An Incomplete list of meshes

We’ll Start with a list. We have to organize somehow. I know this isn’t complete even for products that have been available to this point and with all the new mesh bodies I’m hearing are coming out I doubt that it will ever be 100% for very long but here is a start. More to follow











Hands & Feet

Cocks and Vaginas




  • Auricle Mesh Ears                                      Ears Ω Omega No: Incompatible Ω
  • Baby Bump                                                Belly Ω Omega No: Incompatible Ω
  • FATEeyes                                                     Eyes Ω Omega No Ω
  • [g]mesh Mesh Pregnancy Belly                Belly Ω Omega No Ω
  • Gumnuts by Sking                                     Bouncing Balls Ω Omega No Ω
  • [KonsumptioN]Big Lips                             Lips Ω Omega No Ω
  • Loud Mouth                                               Mouth Ω Omega No: But Some HopeΩ
  • Nyam Nyam by Cathode Rays                  Mouth Ω Omega NoΩ
  • Xcite Anus                                                   Anus Ω Omega No Ω


Reviews of multi-products


Please feel free to comment about meshes I’ve missed and please join our Second Life group at this link secondlife:///app/group/042daebc-b551-3784-0aff-1696a23abe56/about



7 thoughts on “An Incomplete list of meshes

  1. Chalcedony Mao

    Good work on the list.
    I’d like to add to the breast category with the Icon Bra Busters by Icon Allen. Best as I can tell they were the first mesh breasts that accepted clothing appliers. Also, Icon just released an update that keeps them current with applier trends.
    Icon’s blog for further information…

  2. shadowkissed-SJHelan.

    This is a decent and helpful index for potential buyers, although you missed .tsg.(The Sugar Garden) which would be listed under “Mesh Heads”.

    On a side note I think it isn’t in your best interest that “Noukka” and “FlexE” are listed as both merchants sell assets stolen from popular games, which I feel have no place listed among legitimate brands. If anything said sellers are performing a dis-service to the community. As you may know both “PhatAzz” and “Wowmeh” meshes are gone due to false DMCA cases filed against those two merchants.

    Linden Lab does not have a good policy on investigations prior to black-listing IPs, I’d hate to see good brands hurt say if there was a legitimate claim filed and LL decided to black-list content based upon appearances rather than making an in depth investigation first.

  3. Khaya

    I love this list, and have shared it with others looking for this information! I don’t see Nyam Nyam mouth on here though. Thanks for keeping this updated!


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