Getting Started

OK getting started. Welcome to the Blog of Mesh Physique Support, We’re hoping to use this space as a multi-user repository of what we’ve know and what we’re learning about Second Life Mesh Avatar Enhancements, be they full bodies, or various stand alone parts, the goal here is to help us make informed decisions, not to tell anyone what’s the right or wrong way to do anything.

Fair game for this blog will be news and rumors of what were expecting to be seeing in the near future, and possibly even the far future in Second life. We will cover tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your second life mesh. Reviews of products as they become available, links to other reviewers, Wishlists in what we would like to see in new products. Where to find specials and deals, as well as anything else that comes along.

We of course hope to hear from some of the designers to hear about their goals and desires, and where they see the mesh avatar going.

All this and I’m sure plenty of things I can’t even think of today.




Please join our Second Life group at this link secondlife:///app/group/042daebc-b551-3784-0aff-1696a23abe56/about

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