger things have happened

[07:51] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): Baby I’m wondering why you never received a “Cease and Desist.” first of all

[07:51] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): exactly

[07:52] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): Baby, I’m just glad you have prevailed over your design. We WowMehers love you and the product.

[07:52] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): You can still try to do it like some other big store. Let designers fill out an application to get a designer file, to make outfits for it.

[07:52] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): everything for sale for avatars is a derivative work of the SL avatar

[07:52] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): I have friends waiting to get one right now. :p

[07:52] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): UGH This makes me so mad. LL never gives info they handle it all so arrogantly, almost like “Well we dont have to” hopefully they will answer your questions in the meeting Baby

[07:52] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): you are going with your lawyer, correct Baby?

[07:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes for sure, but anyhow i will reserve me the right to not sell it to who i don’t trust

[07:52] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): Baby people can sell devations of starter shapes and even prims. I dont see what that would be an issue..

[07:52] Baby (baby.ghosn): yes and i took 2 weeks to find a good one!

[07:53] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): great!

[07:53] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): good for you!

[07:53] Baby (baby.ghosn): i think so, but i wan’t to be sure. so i also bring this situation to someone nearest to LL 8P

[07:53] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): good for you baby

[07:53] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): he or she probably specializes in copyright law

[07:53] Aкєɪʀᴀ Кɴɪɢʜᴛᴛ (akeirashae): Thats wonderful Baby!

[07:54] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): Baby how are you holding up?

[07:54] Baby (baby.ghosn): esactly, but i don’t live in US, so not all lawers can handle it

[07:54] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): they was holding a witch hunt

[07:54] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): you’re very smart in how you’re handling things, baby 🙂

[07:55] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): they KNEW it would be tough for you to defend your self since your not in the states

[07:55] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): the dam fucktards

[07:55] Kɛʆʆ (kelly.carpathia): i need this wowmesh =(

[07:56] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): hang in there kelly soon

[07:56] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): it’s sad to think of the person responsible getting away with what they did 😦

[07:56] Kɛʆʆ (kelly.carpathia): so awesome

[07:56] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): if she had the money and time she could counter it and win

[07:56] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): it will come out who filed the DMC

[07:56] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): If anything id say they helped in an odd way. They created a frenzie of demand.

[07:56] ℳὶÅ (miasai): I want it too, i’m waiting patiently 🙂

[07:56] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): right like anyone makes any real money on SL

[07:57] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): and then I suggest we boycott

[07:57] Amaoi CG (amaoi.waverider): good luck tomorrow Baby!

[07:57] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): good point Tessa

[07:57] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): Tessa I agree

[07:57] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): maybe that’s Karma in motion 🙂

[07:57] Pαяαđisє 乇иçђαиţєđ (paradise.enchanted): yes goodluck

[07:57] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): what is happening tomorrow?

[07:57] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): would be good if we could pay for Sl using paypal and boycot buying lindens untill linden sorts it self out

[07:58] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): I didnt die out like it hoped it got stronger. Creators were still making clothing. Wowmeh isnt going away. I believe!

[07:58] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): baby has a meeting with LL

[07:58] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): oh cool

[07:58] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): It*

[07:58] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): wowmeh is here to stay

[07:58] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): show them some leg baby it’ll go well cause they are all geeks

[07:58] ℳὶÅ (miasai): lol

[07:58] ღ Lexi ღ (lexi.ceryos): I would think it’s a teleconfrence

[07:59] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i would demand a video conference and stare them in the face

[07:59] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): Hopefully they will give her the details they failed to from the beginning and she can sell the old version and new version.

[07:59] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): it will be emails win politician repies

[07:59] Amaoi CG (amaoi.waverider): i really hope wowmeh is going to stay, its the best thing that happened here for a long time

[08:00] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): wowmeh will stay one way or another even if she has to release a new product called wowwee

[08:00] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): they probably won’t be able to disclose anything, due to “privacy issues” – be prepared for that nonsense

[08:00] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): I keep getting asked where my body is from there’s a lot waiting at the strip clubs

[08:00] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): giggles ” wowwee

[08:00] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): I really need to test the body at a pole 😡

[08:01] Amaoi CG (amaoi.waverider): i will be wowed no matter what the name is

[08:01] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): Oh Baby one last question.

