An Incomplete list of meshes

We’ll Start with a list. We have to organize somehow. I know this isn’t complete even for products that have been available to this point and with all the new mesh bodies I’m hearing are coming out I doubt that it will ever be 100% for very long but here is a start. More to follow



  • Absolute Creations Ev3
  • Animation Risings Meshes
  • CK Toddlers
  • CMFF Mbody – Fitted Mesh Avatar System Version 1.02
  • Deluxe Body Factory
  • Female Avatar 1.65 Fitted Mesh
  • Immortals
  • Leana Lush Body
  • Manoua’s Muscles
  • Muscle Madness
  • ND/MD
  • Noukka
  • Super Mesh Bros
  • Tellaq
  • Toddledoo
  • Utilizator
  • Vika
  • Wowmeh
  • Yabusaka Baby
  • Yabusaka Petite Fairy Mesh Avatar


  • Dark Bounce
  • Freebie Mesh for very Girly
  • Lola Tango
  • Lola Tango Delicq
  • Lola Tango Mirage
  • Lush
  • V-Strings


  • Banned
  • Brazilian
  • Ghetto Booty
  • Jiggle Booty
  • Perfect Ass
  • Phat Azz


  • Ego is Me – Evian Head
  • Slink/Omega Head Applier
  • Snow Rabbit

Hands & Feet

  • Gaeline Shoes – Female Mesh
  • Ladies Tip Toe Bare Feet by Meli Imako
  • Slink
  • Yabusaka Mesh Hand for SLAV


  • Baby Bump                                                belly
  • Auricle Mesh Ears                                      ears


Please feel free to comment about meshes I’ve missed and please join our Second Life group at this link secondlife:///app/group/042daebc-b551-3784-0aff-1696a23abe56/about

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