[08:01] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): wowwee (C) Copyright 2014 – while(true) and Brianna Designs

[08:01] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): :p

[08:01] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): Is it ready yet? can i haz it now please?

[08:01] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): =p

[08:02] ღکųgαrღ (sugarputty.magic): <~~ runs off giggling

[08:02] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): lmao

[08:02] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): someone silly string sugar lol

[08:02] Ѵعχ Çяïmع™ (evangeline.laurent): no you can’t haz the cheeseburger :p~

[08:02] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): yeah tomorrow is my 2000th day on SL i demand presents in the form of a 3.2 update

[08:02] ᴷᴿʸˁᵀᴬᴸ ˁᵀᴱᴬᴸ (giselehendrix): giggles

[08:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): i trought that too, but how can i know if brianna think wowmeh is infringing her wowmee copyright?

[08:02] Baby (baby.ghosn): anyhow i didn’t know it untill some days ago

[08:03] Baby (baby.ghosn): i infestigated all around the damn web!

[08:03] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lmao baby :p

[08:03] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): So, Baby, for those waiting to purchase the body, will it be the same price? My friends are waiting anxiously and asking.

[08:03] ღ Lexi ღ (lexi.ceryos): Brianna sell your copyright to baby for 1L

[08:03] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): Baby is a smart one

[08:03] Tessa Marie Vaughn (tessakennedy1): Do it weds day lol do the update then lol

[08:03] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i hereby sell the wowmee and wowwee brand names to baby for 0L

[08:03] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): Alex jones says we are all controlled from from another avatar in another Sl . is it true?

[08:03] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): Do you at least know what for a work you apparently have stolen?

[08:04] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): And when will it be available for purchase next? I may have missed the specific details on this. I just quickly tried to read up.

[08:04] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): you mean allegedly, no apparently

[08:04] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): Baby did wowmeh in pixels and polygons which is owned by another mesh maker

[08:04] Ѵعχ Çяïmع™ (evangeline.laurent): if there is a person sitting there watching the screen and controlling me watching the screen then that person needs to get out a little bit more

[08:05] Baby (baby.ghosn): omg yes, but i not gonne release it so soon, i still waiting and investigating my rights. this is only an update about the matters

[08:05] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): Yes allegedly, I apologize ^^

[08:06] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): we live for updates 🙂

[08:06] Trina (blazingsonic.tank): o.o What’s going on?

[08:06] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): So wowmeh will have to be remade in 3.5 D or 2.5D or a text description of what it looks like

[08:06] Åℓtuŋ Black BULL (altun4): hehe

[08:07] Rhyme Crzz (rhyme.gardner): Good for you Baby! You are well supported all across the grid. You made a great product and I am loyal to your efforts. And i just got a new laptop so bring it on!

[08:07] LadyIsabell Weatherwax: dumdidudmdidodod

[08:07] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i hope this sets a precedent for future issues in sl that are copyright related

[08:07] LadyIsabell Weatherwax: 😀

[08:07] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): nothing will change im afraid chalice baby isnt the only one going though this

[08:07] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): So true, Chalice. I agree

[08:08] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): i said future

[08:08] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): <<face pressed against the door open open open

[08:08] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): not present

[08:08] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): Banned had a DMCA on her ass too (literally on her ass), which also didn’t got through and was more griefing as a real claim.

[08:08] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i know hun but the law is the law and much bigger players have had it bad concerning situations like this

[08:08] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): this avatar uses only virgin polygons 🙂

[08:09] Cristalle (cristalle.karami): Banned counterclaimed.

[08:09] Morgan (morgan.phelan): I don’t trust the owner of Banned. Very aggressive tactics.

[08:09] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): the law is the law, yes, but protection is the issue we’re talking about right now

[08:09] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): beth thers not a dam virgin part of you girl

[08:09] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i know sweetie

[08:09] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): giggles

[08:09] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): i got a new banned ass ccalled sweet tushie i love it :p

[08:09] Åℓtuŋ Black BULL (altun4): lawdϮ

[08:10] FAIRY MAJIK (starved.magic): waiting patiently….open open open

[08:10] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): Since we are at .. Brianna, at the end of the year, vote for me at the Danika store ^^

[08:10] Pandora Tereshkova (pandoratereshkova): ya know, I went with the oversized, but the insized one is pretty good looking as well

[08:10] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): ariana im entering again too though!

[08:10] Ariana Scarlet (onomatopoesie): Just don’t win, so you can vote for me XD

[08:10] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): lmao!

[08:10] Sarah (hornysara.alcott): Burn the heretic

[08:11] Bardot (bardot.ethaniel): what you want an ass which is separate from a full body?

[08:11] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): Lol@ Sarah.

[08:11] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): no way. i have no need for any other body parts any longer. wowmeh solves it all 🙂

[08:12] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): I feel it was a set up I dont care what anyone says. I’ve been in Wowmeh store for days and nights and I see people coming with mesh shapes telling people where they can go to get mesh shapes now that wowmeh is down…like drones. Thats why I stay here to show them how pretty Wowmeh is

[08:12] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): Hi 5 Chalice

[08:12] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): So, Baby, any rough idea when we will expect WowMeh to be back full speed? In maybe 1 month?

[08:12] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): its more like mesh skin pants, i use as many products as possible becuase i love to challenge my barbie building skills 😛

[08:12] Åℓtuŋ Black BULL (altun4): agree

[08:13] Baby (baby.ghosn): i have no idea for timing….. i’m still working for it, but i owed you all an update about the situation

[08:13] Baby (baby.ghosn): i’m working to have wowmeh back anyways

[08:13] Chalice Piers Soulstar (chalice.piers): \o/

[08:13] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): /

[08:13] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): Agree, Baby. We support you.

[08:14] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): ty for the update baby it helps keep us regulars in the group informed to help others who are trying to understand the situation too

[08:14] Åℓtuŋ Black BULL (altun4): i see

[08:14] ĦąřŁƹУ ǭµɨɲɲ Ҡɧąσş (dezire.rain): i really hope it all works out for the best cause i really want to try it

[08:14] Vee Stiviano (vereenastiviano): (SHOUTS FROM THE STANDS) we love you baby! (CRIES LIKE THE GIRL FROM AMERICAN IDOL)

[08:14] ĦąřŁƹУ ǭµɨɲɲ Ҡɧąσş (dezire.rain): lol

[08:14] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): just call it wowLLsucks and release version 1.0 with the new changes 🙂

[08:14] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): still hopes for a sexy cunny

[08:15] Reshma Valyrin (reshma): i cant wait for you guys to come back

[08:15] Reshma Valyrin (reshma): lol

[08:15] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): did we go somewhere

[08:15] Reshma Valyrin (reshma): i am new to the group and was going to purchase my skin

[08:15] Reshma Valyrin (reshma): body etc

[08:15] Reshma Valyrin (reshma): then things happened

[08:15] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): i told folks it was on vacation in Cancun

[08:15] ĦąřŁƹУ ǭµɨɲɲ Ҡɧąσş (dezire.rain): same here

[08:16] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): hold on all she`l be busting down the door soon

[08:16] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): she just needs to slap around a few Lindens

[08:17] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): when this first happened…the group was just under 2000 members now look where its at

[08:17] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): waves at Awan! Heyyyyy

[08:17] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): it`s a run-away train nobody can stop it

[08:17] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): lindens wpn’t work slap around a few congressmen

[08:17] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): hey there celia

[08:17] CeliaBeauty Turbo (celiabeauty): ikr!

[08:18] Awan Bimisi (rissa.fenua): i wonder where the trolls and drama queens are when Baby is around roflmao

[08:19] ღ Lexi ღ (lexi.ceryos): they run away

[08:19] ღThe Calm B4 WinterStormღ (winterstorm.crystal): lol

[08:19] вяιαηηα™ (brianna.vaniva): im supposedly one of those trolls 🙂

[08:19] Bethany Bosom (bethanybosom): hey im here grr sharft




Please feel free to comment about this mesh including any in-world photographs you may have and please join our Second Life group at this link secondlife:///app/group/042daebc-b551-3784-0aff-1696a23abe56/about

One thought on “Wowmeh Log 6/22/2014 0651-0819

  1. sinead mcmillan

    Baby, please don’t listen to the drunken kids. Keep the InSize-Version civilized. No invisible pony rider gaps, no absurd big asses etc. That’s not needed at all.


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